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  1. I'd say the best way to increase interest is to add some incentive. Maybe something along the lines of a stylish emblem to display in signatures for being voted 'best of show'. I thought about monetary prizes/rewards, but I like the spirit of the contest as it is now. It's like a folk gathering and we all just hang.. adding real prizes might make things too srs. I think 2-4 months is appropriate, but it seems like we should have more participants with that big of a window. Maybe it's cause editing video isn't as fun as making a song I don't think it is. To wrap up, I'm volunteering my skills to artists who have cool ideas. If editing is not your thing, consider a collab. I know a lot about motion graphics and animation within After Effects, but I'm terrible at art so if any artists want an animated music video, please get hold of me. I'm a big fan of minimalist grunge art so if you can do that type of work I'll friggn pay you!
  2. Loooooove this O_O The lead at :26 somehow fits perfectly to me. I really think you pulled off using a cheesy, awful sample in a way that somehow made it badass. Some people I've shared this with hate the intentional use of cheesy samples, but they were used so intelligently and the patterns are anything but simple... Screw them, this is fantastic.
  3. Already got dibs on the next song I wanna use... it's another WillRock. I just can't help it >_> I might be too unworthy to continue using WillRock mixes.
  4. I am seriously so excited that you're doing this. If you don't mind, I'd like to request some in-depth explanations on synthesis and drum processing during the videos. Looking forward, man
  5. That was fun! And everyone did so well. I truly enjoyed every single entry.. I think everyone did judging by the chatmosphere But again I look up to analoq, captivated by his 3D coding fanciness. I was so captivated by his balls! I'll definitely start learning Blender or some other 3D program right away.
  6. Yeah I was joking... I've AIM'd him twice and missed him I'll catch ya, though!
  7. damn, just say you're psychic right away next time before I get all riled up.
  8. You know if you were rich enough you'd import one and install it in your house/apartment/box. I definitely would.
  9. How do you know they're great? You're not supposed to watch them.. I can't believe the contest organizer is corrupt!
  10. Pretty sure it was EST last time. I would count on that, but let's wait for whats-his-face. Uploading my vid...
  11. You guys set a time yet? I'm completely burnt but I'm gonna send in my video finished or not tonight. I'm setting my alarm for early evening hoping I can regain enough energy to finish it. I can't believe how many shots I need for a 3 minute song :/
  12. Same idea here but I'd like to express it differently: I CAN'T DO ITTT ;_: It's not worth it to force myself to do it because inspiration is what makes it good and inspiration gets spent after oh... 5 straight hours. But no... NOOO I must do it for the children... must find a way!
  13. You can just go to aim.com and use AIM express.. let's you login in with Facebook account. awaiting copy.
  14. At this point you should be concerned about programs being a headache on XP, not Win7. That's a 10 year old OS. FL works fine. I've used it with several plugins for a year now and have not had one single crash. Ever.
  15. Yay, I seriously dig this... beautiful. But the whole time I was imagining your voice in some reverb and how surreal it would sound, especially those harmonies you did. Awesome job. I'm subbed!
  16. dfast, I'm glad I'm to the point where I understand what you're telling me to do, but I'm not sure how to go about it all. I'm a determined guy and will figure it out though. Thanks for being so specific. I'm starting to feel kind of itchy that I changed the mood and genre of the WIP now that I see you guys kind of like it. I think I'm gonna try reverting a bit but I'll still replace the drums.
  17. I'm using onboard sound :/ Is a soundcard really necessary because I can't even add one due to my GPUs blocking all my PCI and PCIe slots.
  18. I just kept earballing the EQ and ended with highs and mid-highs boosted on like every single instrument. The way you describe helps me visualize how to give everything its own space though. And I almost never cut out lows so that's probably something to think about. As for changing octaves, I actually did already do some of that in this version. The piano is layered with two octaves instead of just the low octave I had before and the bells were upped too. If I get desperate I might try to spread the octaves out even more though. Also, Moseph, I did replace the bass with something punchier, more staccato, and less drowned in reverb a while ago so I guess I can take a little comfort in knowing that I can recognize the problems... even if I dunno how to fix 'em yet. In any case, I drastically changed the direction of the song after djpretzel's feedback so I'll be back in like... a year with the next version and we'll talk about the EQ more then Thanks for the advice!
  19. It sounds like a cluster cuss no matter how much I EQ or pan or take away reverb. I'm stumped and I want help. I want help through Skype or something. How do people make things sound so crisp in FL? Howwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww-- Here's an example: http://soundcloud.com/modusmusic/work-in-progress-jeanne-darc-title-theme-remix It's all bleh and splurshy. Please help.
  20. This will be interesting. My music video is using Crysis footage to mimic Planet Earth, with the addition of explosions because we all know that's what Planet Earth lacks... natural explosions This is good inspiration to pull an all-nighter and finish it. K, i'm done talking until my video is posted.
  21. That's some pretty advanced After Effects editing for someone who's 15, but I can't say I'm surprised. Kids are now growing up with access to editing programs like CS5 that are industry-leading powerful. When I started editing a few years ago, I thought I had found a secret way to get ahead in the industry, but the truth was that thousands of people were thinking the same thing. The barrier of entry used to be very high in editing but now you can literally download a program and become a freelancer. So yeah, when I make a portfolio my work will have to be so good that it's indistinguishable from web or TV ads and programs if I want a stable career. Just wanted to give my two cents on editing EDIT: Also, I'm struggling to get my video done between work, college, and keeping the apartment in shape, but I'm halfway done so I hope to gosh I can finish it >_<
  22. Yeah, I think it's OK. Anyone in the spirit of the challenge would naturally not look at the entries before the viewing regardless. I will definitely have a video and it will definitely be using CryEngine 2 (more specifically, the Crysis Sandbox) That's all the information I'm giving till the viewing :]
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