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  1. My brother says the same exact thing. But why is ice strong vs. ground? Why is flying strong vs. fight? Rock strong vs. bug? About half of them make perfect sense and the others are whatever they are for the sake of balance. I once took this class called anatomy. All we did was memorize stuff, hundreds of stuffs. I got a D- while my friend, Talya, studied 5 minutes before each test and got an A. She happens to be a Pokemon fanatic I once took this class called Media Writing in college. It was understood that no one was supposed to get an A and no one did but three people. I'm sure you can guess where I'm going with this.
  2. Yes, especially if you'll develop it for iPhone. Just better have some darn good storytelling... nothing like fanfic storytelling.
  3. The Crysis one is only on Vimeo. I'll have to upload it on a second account because the subscriber base I have on my first account doesn't like that sort of stuff. Side note:If anyone is looking for inspiration, check out the Vimeo Staff Picks. I think our goal should be to eventually achieve that level of quality or close to it.
  4. Shows how much of a Pokemon fan I am. I just picked whatever attack looked coolest. there r weaknesses wut?
  5. I haven't played Pokemon since Gold/Silver... kind of caught on to the same-ness of every release and I always had trouble navigating the "what is everyone weak to" chart that I printed out and set on my lap. I was done when they started giving Pokemon TWO types and I couldn't do the math to figure out what they were weak to.
  6. Wha... I didn't detect sarcasmz at all. I expected you to say "No, I'm talking about the Xbox achievements man!" cause they did come out with those.
  7. What? How do you 100% an MMO, especially FFXI? You'd need to make XI your day job, hobby, and career to truly 100% that shit. What's that? You have an alliance of 18 players to take down a dagron? And then the thing casts Meteor XXVI on you Most merciless game ever.
  8. For some reason Rareware games are the only games I have the drive to 100%. I think it's because the goals are laid out in a very straightforward manner (there's no misdirection) and obviously every Rare game is addictive as hell. Even months after beating most of Nuts and Bolts, I feel the drive to pick up the game again and reach my goal of 100%. I'm pretty bummed I already beat Klungo's challenges cause those were the most fun, but I want those jiggies! It's too bad Rare is dead and won't be making Nuts and Bolts 2 despite how pants-shittingly good it was. Other than that I did 100% CoD4. The ferris wheel level had me stalled for literally three months, but I eventually got through it on veteran with some sneaky tactics. I found Sky High a little easier than the ferris wheel but it seems people get stuck on that more. newbs
  9. Yep, thats the plan! thanks for providing the links.

  10. Modus

    oh, please do... eager is not a strong enough word :)

  11. Oh my lawd, so good! It actually reminds me strongly of a desert for some reason. It's just one of those mixes where I can close my eyes and be transported. Powerful stuff, these chiptunez.
  12. Transformations were completely unfair because of the restored Health/Ki. Especially Frieza.. transforming like 4 times. I could have sworn teleportations were in Tenkaichi 2 and I loved them. In a scuffle, it was barely complex enough that someone would eventually screw up and get hit. But most people I played against sucked at teleporting and close combat so they felt it was too one sided. Psh! The one person who consistently beat me was a high school friend.. a girl. Her power level... was too high.
  13. Hold on, I failed that lyric. it's "it sure felt like love. either that, or co-dependency". Anyway, the whole song's message is nice... modest, and strangely encouraging.
  14. Your vocals are awesome.. it's like you're not even singing exactly but it sounds good. Also, the lyric that was something like "is it love, or co-dependency?" made me stop and be all "wow, that's a good point and well said o_o" The only track that bothers me is the intro to Too Soon. Something about that pumping just doesn't agree with my ears, abrasive. But everything else I will be listening to over and over.
  15. And I have received your PM and replied >_>
  16. I'm making a promotional video for OCRMV4 because I need demo footage to land me a job. If anyone wants to send a clip of your video for me to use in the promo please PM me. You can also get hold of me to contribute ideas. What I know for sure is that it won't be longer than a minute and it'll be done with 2D motion graphics. Style-wise think "MTV" because even though their shows are stupid anymore, they have fantastic motion graphics. That is all. EDIT: Oh! Help with sound design would the most helpful kind of help! If it's done REALLY well, I mean professionally, I would consider making it a paid job...
  17. Nah, but some games did them a lot better than others. By offscreen activation I was talking about the Wii version. You would activate super duper moves by holding down two-buttons and wagging the nunchuck offscreen and back in a certain direction. As a person who sucks at executing large combo thingies, that was a godsend. Besides all this cool stuff, everyone who's played a recent DBZ game knows that insta-teleporting to dodge attacks is the most fun you can possibly have in a fighting game. HIIIIIII YA! WHA-? *teleport* Behind ya, bitch! *insert "Oh" face* Oh my god I need to play right now.
  18. Modus

    do you have more tracks than the ones listed on SoundCloud somewhere? i'm seriously addicted.

  19. Yeah I think it was DarkeSword instead of Level 99 though. I dunno, but it was quite elaborate regardless.
  20. Man, you're right. It just took me a few minutes to really get into it. I put it in my iPod 8 times to make sure it comes up in shuffle more often.
  21. Wait, is this... april fool's? This all just seems unusual o.o
  22. I loved Sucker Punch and it has twice as bad reviews as Quantum of Solace so I'm probably not the best guy to be making film analogies, am I? I bet that cat has an awesome PODCAST. .
  23. Yeah, remember that epic goal that you were pursuing the entire game in DA1? OK, let's scrap that for DA2. Instead it would be a good idea to have three sub-events and never really let the player know what he/she's fighting for besides whatever civil rights issue happens to be at the boiling point within prison- I mean, Kirkwall. So what I did in DA2 was this: Spoiler.. but only the first point. The other two are vague enough to not be spoilers 1. Get rich 2. Impersonate Batman 3. Make everyone kiss my feat and I guess 4. Save a city (not a country) In that order. What I did in DA1 was this: 1. Save a whole damned country 2. Prevent a misguided patriot/war hero from starting a massive war on two fronts 3. Develop a personalized hero (who never spoke which allowed me to consider him my spiritual self within the game) Oh, and I killed like 3 dragons and the creature that created a Golem army. So basically DA1 is like every James Bond movie that isn't Quantum of Solace and DA2 is like Quantum of Solace.
  24. Dudes, SA2 was amazing. Seriously, what about it put you guys off? It had speed, and grinding, and chaos... just like a rave. Everybody likes raves, especially ones with glowsticks and SA2 had those too! Remember those thingies you collected for your chao? Ehhh? You guys hate raves EDIT: You guys know you could take your chao to school, right? And force him to race and fight in martial arts tournaments? But really my proudest moment was when my little boy drew a picture in art class of himself and me holding hands... *sniff* It was perfect.
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