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  1. Im inclined to agree with everyone on this. The jazzy feel really does the piece justice. Now im gonna go play Rygar. -Doug
  2. This song rocks. For everyone who doesnt like it: Can you honestly say you've sat there through a video game, listening to its music, and never thought up lyrics for the wordless songs in the game? This dude just did us all one better and -recorded- what he thought up as lyrics. I should start doing that..It rocks. I cant stop listening to this song. And even if I could, I refuse to do so. -Doug
  3. The most sad thing is... This is the kinda crap that goes on in my head...All day. -Doug
  4. I love the way Flashmans music was incorporated into the wily stage theme, a wonderful blend...kinda like some expensive venezuelan coffee or something that i've never tried. There needs to be a few more mixes like this, the switch-em-up style. Even if not for the same game (MM2), it would be nice to see the style repeated in some other form. Anyways enough of my stupid rambling. A good song to download if you like either theme...which you should..because if you dont like Megaman music you should be shot. In the head. And killed. Jerk. -Doug
  5. This song reminds me of something you'd hear at some 1960's school dance...Like, as in the last song of the evening, the one you grab your chick and slow dance to. Of course I could be utterly wrong seeing as how I was born in the eighties and not the sixties. BUT it sounds like a nice slow dance song. Really pleasant. Has kept me sane for two days. Thats a record. Good mix. Real pleasant-like. Must go now. Cows are looking for me. -Doug
  6. Very nice mix, fitting to the theme of the level even moreso than the original did. Kudos on it. Now onto other matters. I HATE THE BOSS OF THIS LEVEL. And im starting to get sick of hearing the song over and over again, so this remix is a welcome refreshing breath of air while I try to get back across the level to fight that stupid stupid ice monster thingy. See, its on "Professional" and..Its kicking my ass. Anyway. As I said. Wonderful mix. Adieu. -Doug
  7. Im inclined to agree with Ryan8bit. The mix really shines at 1:22/1:23, where it kicks it into high gear as in the true Library song. And yea, the only gripe thus far is the length of the piece. It could be a bit longer, but other than that its possibly the best Piano remix of any C: SotN theme I've yet heard, and I've heard "Crystal Teardrop", "Door to the Holy Spirits," and "Dance of Pales". Good work on the Mix. Much appreciated for us hardcore Castlevania fans, those of us who have been crying and pining over the fact that there is an absurd lack of Castlevania Symphony of the Night remixes. Yea im babbling. Good mix. I really love it. -Doug
  8. This is gonna sound totally mean But my friend is so lame at video games that he -died- three times on that tree boss on Kirby. It wasnt even hard on -hard- mode. -Doug
  9. The last boss of the first disc on Legend of Dragoon. I dont care what anyone says. That Emeperor -jackass- totally destroyed me. And I fought him for over fourty five minutes. Yea, maybe I suck at Legend of Dragoon, but he was hard as hell. He killed -everyone- on my team (Rose, Lavitz, and Dart) except Dart. And by the end of the battle, Dart had 3 hitpoints left. No healing items. No reviving items. I was -fuxored-. But I won. But thats not the point. He was hard as hell. -Doug, who's going to go cry now.
  10. Okay. Somebody shoot me. I just downloaded this mix for the first time. I thought I had all the zelda mixes but I must have missed this one. In the opening, that almost sounds like a..I dun wanna say it..a cowbell. Lol. Anyone who reads this and knows anything about music is gonna be like "Wtf is he talking about?". Well unfortunately, I dont know jack about music cept I play the guitar, and not even very well. Anyways, when the flute/ocarina comes in at 1:40 or so, somewhere in there, really caught my attention. Nice emphasis on it and what not. Overall, very slick mix Been waiting for one of the like. ...Probably should have seen it sooner though. -Doug
  11. Sitting here listening to this song over and over with the rain pouring outside...it really fits smoothly together. Er on that same note, so does sitting there at 3:40 in the morning, listening to this while staring at the moon because you have nothing better to do. I put duct tape over the lights on my monitor because they were bothering me that night >_<. Im a weirdo. Good mix. -Doug
  12. If real symphonies played in such a manner, I might actually shell out the hundred bucks to go see it. Im serious. This mix makes me feel like im actually sitting out on some blanket with a lucky dame ( ) watching the Boston Pops relent with their latest rendition of some god-forsaken nintendo theme. But by the gods, dont we love them? I could even see the old zany conductor guy with like, Dr. Wily hair going all out, swinging that...pointing..stick..thingy..here and there directing the orchestra. Kudos on the awesome mix. -Doug
  13. Totally awesome mix. I love the low wind instrument sounding thing that comes in 0:21. Of course its a flute or something ( Forgive my lacking musical knoweldge and sound base!) but I dont wanna sound like a dumbface. And then when it picks up at 1:11-1:12, I was dancing in my chair. Totally wicked man. Total. 2:57 holds my heart in the mix though. When playing through Final Fantasy V, I can clearly remember this song. Its vivid, stuck in my brain from those days of ...a year and a half ago when I bought it on playstation. But still! I remember it. And it rocks. The whole mix flows real well. Kudos! -Doug p.s. I really should get a signature or something
  14. Icewind Dale? Being Remixed? Amazing. I must say, a-friggin-mazing. I'd really like to hear a remix of The Icewind Dale Main theme. Lysans Lair would be a good candidate as well. Well done, and sorry for not posting anything earlier. Really good remix, my friend says it reminds him of someone drowning. Lol. Im inclined to agree -Doug
  15. This song is utterly awesome. Its been a long time since I last posted, but eh. This is noteworthy of my taking a moment to stop and drop a line about it. I have the original version, and it plays pretty much perfectly in tune. Even if there is that fuzzy sound, I dont mind it in the slightest. I think it should be more or less overlooked, because it seems like thats what people are putting emphasis upon when they listen to the song and not the -song- itself. The guitar work is very admirable. And the cell phone idea is insanely inventive. Kudos on that, and kudos again. I look forward to more of the like. Perhaps a full blown rendition of One Winged Angel with some Nokia cell beats thumping alongside the lyrics of the song? Lol. Just an idea. Keep up the good work. -Doug
  16. A great combination of some great songs. I especially loved when Frogs theme came raging in. Glenn was totally my hero. I wish I were some wannabe hero who gets turned into a frog by the Magus and Ozzy... ....Maybe if I meet Ozzy I can ask him to turn me into a frog. Wee. -Doug
  17. DUDE! With the exception of only listening to only ff music (I have...all the soundtracks thus far including fft) that song totally describes me. I like..downloaded it and I listen to it..everyday. I downloaded it a while ago but just registered so I can..blab about the songs. And this one like rules. Yay.
  18. Okay this is like my first time posting here and all..and I gotta say..I was having a bad day until I heard this remix. As soon as I heard it, a smile flashed up onto my face. As soon as the Snowboard music kicked in, I couldnt help but clap my hands along with it. Great remix..I just wish there were more Chocobo theme remixes. -Doug
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