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  1. Hey dude, I'm currently out of a computer and possibly a phone pretty soon, but I was curious if you wanted to submit dreamboy (the smurfs mix) to the panel or not? I feel like it might have a chance but I wanted to make sure you were cool with it first.

    If you do want to just let me know. I probably won't be able to check back for another couple of weeks but if you wanted to go ahead and sub it feel free to.

  2. omg im in ur vistr msgz 2

  3. how did you do this

  4. It's no problem if you need anything else for the project lemme know.

  5. Hey brandon, I saw you got the Smurfs wav and I was curious if you could link that to me via PM? Haven't been able to listen to it in a while. (lost all original files : /)

  6. Hey man, I'm curious if you have anything on our Smurfs remix we did a while back (like a looooong time ago)? Brandon Strader is asking for a WAV, but wasn't sure if you still had the project file (I for sure don't). All they have on their end is an mp3.

  7. I'll ask TGH asap. Thanks.

  8. Hey there.

    I'm not exactly sure but I was trying to move my pin in the map thread earlier and while dragging to get to GA I accidentally dragged yours. I exited quickly so it wouldn't save but it might have, so you might need to fix yours if anything. I was gonna try putting it back but I dragged it so far off and couldn't tell where it went. D:

    Sorry about that!

  9. I have a computer now! So instead of not doing stuff I can do stuff.

    Funny how life works.

    Do y'all still do skype and stuff?

  10. Thank you my friend! I'll try and put out a kick-ass song this week!

  11. Thank you very much :)

  12. Thank you very much for that :)

  13. Thank you very much :)

  14. That's a huuuuuge signature

  15. That made me laugh. Thanks.

  16. Hope you've had a happy birthday!

  17. Have a happy birthday McVaffe! Please continue being awesome and making awesome music! :)

  18. Our mix got accepted. Yay for Blizzard/Starcraft 2 on Ocremix! :)

  19. Ok cool. Well I see im late now but happy birthday. Hope you're enjoying the 20th year of your life :)

  20. Hey dude, I'd hate to pester you - just curious if you ever got that smurfs remix to The Damned or WillRock or whoever it needs to be? It was just on my mind is all.

  21. I just wanted to thank you for everything on the Kirby Super Star project! You took one of the best vg soundtracks ever and made it into something really special. Good job on that :)

    may the pink be with you. >(^.^)>

  22. I plan on submitting Lost in Time sometime this week - did you want to add anything to the submission email? PM me if you do and I'll make sure to add it.

  23. Hi. I'm just curious, is the Portrait of a Plumber project invite only?

  24. i'm really going to push to get that song finished for the lime project. sorry i've been out of touch, it's just honestly been off my mind for a while now.

    i'm gonna push to get something finished this month, though. look forward to it.

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