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  1. This is going to be the first kickstarter I support . I noticed that the regular $25 level includes free shipping, but does that apply to the speed runner special as well? Otherwise, what will the shipping costs be like?
  2. Minecraft is terrifying XD. Pretty much the only game that's consistently given me jump scares.
  3. Grandma's House from The Path. Couldn't bring myself to go through it a second time.
  4. Yeah, it's the whole Annette thing that really bothers me. I mean we've been given nothing about why the split happened. And it was in the middle of a tour too. What the hell? There's something wrong with the way that band works, and yet they make such amazing music . Yeah he is good, they actually have very similar voices. I disagree about the album though; Poetry is one of my favorites (although it took some getting used to) and I find the new album completely uninteresting.
  5. As long as it doesn't involve all the drama that goes along with that band, I'm totally happy either way .
  6. Hey guys, there was supposed to be another WIP date in a few days, but I'm not going to be enforcing it if you hadn't already guessed. I'll try to come up with a clearer plan soon. Until then, someone's got to claim the last couple of tracks!
  7. Nah, I've upgraded to Shreddage 2 already. Otherwise I'd be all over that .
  8. Very cool, I wish this had been out back when I had the sfz version. LinuxSampler was a pain in the ass XD.
  9. You probably don't want a dynamic. Most people use Condensers for vocals unless they're screaming or really loud or something. It's best to stay away from usb mics as well, at least for music production. Other than that, it more or less comes down to personal preference. If you can, buy one, see if you like it and return it if you don't. Or see if there's somewhere you can rent from for a couple of days (assuming they have reasonable prices).
  10. Listened to PH's new WIP. It's sounding fantastic! Just a reminder that the following songs still need to be claimed. I'd really like to start wrapping this up, so anyone who's interested please speak up! The Wind Sings of a Journey To The Sea Also, for anyone who's missed it, here's the preview .
  11. Looks like I'm not going to be able to turn anything in after all. I missed the part about the track being in the same genre and I'm leaving for Chicago on Thursday so I don't have time to re-work it . Hopefully I'll be able to try again next round!
  12. So...what exactly does this mean? Should it loop the same way a VGM track normally does (leading directly from the end section back into part A) or can it have a real ending and then just start again for the loop?
  13. I think I'll give this a shot. I have a bunch of ideas for originals floating around in my head so I should be able to put something together. Question: Are vocals okay (As long as they're related to the theme of course)?
  14. I don't really like to assume that people are lying when they say things like that...A lot of the time the voices do sound processed but some people can do things that you wouldn't believe are possible! Also if the audio doesn't always match up with the video that's probably an encoding/youtube thing or something (Although with everything moving so fast I don't know how you can tell it's out of sync ).
  15. Just saw this and oh my god yes please! I don't really feel like I have much more to contribute, but um...yeah. The Shining Blue Armor Descends is seriously one of my favorite songs. I'm also looking forward to your album. If you need to secure the funds Kickstarter sounds like it would be the way to go.
  16. I'm still convinced that OCR needs to release a grindcore album consisting only of remixes derived from jingles and fanfares.
  17. Bahaha, sorry guys, but I really want this to happen .
  18. Embertone just released an amazing free Kontakt keyboard instrument! I haven't had a lot of time to play around with it, but you can really tell they put a lot of time and effort into this thing.
  19. Lol, well every project needs some metal right? I did set up a project forum when this thing first got started, but it didn't get used and I think I lost my login information for it (oops!). If people are interested I can set up another one though. I don't think you mentioned a genre, but I can totally see that source going in either direction. At any rate, May should be fine .
  20. Haha, what are you talking about, the voice acting was fine! Also I was totally on board with the story until the last quarter when I realized that the writers must have come up with all the amazing stuff from the first half without having any idea how they were going to tie it all up, and then completely failing to write satisfying endings.
  21. Umm...Make Heavy Rain's plot not so awful? Lol, that was the first thing that came to mind, but I don't really know. I'm not sure if I'd want to make one of my favorite games even better or make a game that I almost liked really good.