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  1. Here's mine https://soundcloud.com/kougar-singh/bizarre-rituals-in-the-kingdom. Edit: Ah, the mixes are up now...I'll leave this here anyway I guess.
  2. Any idea when the mixes will be up once they're in?
  3. Will you vote for me if I do? jk, I've got a much more occult name in store .
  4. Oh cool! Did you use a gypsy for A Fistful of Nickels as well?

  5. Well I don't think Darke should have misled everyone like that, but honestly I love the change up. And this week's theme is awesome!
  6. Well that was unexpected, but Yoko Shimomura? Sign me up! I'll be taking this week for The Robutt Masters.
  7. Hey, how's it going?

    I really like your guitar tone on Balance and Ruin and I was wondering if you'd be willing to give me some tips on recording/producing an acoustic. I've been trying to get a tone that I'm happy with for the last few days and nothing's really hit me yet.

    Thanks :),


  8. Cool! I'm sure you'll love it :).

    Mostly just don't worry too much about anything. There's so much stuff in the game that nearly everything is optional.

    The only tips I'd really give gameplay-wise are to return to your house every once in a while, (especially if you're having trouble finding quests) and to switch up your abilities sometimes; It's easy to overlook them at first, but equipping more of them will let you unlock better techniques.

    Story-wise, pay attention to what happens in every quest, especially the ones with familiar characters. They might seem disjointed at first, but quite a few of them will start to connect as you proceed through the game.

    Hope you enjoy it!

  9. Thanks to everyone for the replies . I'm going to try and finish up a demo of the track tomorrow and then I'll be in touch. As for accents, it doesn't really matter to me as long as it sounds natural. I'm Canadian myself so I don't have any prejudice against the Quebec accent/mannerisms (or the French ones for that matter). By the way, I'm going to need some backup vocals for the chorus in addition to the main line so I might actually be able to use all of your voices.
  10. Hey everyone, I'm looking for a singer who can speak (and sing!) in French. The track is kind of an acoustic rock song and it's for the Legend of Mana Remix Project. I know this is a little specific but if there's anyone who thinks they can do it, let me know! Voice type doesn't matter too much, so contact me regardless of gender, range, etc. Thanks! -Kuolema
  11. Alright, tracks are pretty much claimed. One or two might open up again, but let's assume for now that they're all claimed. So. Mixes. I need them. Does end of August sound reasonable for finished arrangements? That doesn't mean that the tracks themselves have to be 100% complete, but the backbone and at least some of the mixing/recording/etc. should be done. Several people are already at or past this stage, so if you could work on making any final changes, mixing and getting feedback from workshop mods (or other people) that would be great. If there are any conflicts let me know, but end of A
  12. Love this! Such a cool take on the theme, very reminiscent of M83. Love the title/lyrics too.
  13. Yup, just finished listening. Never thought I would hear something like that on an OCR album, but there it is and it doesn't disappoint. I'm loving the rest of the album too. Haven't finished disc 5 yet, but there's already so much good stuff on this thing.
  14. Waves is having a huge sale today only: http://www.waves.com/lp/june13/super-sale.html?ref=gg. Plus you can get a 50$ gift code for use on any of their products (again, today only): http://bedroomproducersblog.com/2013/06/27/waves-50-coupon-code/ I looked for the cheapest thing on the site and was able to get GTR Solo for $5 .
  15. Hey guys, hoping someone can help me out... I'm trying to use Adobe Premiere for the first time and I'm having a lot of trouble with the video track that I've imported. Basically if I start a clip from the beginning everything works fine, but if I try and play it from any other point the timing will be completely off. It's as though the program chooses a random point to start the clip at instead of the specified time. What's up with that? It makes it practically impossible to edit anything that needs to be lined up. If this is a feature it's the stupidest feature I've ever seen, but I've had s
  16. LMAO, this is definitely a thing. I guess I need to pick some men now. 1. Strike Man 2. Pirate Man 3. Junk Man 4. Snake Man 5. Top Man
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