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  1. http://kotaku.com/e-t-found-in-new-mexico-landfill-1568100161 More info: http://bigstory.ap.org/article/diggers-ready-unearth-ataris-et-games-0 The myth is news to me, but then I'm just a casual gamer. This begs a few questions. Why would a company bury "millions" of copies of a game, even if terrible? conspiracy theories are encouraged "the game tanked because 'it was practically broken' with that the E.T. falling into traps that were almost (emphasis added) impossible to escape and would appear constantly and unpredictably." In theory, that sounds awesome actually. The more challenging a game, the better. So long as it's not 100% impossible, I wouldn't complain. Did anyone play the game when it came out? What's your perspective on why it got the reputation it did?
  2. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/national/girl-rare-skin-condition-honored-anime-film-article-1.1609985 Saw this article and was deeply moved. The short version: a teenage girl with a skin disorder and ambitions of being a manga star recently died at age 16, and a film director is incorporating her into his coming movie, Black Hat. I'm in awe of the control and precision of her drawing despite the limitations of her hands. She seemed to really love her craft; I figured the OCR community could relate to that. Just wanted to bring some awareness to this movie (which has a compelling plot imo) and the girl at the heart of it, Cassie England. R.I.P.
  3. Thanks for clearing that up. I saw the word in one of the comments but assumed it was a typo for azn -> Asian. Only one other source (another soundcloud comment incidentally) mentioned it specifically being a prayer, but since it was just the one I didn't find it too reliable. I wonder if the oddness is what prompted the producer to only release a Dub version (no full version of the Original was released to my knowledge). Either that, or I'm guessing Herrera received feedback stating its use was offensive.
  4. I'm not religious, don't know anything about the technical aspects of music, but your description intrigued me. Is your vision along the lines of https://soundcloud.com/random-x/random-x-principia-original? Apparently the verses are part of an Islamic prayer (any Muslim to confirm?) Or are you creating your own original lyrics inspired by Biblical text? Whichever option it is, my recc is to not let the music overwhelm the spoken parts. For me the trouble with the song I posted is the vocals are trying to compete with the instrumental and failing miserably (cuz the music's too damn good! )
  5. Forgot how to post. Sorry in advance if I mess up this reply (it's a general question btw) Anyone answer the 5 Qs in the giveaway contest @ http://bulbanews.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Bulbagarden_X/Y_Launch_Giveaway)? More to the point, is anyone 100% confident in their answers? This isn't a help-me-cheat request, but an are-these-questions-even-answerable inquiry.
  6. Hey guys, I seek your help in IDing some songs. A little backstory: I recently uncovered several CDR's I'd burned as a 15- or 16-year-old. I was able to ID most of the songs, but 8 slipped my memory. Of those 8, I later recalled some on my own, and a trusted friend helped me ID a few. Which just leaves these 3 I'm posting here: http://www.sendspace.com/file/mgs4jx IDed http://www.sendspace.com/file/ahv8x0 (my friend thinks this is an old DJ Shah production but i don't know..) http://www.sendspace.com/file/flm0hu Being that I burned these songs at that age, the only thing I know for certain is they're from '02/'03 and before. I'm also pretty sure they're amateur productions (as in, not signed releases), but if a mod would rather I upload clipped versions of the songs, let me know. Posting to OCR on the off chance I mentioned these songs to someone on the forums back then. Thanks in advance! ____ Edit: I recalled the second one: Crizz Lee's Teardrops In My Eyes (SMP's Hard Mix). Crizz Lee, btw, is an old alias of Shah. That's the last time I doubt my friend.
  7. Sorry, I intended my comment for the remixers only, whoever they are, since that's the only way I can express my appreciation to them. imo people have their own minds and can decide for themselves what songs appeal to them. I doubt an unknown member like myself can influence the public anyway. As for something about "best," I hate using that word since it's subjective. Again, I only commented to say what I personally found enjoyable.
  8. I'm unfamiliar with the FF series and its music, but I took a listen to catch up on the new faces in the community. Just want to give some appreciation. Whoever made Track 10, nice job. It works well as a stand-alone song (by that i mean i don't need to be familiar with the source to enjoy). 2:40 onward in particular is when the arrangement commands my attention. Easily my fave. I like the peppiness of Track 15. The piano reminds me of Penguin Cafe Orchestra's Music for a Found Harmonium ( ). Plus I'm a sucker for vox samples.Track 33 reminds me of Three Drives' Air Traffic (ATC Chill Mix) ( ). I especially like the parts where the main melody and countermelody trade off.
  9. I enjoy the music from The Pretender. The title theme from '96/'97 especially. Also, off the OST, "From the Past" is one of the most beautiful scores I ever heard on television. googling "the pretender soundtrack" will land you the ost sssh
  10. Made my day. Debussy reference +1
  11. http://shoryuken.com/forum/index.php?threads/video-game-music-thread-ver-once-more-with-feeling.22877/page-6 The person in this thread speaks authoritatively in saying it's an original theme. Maybe he/she knows something, eh?
  12. The Water Warning theme from Sonic, of course Or the more awesome version, this:
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