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  1. While I made my first original songs when I was around 15 or 16, I didn't start doing it seriously or very often until this past January.
  2. Hey guys. In desperate need of feedback, concrit, etc. Click for the remix.
  3. This, for sure. I made this in high school (somewhere between 2009 and 2011) when I wasn't comfortable making music with a DAW. In a way, I really came out of my shell after making it, and I've been growing as a musician ever since.
  4. Very true, but my current dilemma is that too many tenors/baritones will overshadow the alto and soprano parts. If more females on the forum saw this thread and were down to collab, then adding more people wouldn't be a problem. As posted before, there are only one alto and one soprano. The group has at least one person filled for each part, but the problem is that by adding more people as it stands, we'll lose balance. SwordBreaker: If I can find more women to join up with us, I'll PM you (and Lucas and radiantdreamer as well) if you'd still be willing to sing with us. I came with an idea yesterday that will help us get started. Think of it has a test run of sorts. I can send you guys a midi of this song. Very short and sweet. Instead of lagging around like this, we can see how well we mesh together. I'll try to make sheet music for it and send it all to you so you can read it. I'll be PMing you guys as soon as I get everything set up. Also one last thing. (Excuse me if I'm a complete idiot.) Is there a way I can edit the title of a thread? I think being able to do that will be handy in the near future.
  5. Awesome!! Thanks, jnWake, I'll be sure to check them out
  6. I definitely agree with you guys about OCR needing more vocals. The Bastion A Capella mix was an awesome example of how cool songs with vocals can be. And more songs from obscure games definitely need to be remixed. When one of you guys said that Toxic Caves hasn't been remixed, a little bit of me died on the inside because that's probably one of the best first-level songs in existence!
  7. If the others were interested as well, I don't see why not. However, I do want to have at least one a capella song done before we sing with a track - just to see how well we blend together. That would be awesome! Thanks for the offer I'll PM you if we ever do something like that. Nice ideas! Once we figure out how arranging will go, we can think about albums One small step at a time! To Lucas and radiantdreamer: I would love to add you guys, but as it stands right now, having a larger tenor/baritone to alto/soprano ratio would make the group a wee bit unbalanced. I've been thinking about trying to at least one person to each part for a fuller sound as Xarnax suggested, but I haven't been able to find any altos or sopranos on the forums. If you know any that would be interested, but please let me know In the a week or two, I'm going to look at all the suggestions that others have made and pick one so that we can start singing!
  8. I'm only on the third track and I'm in awe. I knew from the beginning that this album would be worth the wait. There aren't enough words to describe how awesome this album is. A big thanks to everyone involved.
  9. I've never been excited about the consoles per se. The games are what mattered to me the most. If there were games that I really liked and/or were exclusive to a certain console, I would buy that console just for those games. I'm looking forward to the PS4, but I'm not bouncing off the walls because of it.
  10. Good question!! Lol I think because Mario would be obvious to suggest, I completely overlooked it >< silly me! That's fine! I see what you're saying. Because we're still in the process of planning, no one knows that we'd be taking submissions for an a capella project. Does anyone know an arranger that would be interested in submitting some kind of arrangement? Who knows how long it would be before someone decided to submit one. I'm not too experienced with arranging, but I'll try my best if there's no other option. This whole project is a learning experience for me, so I wouldn't mind undertaking that job. XPRTNovice, if you ever had time later on, then your help would definitely be appreciated No pressure for now. Orangedragan, if you'd like to give me a hand, or you feel that you could arrange on your own, you're more than welcome to!
  11. Alright, everyone, we're slowly but surely getting the ball rolling here! So here are the parts that we've got so far: Soprano: a friend of mine Alto: me Tenor: Xarnax Baritone: Orangedragan Bass: Damashii Beatboxer: XPRTNovice Palpable won't be able to join us for now due to a busy schedule. Still haven't heard from Nonamer and I just PMed Orangedragon some info. I have a really big list of songs lol Sorry if it seems like overkill (I'm very excited about this project), but the more possibilities the better! We can start narrowing the list down once we heard from everyone, so hear goes! 8-bit Kid Icarus Theme Moon Theme - DuckTales Ending Theme - SMB2 Dr. Wily Stage - Mega Man 2 Vampire Killer - Castlevania Brinstar - Metroid Red Alert - Metal Gear Scrap Brain Zone - Sonic Golden Axe Theme Anything from Tetris Overworld 2 - SMB3 National Park - Pokemon Gold/Silver/Crystal Butter Building - Kirby's Adventure New Age Retro Hippie - Mother Kremlantis - DK Land Surface of SR388 - Metroid 2 The Rebel Army - FFII We're the Robots - Mega Man 9 Main Theme - Double Dragon Rival Battle - Pokemon G/S The Swamps - The Smurfs Bloody Tears - Castlevania Cave - Star Tropics 16-bit As I Feel, You Feel - FFV Rydia's Theme - FFIV Any Sonic the Hedgehog song 600 AD - Chrono Trigger Chrono Trigger Main Theme Frog's Theme - Chrono Trigger Terra's Theme - FFVI Aquatic Ambience - DKC Gourmet Race - Kirby Super Star Theme of Simon - Super Castlevania IV And beyond Radical Dreamers - Chrono Cross Cornered - Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Maya Fey ~ Turnabout Sisters - Phoenix Wright Objection - Phoenix Wright Vale - Golden Sun Let's get to suggestin' guys!
