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  1. My god... I'm sorry for your friend. Hope he's able to sort things out.
  2. You have a sharp eye! I had to pause and squint a bit to really see it For that, you get a discount! 50% off my price of $0! I gotta say, the response to this was much quicker than I expected. I'm just so used to the sound of tumbleweed in the WIP forum But seriously, this is pretty cool.
  3. Do you mean you want the video file itself instead of just linking it? It's pretty big (~130MB), but I should be able to upload it to Megaupload for you. Glad you like it. EDIT: Alrighty.. here it is: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=MWU0REIM AND here's the YouTube version of my Crysis machinima I did last contest: http://youtu.be/27Wk8_dU-J0?hd=1
  4. Hey all, I'm in dire need of a proper portfolio and experience if I'm to get a job with a studio. I am willing to offer my services free of charge (unless you want to pay) in order to reach this goal. I would like to work closely with any clients to deliver a legitimate product, but I also need a variety of styles to show off my versatility. I am not a tutorial junkie. I am not a YouTube noob. I'm self-taught in After Effects and Photoshop, and I'm now starting to learn Cinema 4D. It's true I don't know how to do everything, but I have an uncanny ability to figure things out as I go. The downside to those type of projects? I'm slow, but it's worth it. I want to bring your ideas into the video because it will double the creative potential of the final product. Now I'm going to link you to samples. One will be from YouTube, where I have a lot of weird/stupid videos uploaded that I did for fun. Those are junk, but what I link you to should be of acceptable or higher quality. The second will be from Vimeo, and it was made in 2 days time, between my classes, because of a sudden job opportunity that arose in the past. Considering the short amount of time I had, please excuse the lack of polish. Sample 1 [Animated Logo]: http://youtu.be/A5vsjIW7IxU?hd=1 Sample 2 [Corporate]: http://vimeo.com/19309509 EDIT: Y'know what.. before someone accuses me of thievery I'll say this: yes, those images in the video were not drawn by me. I'm not trying to pull wool over anyone's eyes. Sample 3 [Music Video]: http://vimeo.com/19098762 If you'd like to present a project to me, please email me at zlong1@kent.edu . Whether you think my work is great or not, I will have a lot of inquiries because I'm doing things for free, and I won't be able to do every project asked of me. Please keep that in mind as you present your project to me by being specific in what you're looking for and how you want it done. If there's any questions, feel free to ask them here or through that same e-mail. I look forward to working for all of you, except Wacky and Bleck. No, just kidding I look forward to everyone getting in touch with me.
  5. Oh God! Don't move Wacky out of off-topic! You don't know what you've dooooonnnnnne. we must flee.
  6. Yeah, you an analoq I both wanted to fit in but these project deadlines are looming over me. I had to push this thing out the door :[ Also, I unfortunately don't have an entry this time around, but you can look forward to my OCRMV 5 video! EDIT: Guys, how many videos do we have anyway? I'm getting worried we'll have the biggest crowd to date, but the least videos yet ><
  7. Dio, I need the IRC server/channel info and the time of the viewing party (with timezone) to put in the description please. Otherwise, my promo is done! A few words about it: it was slightly rushed, unfortunately, because it's almost finals week for me. Lots of projects due. The OCR logo intro on the other hand was something I put a lot of work into so I hope you (and employers looking at my portfolio) like it! I only mentioned three artists because I wanted it to be a minute long. Yes, one of them is myself... how selfish of me! Yeah well, I figure I put a lot of time into making this so bleh To Dio: I'd probably need to tweak this a bit for it to be played at the beginning of the event as a teaser. The content isn't exactly appropriate for that sort of thing, but I can make a second version. And here ya go: http://youtu.be/jOsCfAeWjRA?hd=1 P.S. Even though setzer's segment was last and the most rushed, I think it's my favorite in terms of how it came out. Not sure why D: Here's a bonus video of Stevo and OA dancing. No, I've never met them:
  8. Well, we discussed some formats, recognizing that there is surprisingly a demand for 4:3 wallpapers. As contest organizer, what do you think?
  9. Congrats guys Do we get a picture of you both wearing white powdered wigs? plz.
  10. Ah, so you could probably run games in 4:3 at a higher resolution than 16:9/16:10 eh? Unless what DusK said is the case, I think I'd personally prefer to run widescreen and sacrifice resolution to see more... unless his card can't handle widescreen at all, in which case you really should just get a $50 card because that's all you need to get the job done. Sorry for off-topicness, OP ><
  11. You specifically use a ratio that allows you to see less of the game than someone with a widescreen... for competitive purposes?
