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  1. Last summer I had a huge obsession with Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts, and it was all I played for the most part. My old username on here was Triptych (it was my favorite word for a while and I liked the way it was spelled), and I wanted to change it to something that was serious, cool, and unique-ish. So I took the first two words of the FF and KH series and I became Final Kingdom.
  2. UPDATE: I've gotten one of my friends irl to sing soprano, though she's mostly just temporary. She'll probably help me with alto vocals as well. So we're chugging along here! Remember, if you have any suggestions in terms of songs, let me know!
  3. I'm so glad this thread has gotten some more response! I didn't even think of finding a beatboxer, so you're literally perfect. Don't worry, I can't sight sing either. I'm more of an ear kind of person. It's probably wrong of me, but I usually assume that most remixes here are done by ear, so arranging wouldn't be too hard in that respect. My ideas are singing 8-bit/16-bit music because making an arrangement would be easier to start off with from those kinds of sources. So for example, the Mario overworld theme would be a good song to start with because you can distinguish each part from another. (Not saying that this WILL be the first arrangement but its a start). From there, we can build our way up to more complex/recent songs. Considering that all of us love remixing VG music, I figured that the arrangement could put a twist on the source in the same way that an OCRemixer would when they submit a song to the judges. I figure maybe that way, we can have that OCR style as opposed to simply covering the song. Even to raise the bar a bit, I've been thinking that whoever suggests a song and everyone digs it, that person can be the main arranger (we would all pitch in different ideas so that it'd still be a team effort) but that's just an idea. Now that I have a few people that are interested, I think that we can all bounce ideas back and forth as to what songs they would want to start as well as how to arrange it (we'll talk about that more when we get there). I want everyone involved to have fun with this and sing their favorite songs, not me just picking stuff that I like and making everyone sing it. If we all have a Skype, we can make a chat and talk there for deeper conversation. G-Mixer, it's fine that you're busy. Whenever you're not, you can always PM me Xarnax, Damashii, Nonamer, and Palpable, thanks for being on board with the idea! We'll definitely start discussion on this very very soon. Right now, I still need to find at least one other alto and a few sopranos. If you guys know anyone who can sing either parts, then by all means show them this thread or have them shoot me a PM. In the mean time, PM me or reply to this thread what kinds of songs you would like to sing that fit the 8-bit/16-bit criterion. I'll be finding other songs to start with as well. Thanks again everyone!
  4. I'm no soprano, but I try my best to help you out! PM me the details
  5. I want to combine two of my biggest loves, singing and VG music, by making an A Capella group! Although OCR focuses more on instrumental arrangements, I'd really love to get together with a group of people that also shares the same loves/interests/etc. There are vocalists hiding somewhere in the forums, so I thought I'd put this thread up! If you're not a singer but know another user that is and would be interested/would have the time for this, then share this thread with them! EDIT: Rather than being an A Capella group, the thread is now meant to draw in all singers on the forums. Arrangers: if you need singers, this will be a good place to find them! More info in recent posts!
  6. Awkward moment when you're the minority that liked XIII and XIII-2... While the XIII saga isn't the best in the FF series overall, I appreciated the games for what they were. (Admittedly, XIII-2 threw me for a loop with the time traveling but I didn't mind it really.) XIII was essentially a movie, but you have to take into account that these games are mostly meant to tell us a story. Actual gameplay and open-world exploration are important to keep us interested and to keep things moving along, yes, but the main thing is the story. (Some people thought the story for XIII was dumb, but I enjoyed it :/ oh well I suppose!) I've played every main entry FF game, and the only ones that I didn't like at all were 2 and 12. I tried so hard to like 12, but it just didn't work out for me. I thought 2 had a stupid 'leveling' system. You mean to tell me that instead of only kill monsters to raise ALL my stats, I have to hit my party members in order to make my weapons stronger AND raise my HP consistently? Nonsense.
  7. What about games that were originally made for portable systems but were simply ported to a home console? I assume that because the console is mainly emulating the game, it wouldn't count, but I just want to make sure.
  8. I don't know if anyone has already mentioned this (haven't read the whole thread) but I find this to be the ultimate workout song (in my opinion): http://ocremix.org/remix/OCR00341/ Lots of energy!!
