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  1. Modulations/key changes, beautiful and colorful harmonies, and chromatic scales. Put them all together, and I'll explode with happiness.
  2. That actually slipped my mind. I agree with this. What could possibly go wrong with veteran staff posting ReMixes that are overdue? And I also think while albums are well and good, focusing more on individual ReMixes could help the process as well.
  3. Not too long ago, I was looking around in the Judges' Decision forum and saw a page full of NOs. And then I saw the amount of ReMixes that have gotten YESes but have yet to be posted. There's a lot of them dating back to 2011. You all probably know this already, but I haven't been around on the forums for too long, so that's kind of surprising to me. Though to that end, I understand that the judges are busy irl so the queue can pile up after a while. Now I feel more intimidated to submit a remix of my own - not because I'll be met with a NO, but rather because I could be met with a YES but not get posted for what will seem like an eternity (and even that is subject to change until it's actually posted). Am I the only person who feels this way? I only recently mustered up the courage to start composing my own songs and trying my hand at ReMixing, so I'm pretty much a newbie at all of this.
  4. I really like what you have here, but I feel like you could do a lot more in the 1:57-2:44 section. Essentially, you're playing the chords behind the melody. For variation, you could improvise over that bit to add some originality to it. Other than that, I think it's pretty good.
  5. Yeah I noticed that too, so that was something I worked on. I don't have the best speakers or headphones to work with so I don't know how much louder the bass can be to be pleasing without being overbearing. I actually finished the track: http://soundcloud.com/britblevs/cool-vibes-final
  6. I agree with this wholeheartedly, but I still have yet to take the leap ): I'm not afraid of sucking anymore, but I know have to use my ear a lot more. I've been playing piano for four years, flute for two or three, drums for about three, and guitar for about two months (consistently). To this day, I still use sheets or tabs to learn a song (with a few I've learned by ear). Though when it comes to getting remixing ideas for a song I really want to do, I play the song by ear. As for making my own music, I started out using loops in GarageBand during my band class. Then I made loops at home since I had the software. Eventually it got boring since there were only so many loops. Around that time, I wanted to get into remixing and I had a keyboard with a USB cable, so I totally could have gone for it. I had joined the forum and everything, but then I psyched myself out and I stopped using it. I took a class at my music program that introduced me to Reason, and I made three original songs. That made me want to start remixing, but I didn't have the software at home and I psyched myself out yet again. Last year, I took a chance and started improvising. I was bad at it, but I knew my music theory, so there was no excuse to give up. That state of mind made me come back to the forum not too long ago, and recently finished a track I had started in February. (I couldn't finish it because I didn't have the Reason software until a week ago.) Once I get used to making more songs, I think I'll have more confidence to submit a remix. So how long have I been making music? The technical answer is four years. If you mean originals and remixes, then on and off for a year or two.
  7. On second thought, I'll do without the underscore. Thanks
  8. Can I have my name changed to Final_Kingdom if it's not too much?
  9. This looks really cool. I might join the listening party next week just to get a feel for it
  10. In a way, I'm more intimidated than scared when it comes to writing music. There are lot of people who write great music and I feel like I can't make something great for myself. I used to psyche myself out of writing music, but now I'm just going to go for it. There's nothing physically stopping me and it's a lot of fun, so why not?
  11. The last anime I watched was Tiger & Bunny, and it was okay. The plot is interesting, but it doesn't really captivate all of my attention. The next anime I plan to watch is Tengen Toppa Gurren Langann. I heard it was good, so I'm looking forward to it.
  12. I'm new to making music with a DAW, so I thought I'd post a song and get your opinions on it. http://soundcloud.com/britblevs/cool-vibes Help me out, guys, I want to start improving.
  13. In it to win it! Uematsu is too amazing for words. Every song he's made has soul and communicates emotions with ease. Seeing him would make my life complete xD
  14. Hey everyone. I've known about this site for a long time, but I decided to become apart of the community so that I can learn from others and get better musically. I've been playing piano for nearly 3 years now, drums for 2, and flute for less than 1 year. Hopefully, I can post a ReMix sooner than later.
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