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  1. This song is now my favorite OCRemix Song, and it should be yours too!
  2. Absolutely beautiful. This has always been one of my favorite tracks since I first came upon it in the album. It brings back the true feeling from the game's ending.
  3. I absolutely love this mix, I've been listening to it for the last few days repetitively; as always, Cyril does a great job singing! Is there a version without the vocals? I've always kinda wondered what it would sound like with just the strings
  4. Cyril and JH Sounds were kind enough to let me use this song for an advertisement contest at my university. So a big thanks to both of them! This song is so beautiful; so touching. You can woo the women with it and make them cry. If you ever need to lose your positive attitude for a while and get down and dirty with the blues, then this song will help take you to that magical land. Download!
  5. Absolutely. No mainstream things like the letter S, things gotta be hipster nowadays. On another note: I can't wait for this album! I eagerly await while listening to the previews over and over
  6. I'm a huge fan of MML2, and saying that: CAPCOM, IF YOU'RE READING THIS THEN BRING BACK MML3! And if Pepsi is reading this, you should bring back crystal Pepsi, because it was cool. Anyways, I'm diggin the remix! I feel that it sounds a bit midi-esque in the beginning part, but DANG! What a great ride after that, I feel the memories coming back from the great old days
  7. As long as you didn't write anything back on to it... file restore please! Just don't write onto the drive at all and they should be restorable
  8. This is definitely my favorite of all the songs of this album! Amazing work here
  9. :..) Oh I've been moved to tears once again!!! Such a beautiful song!
  10. ET 2 for the Atari 2600. Oh wait - - - - -
  11. I've listened to more of your mixes in the last month of my life than anyone else ever has in their entire lives. Thanks to this, I shall never back down from my position as your #1 listener.
  12. maan.. I downloaded this ages ago it seems like, I *love* what you've done here ... it's simply amazerful!
  13. All seemed normal until the hat dance--and then I started clapping and said, "this is the best remix ever!" My (Mexican Sombrero) hat is off to you!
  14. Even without being complete ... I immediately threw this on my iPod and HTC Touch Pro! It's so nostalgic and great ... not gonna lie! I'm looking forward to the future of this!
  15. [sarcasm]Dr. Light sounds nothing like he does in Mega Man 8! I want to hear some vintage "Wee kahn't wett dokawh wahwee git hid hawnds awn ouwh enuhjee weesauwses!" Until that day I am saddened by this film.[/sarcasm] Also: Hello OCRemix, I've been lurking for a while here.. like 2 years or so I think
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