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  1. But what about the moon's and mars' ecosystem, the damned. The spacelife will go extinct, you industrialist pig!
  2. Plus we're saving trees. More importantly, the wildlife that needs trees/forests to live. But it's also taking away labor from material miners, which could be a good or bad thing.
  3. Give neblix a teaspoon of gasoline and he'll start you a forest fire. It's entertaining.
  4. No, I get it man. I was just 'splainin why I'm different. Now I know why you guys value physical media. Do I think worse of anyone for it? Not at all. I'm no less materialistic when it comes down to it. You're right about Steam though. If that ever goes down, I'll be pretty massively upset. I'm just counting on it not ever going away.
  5. I completely agree about services that don't allow a re-download, that's crap. One really cool advantage for me is that Steam has Steamplay, which grants me a copy of the game for both Windows and Mac. My home rig is Windows while my lappy is a Mac so that's totally badass. Factor in that I use Dropbox to always have my savegame updated across both platforms and its even more awesome. Looking through manuals and displaying your library are things I can understand, it's something I enjoyed but didn't feel was essential. Thing is, if I like a game a lot I start making memorabilia of my own or buy it from a specialty store (artwork, 'shops, swords, statues...) I take a lot of pride in my gaming, but I guess I show that off in other ways. Hold on I think I know why I don't like boxes... they are ugly, the design is boring. I'm a snob about the whole 'gaming is an art' thing and I'm just obsessed with good design. That's why the only games I kept around forever were DS games because I liked how the boxes were made. Games like Contact, Pokemon, all FF games, Dragon Age Collector's Ed., I just wanted to lick the box because it was so perty and shaped the right way and non-commercial. I feel kind of superficial now.
  6. Alright, I'm just confused because I'm from the generation that's supposed to be upset. I owned 70-ish N64 cartridges, cherished them, but I'm still inviting this change. I hope you guys survive this transition. stay strong!
  7. The fear of non-physical media issue has always confused the heck out of me. I'm paying for an experience, not a box. I bought a PSPgo because I saw the digital format as a feature. No more switching those stupid discs in and out, and the loudness from the mechanical parts was gone. Even games that have data install spin up every 2 minutes to make sure the disc is still in there. I guess I have a New Age attitude. I mean, I'm 21 years old, but whatever...
  8. I don't think it's unreasonable to lose some trust in a company after they've been compromised. It's not really a "shame on you" thing, it's more like "how many more times am I going to have to reissue my effing credit card."
  9. The neglect is doubled because they were warned about upcoming attacks and still got jacked. Still, I feel like if I turn my back on Sony, anon has won. My loss of respect/trust towards Sony is punishment enough for me.
  10. I don't think anyone is suggesting it's a bigger deal than any of those things...
  11. I'm with Symbiotix. No one is entitled to compensation, I wouldn't even say plus members unless it goes a full month. I buy electronics with the understanding that someday they can and will let me down, it's a risk all consumers take. What does piss me off to no end is that Sony has the balls to not give a detailed explanation of what's going on. They won't even give us proper warning if we might need to keep an eye on our credit/debit card accounts. I just had my Xbox account frauded and charged $230 and now this. I JUST WANT TO GET THROUGH MY FINALS WITHOUT LOSING MY MIND PLZ At least I'm primarily a PC gamer. I still have my fix.
  12. I already downloaded it the second you put it on Soundcloud which was what, like midnight? I was in the middle of a study marathon and even though it made me physically ill due to sleep fatigue and a cold baked potato I barely got down, it was totally worth it.
  13. Growing up with a mother in medicine, I know ALL about lawyers. (And no, she's not a nurse) Since it's Easter, that is all I'll say Enjoy your holiday, ace attorney XZero.
  14. Dang, you need a whole summer of studying to pass a bar exam? That's seriously intense. Are you a neurosurgeon?
  15. I'm about to start exams and my family's all upset that I'm not coming home because of it. Happy Easter ;_;
  16. omg let's fill the thread with passive aggressiveness
  17. I'd mucho rather do my work on speaker monitors, but I need my own studio before I drive my neighbors/roommate crazy. I think once I become half decent at music they'll probably mind less >_> But I've been concentrating totally on video and motion graphics these past few months, so they'll have to suffer a while longer.
  18. Actually I'd amend the piano type to not necessarily be loners. More like the quiet, low-key type. I don't have a cell phone full of friend numbers but jeez, I have my group of peeps! the guitarists i know are always crazy/loud. they have a personality and a half.
  19. Yo, I had posted the link to the Megaupload a couple posts down. And to the Crysis video from OCRMV3. EDIT: Here's a copy of the description I made for the promo:
  20. Well, maybe the version showed at the viewing party will inexplicably have Chernabogue in it. Maybe.
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