  12. Anyone who's seen Fistful of Quarters knows that video game documentaries are awesome. Well I stumbled on a new production about Indie developers (including the Meatboy team!), and it seems to have really good production quality. As a documentary addict, my excitement for this film is about up there with Skyrim. So besides pre-ordering the thing, there's something else they are asking people to do. On their Facebook page, they said they're looking for photos of our younger selves playing video games to put in the film. I figure you guys have some of those... would even be curious to see them posted here. So if you wanna do this, do it quick before Kotaku catches wind and makes a post about it ><
  13. No, I really know what I'm talking about this time. I... actually, I give in >_> Please continue with thread. *sits quietly*
  14. Your recording software is likely the cause of the game's lower FPS. Even if the game can't get up to your demand of 60 FPS with Camtasia running, it will record in 60 frames regardless by copying frames. That's because video files can't have "variable" frame rates... well, they can but I seriously doubt recording software uses those types of containers. Is Camtasia 64-bit supported? Maybe it's not using all your hardware to its full capacity. I have a pretty beastly rig and can easily use FRAPs to record at the highest settings in most games... I'd just give FRAPs a try and see if the issue is the software or not.
  15. I don't care what you guys do to me... overclocking is lame and stupid and stupid and don't buy into it. It's for bored engineers. I've done it myself and regretted ever taking the time to learn how to do it the right way because any gains in performance were not noticeable. What was noticeable were the higher temperatures despite a heatsink that was as big as my graphics card. What do you want to do with the SSD space? 32GB is enough to install your OS and that's really it. On its own, it won't hold many games either. I've never seen hybrid drives before.. how intriguing.
  16. So you meant every processor is locked except the ones that aren't. That is very true indeed... Yeah Turbo Boost is cool, especially since it allows the CPU to operate over its actual limits for a short period of time.
  17. Well you said "every other" so what was I supposed to think? >_> Anyway, yeah, I get you now about the multipliers. I thought you meant it a different way.
  18. There are non-sandy bridge i7s with unlocked multipliers, and just because you can change it to what you want does not meet you don't have to change voltage and RAM settings. It just makes it easier to maximize an overclock.
  19. But they're making an HD remake for PS3, and it's releasing "Spring 2011". Which is now so where the eff is the release date?
  20. Robot Alchemic Drive (RAD) - strange and awesome giant mech game Kingdom Hearts - of course Seriously, RAD is awesome. There's even vs. multiplayer.. and the mechs transform! And the city environments are destructible! The challenge? you have to control your mech as a person with a remote control from his viewpoint, which means repositioning yourself if your mech travels too far. On top of a tall building with a good view of everything? Count on your opponent trying to destroy that building and knock your guy off! Dang, now I'm gonna go find that game! EDIT: I have a slim and it doesn't support backwards compatibility Dammit Sony...
  21. How can it be overclocked without changing voltage and RAM speed? Sounds like Intel just underclocked the thing and sold it with the illusion of being easy to overclock -.- But seriously, the payoff is nothing unless you're encoding video. You just won't notice a difference in performance with a processor already that good, but you may notice a shortened lifespan, even if it's properly cooled.
  22. Which is exactly why I feel pressured to cook something, anything up! What'll people think if they come to an event with only like three videos? D: About your clips, I actually based part of the video around your Mario papercraft music video already so I think I'll stick with that. I did too much Photoshopping to change it now >_>
  23. Yes.. overclocking is time-consuming and risky with unimpressive payoff unless you have a hobby of encoding huge videos. Modern games are GPU dependent. So k-series' unlocked multiplier shouldn't be a selling point for you.
  24. No, DusK, you can't buy that because it's cheaper than my rig costed me and more powerful too. This is bullpuckey O_O Everything's there: a quad-core processor (a freaking Sandy bridge at that), a mobo that supports SATA 6GB/s (that's a big deal srsly), a hard drive with lots of storage and 32MB cache AND 6 GB/s transfer, a (modular!) PSU with recent good reviews, and lastly, respectable RAM. And yes, that PSU will support a GTX 260, 460, and even a 470 with good headroom. No SLI though. Good stuff.
  25. Ah, good. Kyle is right about the 460, by the way. If you can afford the 460, it's like a 260 with an extra pair of balls even though DX11 to me is a total snoozefest... Still, they might try to phase out DX9 soon so DX11 might be the safer choice.
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