  12. Welcome to the team, G-Mixer. Glad to have you with us
  13. I would definitely be down for this.
  14. Your covers are awesome, man! And it's great seeing someone else playing flute for covers in general. Flute isn't appreciated as much as it should be. Flautists unite!
  15. I agree with Cecilff2 about LPs. The right mix of information and humor makes for an LP that people will watch. That goes for just about any medium on a gaming website. If you have a podcast, all the speakers have to mesh well with each other, give the listener information they never knew before, and have some kind of humor at the same time. If you make the site focusing on news, interviews, reviews, etc, you have to find some kind of way to make it different from prominent websites like IGN, GameSpot, and the like. If you had an entire section dedicated to video game music in some way/shape/form, your site would definitely stand out. What kinds of stuff have you thought of including so far?
  16. You can't really base his appearance on his games being on the console. If you don't count the MSX games for the Virtual Console, there were no Metal Gear games on the Wii at all, meaning that he shouldn't have been in Brawl (by your logic). Considering that Kojima simply asked Sakurai if Snake could be in the game, he could very well be a one time character. Since Nintendo is adding more characters, I wouldn't be surprised if Snake didn't return either.
  17. This definitely doesn't change my mind about the PS4. I noticed a lot of backlash in the comments of the article, and it's obvious that a lot of people are jumping to conclusions. If this situation is really that serious, the consumer could just buy an original copy of the game. While anyone can argue that point in defense of the XBOne, they would fail to realize that the PS4's first party games are safe for sharing and that the third party publishers have the *choice* of implementing the DRM. Is this going to hurt sales once the PS4 is launched? Probably not. I think a majority of consumers have figured out which console they're going to side with.
  18. I stand corrected and am now intrigued.
  19. She'll just beat everyone over the head with the Wii Balance Board xD Or better yet, she'll have everyone exercise so that their heart rate goes up and they die from exhaustion lmao (Is that too extreme?)
  20. Technically this isn't Mirror's Edge 2. It's an "origin story" as EA put it. If you look at the trailer, she's getting the tattoo below her eye that she already has in the first game. All in all, I'm excited for this game as well. The first one is so epic.
  21. At this point, I don't see what can go wrong. Microsoft has been very indirect when talking about the XBOne and their plans for it. The used games fiasco and constant online connectivity issue really hurt them weeks before E3 even began, and now a lot of would be XBOne buyers have already made plans to shift to the PS4. During Sony's press conference last night, they stated very clearly that you don't have to be online all the time to play games, you can play used games/share a disc with a friend without any fees, and announced that their console would be a whole $100 cheaper than the XBOne. If Sony were to turn around and say, "lololol just kidding, we're going make you pay for used games" and simply disregard everything they promised the gamers last night, they would be in for trouble. They've already won this gen's console war before even launching the PS4, so business would turn sour if they went back on their word. Unless they give us any reason to doubt them, we should trust them.
  22. I wasn't surprised to see Mega Man's addition to the game (since fans have been asking for this moment for so long), but I am pumped to see how he plays in-game. His addition into the game makes me wonder what other characters could be joining the fray. *scratches head* I mean, imagine all the possibilities!
  23. Squeenix knew that they couldn't go another year without talking about KH3 xD Nomura always beat around the bush whenever it was mentioned in an interview and always said that he would focus on the game after Versus XIII (now XV). You can't get away with being that vague for so long. I'm so excited for this game though! It makes me want to go back and play KH2 in celebration of the news. The conference was definitely worth watching once the announcement was made.
  24. I heard (via Wikipedia) that when DONTNOD was pitching the game to potential publishers, and they thought that a female lead wouldn't sell as well as a male one (among other things, such as the race of the character and how she takes out enemies). I haven't heard anything about Capcom disagreeing on the gender/race/etc of the protag. That may have been what Cerrax was referring to, unless he just heard the rumor elsewhere.
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