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  1. LOL sorry. I did take it as something a WoW faithful would say. In all honestly, you'll probably want to wait a month or two. It's a bit clunky yet, I just happen to love it because it feels a little more social than WoW ever was. It's not as social as, say, SWG was, but SWG was my first and favorite MMO and anything approaching the feel of that in its golden days is exciting to me. That, and my cousin got me into a kinship full of LOTR fanatics. It's hilarious to feed off their excitement.
  2. Go raid Karazhan or something. No, the combat's not as fast and frantic as WoW or anything, but the only thing terribly clumsy that I've noticed so far is the pet AI. It's rough around the edges; it's been live for less than two weeks.
  3. QUICK, what's the elvish word for friend??!
  4. Uh, uh, is there another thread for this game now? I dunno. Game's hilarious. I love it, maybe only because I was tired of WoW and the like. I love playing the instruments in the game. I can't play anything for real, and I can't even read sheet music, but I can play Doom E1M1 on the lute, as well as Woodman from Megaman 2. lol.
  5. 5:05-5:11 kicks my ass so hard that I had to open my Christmas presents standing up.
  6. Fixed. Today, for one day only, I'm black and I'm proud.
  7. The Dennis

    Sony PS3

    12 people sitting outside the Target I work at when I left last night. We're only getting 10 PS3s. Awesome.
  8. I don't know if this fun little Christmastime trick works or not, but it did last year. Party up with someone right before they go on a griff ride. RIGHT when they take off, snowball them. They'll fall off and warp right to where they were heading. -Dennis-
  9. I'm pretty sure that no item is limited to one person per server, although there are a number of epic-quality items on the smaller servers that have only been looted by one or two people in the entire server. That's just because they're extremely rare, though, not limited to only one person. Although now that I think about it, is the top rank in PvP limited to one person per server, or was it the top 0.01% or something? Or are there even PvP reward items for only the top rank? There are epics that are terribly hard to get from boss mobs (LOW drop rates, etc.) Then, there are legendary items, which are terribly hard to obtain (Sulfuras, for example, requires a rare drop off Ragnaros, 8 of a rare drop off Sulfuron, and many materials). There are plans, assuming they don't change, for artifact items. No clue how they'll be obtained, but they will be the most powerful, and there will only be one of each per server. -Dennis-
  10. Cry more, please little child. If you don't play a class, shut the hell up about it. The only people that bitch about Paladin are the ones that aren't good at the job anyway. If you want to see a job that still need a role defined, look at Warlock. You came on her ranting raving about Paladins when you stated you HADN'T played them; GG moron. Sorry, last I checked you don't rule my life, so I won't be shutting up little lassie. Congratulations on not invalidating a word I said. "Cry more" and "gg" don't enforce your stance on anything in any setting. It's funny how you can quote a post and barely READ it. Warlocks need some major fixes, that's for real. Where paladins are split between damage and heals/buffs, I can see someone saying that warlocks are split between damage and shardstones/debuffs. Thing is, you can concentrate on both at the same time. Push some curses off, and then start using shadow bolt or whatever. Am I saying that they're good at dealing damage? Not necessarily. I can see that they need many fixes, and I can see that most pets have little use in high-end instances. That being said, does that mean paladins don't need a fix as well? Okay. Ouch. -Dennis-
  11. Cry more? Don't be as stupid as the idiots on the official WoW forums, please. I don't even have a paladin, and I don't even remember what I wrote since that was like weeks ago. None of it was baseless, though. I remember saying the talent trees are misguided at best, and I remember saying Blizzard gave paladins false hopes about their class. Those are both true. Shut up, Russell Cox. -Dennis- EDIT: Went back and read what I wrote. I also wrote that no paladins won the honor competition (true), and that Hammer of Wrath isn't an appropriate course of action for touching up the paladin class (question of opinion, but it sure doesn't address the talent trees or the general class role). I don't see any reason to bring it up again, but it's not like I was spreading lies.
