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  1. I'm still not very good at making music, but ever since I tried my hand at a few compos here, I improved since when I started. The improvements might not be obvious to some, but the concrit and encouragement from members of the forum put me in a good mindset, which has helped me make better music. I usually don't show people my music unless they're very important to me, but even then that's rare. When I'm more confident in my abilities I might show more people, but otherwise, I'm sticking to SoundCloud. I'd rather be judged by a complete stranger than my dearest of friends. Right now, my music is 'meh' at best, but I know that if I try hard enough and I continue learning different skills, I'll make music that's good enough for my standards.
  2. Flawless, nuff said. On a serious note though, I thought it was the perfect way to start the reboot. I loved the subtle detail changes (a lot of people bitched about certain characters having different hair colors. Like, seriously??) and how close to the manga it is (we already knew that it was supposed to be that way, but seeing is believing after all). The animation quality was amazing, the transformation sequence was really cool imo since they used CG. I just love how they modernized such an old anime into a visually stunning production. Toei wasn't making this reboot just for the fans who had grown up with Sailor Moon, they did it for the young'uns of this generation so that they could grow up with it too -- and it showed.
  3. When I first saw the Book 3 trailer, I was excited for what the season had to offer. I loved everything about the latter half of Book 2, so I kind of have big hopes for this season. I can't wait to see all four of the antagonists together and what their end goal is. And if no one is excited for Boomie, then you're crazy.
  4. Interesting that you give me a more R&B kind of example. I'm trying to write a song in that genre, which prompted me to start this thread. If there's one thing I learned about being a drummer in a band, it's that.
  5. begoma, if you need a vocalist, I'd like to help you out if I can. You can take a look at my soundcloud (I have a Zelda mix with vocals) or my Youtube channel to see if I'm a good fit for you. Or if you want me to send you recordings, that works too. PM me and let me know.
  6. FFV: Pretty much at the end where you go to the last dungeon. I was doing a lot of prep and leveling up my jobs, but just stopped playing somewhere along the way. Castlevania SotN: I'm at the final boss and I just can't beat him. Really annoying. Chrono Trigger: Finished all the sidequests at the end except the last one. It's really hard. Makes me wonder if Lavos will be easier if I get through it.
  7. Though this doesn't pertain to octaves necessarily, I'm afraid of jumping too many intervals from one note to the other. I took a music theory class last semester where my professor encouraged us not to make jumps in the bass line. I mean, they weren't outlawed or anything, but he emphasized smoothness or, I suppose, a more melodic sounding bass line. When it comes to making melodies, I've never heard anyone discourage making large jumps. That's probably why making melodies is a simpler concept for me to grasp than writing a bass line. Never thought about using 4ths or 7ths. I'll try that.
  8. Thanks, guys! Your answers were far simpler than I though they were going to be. I suppose I just over-think it. And thanks for the examples, timaeus If anyone else has anything to add, please chime in.
  9. Anyone have any advice about writing bass lines? I don't really know what constitutes as a 'good' bass line, which puts me at a loss when I'm arranging. Teach me your ways!
  10. Argle, Nostalvania, thanks for the feedback, I'll try to work on that. There's a lot of stuff that I don't know, so don't worry about being "harsh". And I'll put up the sources in the OP soon. Argle, if possible, could you give an example of drums and bass interplaying? I understand the relationship between them and how very important they are, but I think if I heard it, it would drive your point home.
  11. https://soundcloud.com/britney-blevins/an-adepts-house-party This is a mix I made for the compo Remixing with the Stars sometime last year. Drums and mixing aren't my strong suit. I figured I'd put this here for some feedback, so lemme know what I can do to make this mix better.
  12. I'd love to join this project. I actually mixed the Vale theme for a compo last year, so I'll use that as my sample: https://soundcloud.com/britney-blevins/an-adepts-house-party If at all possible, I'd love to tackle Forest's Requiem.
  13. Don't like how the New Year is starting out with his death ):
  14. I really love the chill atmosphere the song conveyed. Although there was a lot of reverb, I think that it still fit the song perfectly. Great mix for sure.
  15. The biggest lesson I learned from this compo was that you should never enter one right before finals lol I've got bare bones here, but at least I have something to submit. You'll be getting my song soon, Brandon.
  16. I would recommend any of the older games 1-6 to start with. Specifically, you should start out with IV or VI since they're really simple compared to the other ones. You don't have to worry about changing your characters classes or deciding what stats to upgrade because the game does it for you. All you have to do is make the story unfold, which is what FF is all about. After either of those two, you'll have a good understanding of what the series is like, and you can try out the other games to see you like the franchise as a whole.
  17. SotN and Sonic Adventure were the two games that I remember playing and really falling in love with the majority of the soundtrack. I would always hum along to the music when I played those games, but it didn't impact me right away. I remember the music of those two games as being really intricate and way more interesting than other games I was playing at the time. What really got me to listening to VG music was a piano cover video of Sonic the Hedgehog. Hearing someone play almost every part of 16-bit music on a piano really opened up my ears and led me to become a musician. Once I started listening to VG music for real, I immediately fell in love with Final Fantasy music. Then I discovered Kingdom Hearts, and the rest is kind of history. (I love me some Squeenix, don't judge me.) I find that any game with awesome storytelling has great music too.
  18. Can't wait for the Darkness bracket to finally get underway Evktalo, let's give it everything we've got! Lulu's Theme is one of my favorite themes, so I'm definitely looking forward to hearing your mix. Brandon, I have a question for you. Because Serah's Theme involves lyrics, should my mix contain them as well? Technically, her song without any vocals is called The Promise (the main motif of the game), but would that matter?
  19. Hey, everyone! If anyone is looking for an extra voice for their mix, I'd love to contribute Here's a song with some singing in it: click me! I also have a Sonic a capella cover that you can find via Youtube, so check out the link in my sig if you want to hear more. Let's see this project through!
  20. I second this. Definitely digging your album! Just goes to show that following your dreams always pays off in the end Can't wait to hear more stuff from you.
  21. Despite being a wuss and easily spooked, I beat The Last of Us in a month. Feels like a big accomplishment to me anyway .
  22. How so? I don't see how it could negatively affect the industry at all.
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