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  1. Oh yeah, that's another thing. You don't understand how powerful YouTube is in the music industry. It's ridiculous. You upload stuff to YouTube and you'll probably have better luck there than somewhere like SoundCloud. I uploaded the same track on SoundCloud as I did on YouTube and YouTube quickly gained over 2k views (which isn't a lot but it's not downright awful either) while the track on SoundCloud slowly ramped up to about 1.5k.
  2. I usually have a tune in my head and then get it out on the piano. I figure out chords according to the tune I'm hearing and so forth. Other times I just start doodling on the piano and suddenly land on something kinda cool and I work with it. At other points I hear a tune and I don't think it will work to try and write it on the piano, so I just immediately start messing around in Logic Pro, like with my track "In Your Dreams" from my Beat Demon album.
  3. the michael jackson one is most accurate
  4. nah you need pro tools it's only thousands of dollars I just realized this post was from like three years ago
  5. "Only have Logic Pro". Uh Logic Pro's where it's at. I'm no pro with the rules but I think that's not allowed. I'm pretty sure it's gotta be your own arrangement, thus the "ReMix" word rather than "remix".
  6. But do you know Strangers there? (the worst joke ever by yours truly)
  7. Yaaaay Jivemaster Hey you guys should just "yes" all my work
  8. When people ask what I do for fun or something like that, I list ocremix almost all the time. Most of my friends know about ocremix. Only one of my close friends is a musician though, and he loves video games and video game music (and that friend got me into Sonic and Zelda years and years back) but not sure he really cares about video game remixes. At the least bit, I don't think he's interested in ocremix. :/ Oh well. I have a few other nerd friends who are a bit more interested but no one that really got into ocremix in my circle.
  9. eh, I can see where anyone stands on Brawl but I feel way more inclined to sit down and play Project M or Melee than Brawl. Brawl is my way of being a cheap moron just to have fun with my friends. And it works, we enjoy it. But if we wanna get competitive, we definitely pick Melee, and if not Melee, Project M or even SSB64. Brawl just can't really do the competitive stuff. At the least bit, it's not satisfactory and it's kind of frustrating. I like it faster too. My favorite Smash game, though, is actually SSB64, not Melee.
  10. that's what all the cool kids said
  11. I've been hearing the game feels great. Not as good as Melee or PM, but it feels way better than people expected, which is really great to hear.
  12. Dang! It's possible I may some flute work on something super soon here. I'll let ya know if I'm gonna need some sexy flute recording.
  13. Yeah again, I think of any solo and my first thought is "improv"
  14. that's a trainable thing. ya gotta kinda train yourself to learn by ear. if ya can't do it, it's possible to train yourself to.
  15. I love when I get my guitarist to just wing it and we do plenty of different takes and I end up picking one of the (or maybe combine many) takes. If you want the guitarist to go nuts (but obviously not playing anything that's not in the key or something that doesn't sound right), I'd just let him go all out. Let him improvise. On the other hand, when writing more of a catchy hook which is often labeled as the guitar solo, you, of course, want to make sure it's a really catchy solo. Often something that kind of repeats (but not something that sounds repetitive) but is a catchy melody... if done correctly that can be pretty awesome. If you check out my most recent album The Beat Demon (which can be heard on Spotify or on Bandcamp for free), there is a guitar "solo" (hook) at about 3:16. Basically my attempt was to create kind of a different guitar sound that was sort of low and dirty, but I wanted a catchy hook as well. If you're listening, the melody almost repeats itself but it in a slightly different way every time. Does that make sense? I'm not the best at explaining. I'm just giving an example there. Don't take anything I'm saying as a "line reading". Come up with something completely new and different. Uniqueness and catchiness always help. That's what I have to say about it, but my advice is more creative-based rather than music-based, so let another guy tell you more about the technical side of it.
  16. that was the only game he ever should've been in