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  1. Psh, no comments? I already commented on SoundCloud but yeah, I definitely dig this mix. More like this!
  2. I like Nexus and Alchemy. Nexus has the sweetest presets, but I have EQ problems with it for some reason.
  3. Once you're spoiled, it's hard to go back. I'm 20.. grew up on N64 mostly. I had at least 70 games and remember it as a time when games entertained me immensely. I'm a lot harder to please now.. I actually went back and played Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie all the way through on XBLA because they were my favorite games of the '90s. I had some fun but in the end it just felt too simple and shallow. I remembered it being a lot more challenging. There are games that going back and playing again is fun to me, though. And those are games that still have somewhat comparable graphics to today's games. Call me a graphics whore, but I can't help it. Games like Wind Waker, Skies of Arcadia, and Kingdom Hearts still fully captivate me. I also enjoyed Banjo Kazooie: Nuts & Bolts a TON. It reminded me that innovation still exists and that I have not transformed into a brogamer. I'm still the Rare fanboy kid I always was. I truly do miss the more innovative days of gaming. Even Nintendo seems to be settling in to repeating formulas. I can only find one type of game anymore that satisfies my every gaming desire and that is MMOs, to me the ultimate gaming experience. Unfortunately, I had to quit MMO gaming 3 years ago because I became too addicted. Even so, the one I enjoyed most (and one that is vastly different from any other big budget MMO), Final Fantasy XI is now dead or dying. FF14 is here and horrible, but I know in a few months Square will have it to an enjoyable state. I know it. I'll play it after I graduate college. I can't look down at newer generations of gamers because their preferences were molded by recent development trends made by less forward-thinking developers and publishers. I guess schools don't teach creativity anymore.. or less people are born with it. I don't know, but I AGREE that innovative, non-derivative games are very few and far in between, but I also acknowledge that I am MUCH harder to please due simply to the fact that I have played hundreds of games, if not thousands. Maybe I am looking through a rose-tinted glass, blaming all of this on lack of creativity when I am just bored of gaming altogether.
  4. I will take pics of whatever I get, I promise. I'll be so excited that I'll make them 2560 x 1900 pixels so it devours everyone's screens. not really. if it weren't rude i would.
  5. I don't have mine yet. the suspenders are killing me
  6. Totally, man :] What's even cooler is you live only 2 hours from me. I'll send you a message.
  7. Compared to these other gifts.. well, I'm a poor college student. That's all I have to say XD Hope you enjoyed my gifts nonetheless. Merry Christmas! Or whatever you my be celebrating.
  8. I apologize to my special person beforehand for the lack of gift wrapping. I ordered online, and it wasn't offered
  9. Aaaaaand done If you get a package from Salem, Ohio DON'T OPEN TILL CHRISTMAS K? And you better like my gift(s)... or elses. Merry pre-Christmas everyone
  10. I committed the mortal sin of using Slayer for both lead and rhythm guitars in my first song. Wondering if anyone wants to tackle a recording of at least the lead. I've been wanting to re-do this song for a while, but I don't want to unless I can get a real guitarist. Other planned changes are almost everything. Needs a lot of tweaking. http://soundcloud.com/modusmusic/exobyte
  11. Ooh. I never thought of it that way... I honestly like that context. I feel a video comin' on. Thanks for listening. Still gathering parts to fix computer.
  12. My computer broke before I could finish this :[ And no feedback? Sad face.
  13. I was really surprised he didn't mention that the price is only $20. People cry about CoD's iffy $60 price tag but what about the opposite? I think it deserves a mention. I saw a preview video for this game, and... it scared me. Now I see the positive reviews among critics and users and even Yahtzee's "approval" AND the price tag. Seems like a must have!
  14. I was gonna say I regret selling this on eBay already, but considering you want to use your own PSN account I'd say buying this would be a bad idea. You'd have to use my account and simply swap the credit card info for your own. I don't have a PS3 so I could care less about my PSN account. So yeah.. better to get a blank Go.
  15. I was hoping to tweak this a bit more, but my desktop computer is in need of expensive repairs and I have no time to sleep thanks to college and my job, let alone work on personal projects. So this is my submission. Note that if it wins and it needs tweaking, I probably won't be able to do that until mid-December (but also keep in mind I work quickly ;] ) Enjoy! And good luck to all participants.. I'm excited to see more videos. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SociyneQDcE&hd=1
  16. Finally, a birthday for someone I know a bit. Happy Birthday, man :]
  17. Anything towards Dragon Age 2 for PC would be awesome. I'll definitely be getting whatever the collector's edition is. So a Gamestop gift card would be fabulous. Bioware games are the only games in the world I just need with the boxes and shiny tins and stuff so Steam is a no go this time around. If a creative type draws me, I love getting self-made stuff. Happy either way.
  18. True enough, I guess I just let Rozov's post scare me But yeah, I'm a quick technical learner and found FL Studio very easy to work around. Your musical experience would probably help even out that void in theory/musicality. EDIT: Main DAW is FL 9, and I also use Reason. My new mic came with Sonar LE, but I just recently downloaded some tutorials on it. As for plugins, I have Nexus (with some of the add-on packs), Vanguard, Kontakt (having some quality issues for some reason), and Alchemy (with Planet Earth, Dance/Trance, and Electronic)
  19. Ah, I think I might hold out for now then. It's only been 3 months since I started taking music seriously at all. I might just observe and chat for the sake of learning if that's cool.
  20. I'll just post it publicly so we all know each other's: exobyte28 EDIT: Why don't you guys have links in your sigs to your work so far >_> Come on, I have enough balls to post my newb work, and I'm probably the weakest link!
  21. If you use FL, I'd experiment a lot with Fruity Parametric EQ 2. I'm not to the point where I need an elaborate VST, like Rozov said, so I think it's adequate. I love how it shows you using colors what frequencies are strongest/weakest for patterns or your whole mix. I'm definitely a visual learner and that's why Fruity Parametric has helped me so much with EQ.
  22. I think we should break the ice and discuss our musical tastes through mIRC or something similar. Call me a social gimp, but I'm not comfortable on Skype unless I've chatted in text first.
  23. Doesn't dB simply stand for decibals? As for filter sweep, the name itself kind of hints at what it is. In the context of dance music, what 'sweeps'? a lot of stuff does! It's just smoothly sliding through the filter. I agree about it being best for people with basic familiarity of DAWs and music, but gaining that basic knowledge is not at all difficult. If there's one thing I love to say about any software program, it's this: Don't be intimidated! If your IQ is above 80 and you have a pulse, you can learn it! I'm working on a cover-to-cover read, highlighting things that look extremely important and bookmarking pages for things I even suspect might be important. This guy is extremely knowledgeable. I trust his information and thus will go to great lengths to understand what he's saying, whether that requires a Google search or a PM to zircon. This will be my Bible.
  24. I'll tag along. I'm not sure if combining newbs will necessarily catapult said newbs out of newbery faster. It probably just multiplies and breeds until you end up collabing on 'hardcore psytrance' and 'aggressive ambient' music exclusively. Basically, it's like dividing by zero. But yeah I'm totally in.
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