  9. https://soundcloud.com/britney-blevins Don't have a lot of stuff up really, but hopefully there will be more to come
  10. I'm contemplating whether I should participate or not. I think it really depends on my coursework for school, but I'd really love to give this another shot. If I find song and have a good idea for its direction, I'll go for it. Edit: It's decided - I'm in for another round
  11. I figure the point of LPs are to be informative and/or funny. I first started watching LPs because I was looking for a walkthrough of a game but then stumbled upon 'walkthrough' with commentary. It was pretty funny, and I enjoyed them to say the least. A lot of LPs these days are lacking though, and I try to stay away from YouTube LPs. Considering that Something Awful is a forum that takes no bullshit and have strict rules that mods actually enforce, the whole LP forum has a lot of good LPs (though that's not to say there aren't bad ones somewhere on the forum either).
  12. I'll have to take a listen to these links I also been thinking of having a go at doing a capella pieces, whether it be a remix or not. I don't think writing lyrics would be too difficult if you chose to add them. If you did an a capella mix of an instrumental song, then the lyrics wouldn't have to be deep or anything. Depending on the mood of the song, they can be fun and silly or melancholic and brief. The possibilities are endless! And there's always the Recruit/Collab section of the forum, so you can always inquire about doing an a capella collab there.
  13. Sorry if this is in the wrong thread, but a thought just came to me. Obviously, there's a myriad of amazing mixes that span so many genres on this site. One thing that I have yet to come across is an a capella mix. I've been watching videos featuring one-man barbershop and collabs, and I think it'd be pretty awesome if the genre was represented (for the lack of a better word), regardless of whether it was 'represented' by a few songs or by one huge collab/album. There are great vocalists on OCR, so I'm kind of surprised that I haven't come across any a capella songs yet. Maybe I'm not looking hard enough. But anyway, what do you guys think? Would a capella pieces fall short of the judges' standards and inevitably get NOs, or is it that there's just no interest?
  14. I'd like to sign up as a Novice These are songs I've done: https://soundcloud.com/britney-blevins/cool-vibes-final https://soundcloud.com/britney-blevins/underground-oasis The DAW I use is Reason.
  15. Hey everyone. This is a piece I made as a quick exercise. Kind of going through a 'self-discovery journey' with composing music. I'm still new to this, so please give me feedback! https://soundcloud.com/britney-blevins/underground-oasis
  16. You have a point about that. I remember when I used to draw often, I would take little things from artists that I loved and applied them to my own work. My style developed a lot since then (until I stopped). And guess listening to someone I like can help develop my ear as well. Everyone else in the thread, I'll definitely keep doing my thing and exploring new directions that I can take my music
  17. As with any kind of art form, everyone has their own style, which makes every artist unique. I'm still knew to composing my own pieces, so I'm having trouble finding my place in it. Two questions: How did you develop your sound and what can I do find my 'signature' style?
  18. It's a Samson Carbon 49. I've used better controllers, but considering that this is my first keyboard controller that I personally own, it's fulfilling all of my needs in terms of making music. Way better than using my laptop keyboard xD
  19. I got clothes, Beats headphones and a usb/midi keyboard controller. If that's not love, I don't know what is.
  20. This is something I've been wondering for a while. In a lot of media (whether it's music, art, writing, etc), people always say you should allow yourself to make crap. When people say that, I usually think of making outlines or drafts. My question to you all is this: Do you make drafts of original compositions or remixes until you get what you want in the final product? I start a lot of ideas but never finish them because I don't think they're good enough, but I'm trying to get over that. Does drafting help the process?
  21. I've listened to some people's songs and I thought this was really cool! How can I go about making my own SNES music, if you all don't mind me asking?
  22. I thought I was weird for crying at beautiful songs, but I guess I'm not the only one two songs that I recently listened to that made me cry were Aqua's Theme from Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep and Theme of Love from the Final Fantasy: Pray album. I was literally bawling when I heard these two songs, especially Theme of Love. For me, that's probably the best version of that song. Usually I never cry at much of anything, but my obsession with music has grown so much that crying comes naturally if a song really touches me.
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