  12. My guild's trying him today (Thurs). I'm not even going, because I really don't want to pay for repairs. I realize that it's sort of lazy to wait around until the guild figures it out themselves, but I did a lot of Ragnaros strat-digging and nobody wanted to listen. I know exactly what to expect going in, but it seems the guild wants to just charge his ass with a bunch of fire resist. Not gonna work. -Dennis-
  13. Correct me if I'm wrong, but BWL is for the folks that love the boss fights. I've never been in it myself, but I hear that basically every room is a boss fight. Once you beat a boss, the next boss is in the next room. Once my guild is geared up, I can't wait to check the place out. I've read a strat for the Razorgore fight, and it looks pretty damn complicated. If you enjoy the Onyxia fight, or at least find it exciting, then I'm sure BWL is a blast. -Dennis-
  14. Understatement. Their basic combat consists of pressing a button and hoping it does something for the next 30 seconds, and then pressing the button again. Maybe throw in a heal from time to time. And, once again, you're right. They're built as a 'support' class. But Blizzard promised nobody would be a support class, and each class would be superior in their own right. Lies. -Dennis-
  15. Zerging 24/7 isn't gonna win you a competition if you can't get kills. Sure, the people that win played the most. Once again, you're trying to tell me that no paladins played as much as the people up there? That's hard to believe, at best. Even if you're right, don't you think there's a reason they don't play so much? Perhaps the problem is 'not enough kills in the time alloted'. They're pretty slow killers with no burst damage. That's an awfully cheap copout. People are playing characters to 60 under false ambitions. It SAYS their job is to be warriors with secondary healing abilities. Their talent trees say they can either be really good at dealing damage, tanking, OR healing, depending on their specialization. The TRUTH is, they can't deal damage fast (no, Hammer of Wrath will not change that significantly), they absolutely cannot tank at endgame, and their heals, while they can be GOOD if you're specced correctly and have all the right gear, are not GREAT. They can outlast the other healers in terms of mana, but that means nothing in Blackwing Lair and is only useful in MC under certain circumstances. The healers in my guild heal in shifts, so the need to outlast manawise is nonexistant. We use the paladins for their buffs, Purify, and the occasional heal or two for someone stepping in the wrong place at the wrong time. Being more mana-efficient doesn't make them better healers than priests or druids, or even 'as good'. They're simply second-rate. I have to admit, the paladin in our guild with 7/8 Lawbringer pieces brings a lot to the table, but he's only even coming close to healing capabilities of the healers. If you need a full epic set to 'do your job' as well as others can naturally do, there's something wrong. Fair observation. The problem is, Blizzard has said on more than one occasion that no class will be restricted to being a 'support class'. That's the case with paladins, however (and druids as well). Even as a support class, though, paladins are second rate at everything they do besides 'outlasting'. Add to that that their talent trees don't make sense, much of each talent tree is useless, and many of their trained skills are useless, and you have a broken class. -Dennis-
  16. Okay, go to the new character screen and read Blizzard's description of a paladin. Then come back here and tell me that again. I'm even sure they use the word 'warrior' itself to describe them. -Dennis-
  17. Shamans sure do have their weaknesses, fortunately My argument against the state of the paladin is that their class doesn't REALLY have a formal role to adhere to, at all. Sure, they're a 'hybrid' class, but specializing to do either damage or healing doesn't make a large difference toward either side. I've never, ever seen a paladin in the top 5 DPS for any instance group I've ever been in, and they're usually sitting near the bottom of the 'top 10' list for healing power in any instance. The end-talent for their holy (healing) tree is a DAMAGE skill. The end-talent for their retribution (damage) tree is a BUFF. The end-talent for their protection (tanking) tree neither helps hold agro nor reduce damage done to themself. Then again, that doesn't matter, because paladins can't hold agro well enough to tank in an instance anyways, so that makes just about the whole tree a waste. You seen their epic sets? As of now, Judgment is a joke. Both sets are geared toward healing, so I guess that means in PvE, they REALLY want paladins to be healers. That's understandable... why make them pale in comparison to other healers, then? And you're saying this new 'hammer of wrath' skill is an acceptable answer to a broken class? For the damage it does, it's mana-inefficient. Sure, it's supposed to be used near the end of a battle, because it can only be used when the target is at 20% health or below. It doesn't do enough damage to kill someone in PvP, nine times out of ten. It's supposed to 'catch runners', but it has a cast timer on it, which means you have to HOLD STILL and NOT chase your enemy in order to cast it. It also neither has a chance to slow down or stun your opponent, which really doesn't make it good at helping to 'catch' anything. You're still left with the problem of the rogue darting away, the mage blinking away, the priest fearing you and running, the warlock fearing you and running, the warrior hamstringing you and running, the hunter wing-clipping you and running, the shaman totemming you and running, the druid darting away shapeshifting or rooting you and running. And even if you HAD the time, the luck, and the opening for another holy wrath to 'finish the job'... well, it's on a six-second cooldown. You'd better hope your opponent doesn't wise up in those six seconds. I'm willing to bet Blizzard will see their damn 'hammer of wrath' as a valid fix to the class as a whole, and will ignore them for another eight months. Are you trying to tell me that out of all the paladins in World of Warcraft, none of them were skillful enough to win the competition? Please. The problem doesn't lie in the players. Even PRIESTS can specialize to do damage, if they need to. -Dennis-
  18. WoW is miserable at endgame, I'm sorry to say. If there was anything resembling a balanced PvP system, or an honor system that... you know, rewards honor... maybe the game would be slightly more impressive. Try to tell the following to someone that's never played the game: "Imagine capture the flag, two teams. The two teams are essentially the same, except for one class on either side. The 'badguy' class can slow down every 'goodguy' in the area by half. The 'goodguy' class... doesn't even have ranged attacks." What a joke. Great capture the flag, real fair. The PvP 'Honor' system? FORTY level 60s can beat up a level 48, and they all get honor points. Not a lot, mind you... however, there's simply nothing honorable about that. They all should have lost a fuckin' rank. And then Blizzard holds a competition, too see which two people on each server can accumulate the most honor, getting a free video card. Out of 100-some-odd servers (200+ top-rankers)... no paladins won. It took Blizzard another month or so to get the hint. Sweeeeeeeeet. I don't even PLAY a paladin and it pisses me off. The newest patch they're releasing just furthers the gap of imbalance. I'd bother to write more, but I just don't care. I'd love to stick around until they release hero classes, but at this rate, it'd probably be more effective to just play a shaman. -Dennis-
  19. Looks like if I ever get into remixing, I'll have to change my name to avoid confusion. Ain't my cup of tea normally, but it's a fun remix! Good stuff to play a violent game to. -Dennis-
  20. I normally have more intelligent things to say about a song.... wait, that's a fucking dirty lie. Dude, if you make more of this, I'll -suck- your dick off. -Dennis-
  21. Holy FUCK, Pretz. Makes me wanna go out and get a wallet with "Bad Mutha Fucka" written on it. This is tasty. -Dennis-
  22. Abso-fucking-lutely fantastic. Very unique choice of song, and a wonderful recreation. Props to whomever requested it, and props to Mazedude for giving the theme song the Mazedude-brand smickety-smack pimpolization. Instant addition to my playlist. -Dennis-
  23. I won't waste space with my empty words. I just got the Yoshi's Island ROM a few days ago (my cartridge busted), and as I played it, I remembered how much I hated this song. As a matter of fact, it was my least favorite video game song. McVaffe, I just don't understand. It's literally my favorite remix of any song, ever. How in the hell, I just don't believe it. Congratulations. -Dennis-