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  1. People enjoy Call of Duty and FIFA and Madden and Halo and Battlefield. All they ever do is add a small amount of new features, polish up the graphics, and preserve most of the core gameplay mechanics. How is that anything different from what Nintendo is doing at all? How is Nintendo better and more innovative? Because they added Z Axis (something not new to Mario) and simultaneous multiplayer (something not new to Mario) into the same game? C'mon.
  2. I mean, you guys can paint it any way you want, but Mario, Mario Kart, Zelda, Metroid, Wario Ware, Smash Bros...they're becoming the new CoD/FIFA of Nintendo. Sure a lot of those earlier titles were great, but they're cranking out Mario titles so fast now they're practically disposable. I know I'm the minority, but I'm still not in love with Super Mario 3D Land's play style more than Super Mario World, Super Mario 64, and even Super Mario Galaxy and Sunshine to a less extent. The whole experience feels cheapened. Sure we were light on story and narrative before, but now we have no story at ALL. No dialogues, no hubs, nothing just. "Get to the end and get the flag GO!" The objective is always the same. Point A to Point B by any means necessary GG. They make Mario games in such excess now they've just diluted the whole thing. Shit, in Super Mario 3D Land 90% of the stages are moving platform, falling bricks, run and jump. They rarely (but do) throw in something new like a top angle stage, a water stage, or a snow stage; the Koopa Kids have 2 models (male or female) their mechanics rarely change... In Mario Galaxy 1/2, Super Mario World, Super Mario Bros 3, and Super Mario 64 we had whole different "themed" zones: Plains, deserts, forests, mountain tops. We progress through a world, got to explore, followed a story. We don't get that anymore. And that sucks. You mean besides New Super Mario Bros Wii and New Super Mario Bros Wii U?
  3. Not to get too far off topic, but the NES was huge. It was the Playstation of it's generation. It completely trounced all of the competition, had a massive library, and single-handedly turned the entire industry around. The NES was released in the same year as the Atari 5200 and the Commodore 64 to give you some perspective on that. They were ALL the same generation of console. It was then followed up immediately by SNES. If anything was the "Golden Age" for Nintendo, it was NES to SNES, or maybe NES to N64, but seeing as N64 got 0 Metroid Titles and 1 flagship Mario title followed up by like 8 Mario Partys, I'd say the former.
  4. Maybe this was the plan all along?
  5. Doesn't remove all the weird Kinect privacy stuff but...
  6. I just feel like...there are so many LEGITIMATE reasons to not like the system...hardware just doesn't seem like one of them, AND THAT'S OK. It's still a piece of crap.
  7. That doesn't answer the question as to how we know the specs. That's a picture of a guy servicing a PC. No one has proven anything. All we have is a guy who tweeted a picture, and a Tumblr post. We don't know what that PC is, we don't know the specs of the PC. What the hell confirms any of this? Is there an HP desktop that looks with that with those specs? Edit: So the source is a tumblr post, that says it's a rumor, and a blurry photo. Gotcha. Sounds legit.
  8. Prediction for new Zelda title: Starring role: Link, male elf person. May be child, or man, or both. Damsel: Princess Zelda. May also not be that much of a damsel, but mostly. Antagonist: Ganon/Ganondorf. Just a dick, also a pig. Cue water temple, Fire temple, and forest temple. (twice) Possible Kokoriko village with same music since SNES. Collect tri-force, get master sword. Budget: Moderate to high without being excessive. ROI: Massive. Prediction for CoD 2030: Get guns. Shoot people. Prediction for Halo 5: Kill aliens. Who the fuck is Master Chief anyway? At least we get the Last of Us and stuff. ALSO: What are the specs of the PCs that were running the XBOX One demos and how do we know them? I keep looking for an answer to this and kind find anything. Everyone just says they're "Way more powerful than the XBOX One" while giving vague specs and no source!
  9. This is definitely a thing, but what's of note here is, by putting the DRM on the publishers, Sony passes the buck on to "WE HATE EA" as opposed to "WE HATE MICROSOFT/SONY". That seems like a pretty smart decision to me.
  10. http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2013/06/10/e3-2013-battlefront-3/
  11. I was looking for some info like this. Unlike feature films, game budgets aren't highly publicized (and searching "SimCity 2013 budget will get you...well not what you're looking for"), and while it SimCity 2013 sold quickly, it didn't sell anything after that. It sold 1.2 million in the first 2 weeks, and barely anything after that. That at least says the internet doesn't forget, but how much did it really effect the bottom line? Is the internet disciplined enough as consumers to really make a different in the difference in the market? (when it comes to NOT buying things, because we already know it does when it comes to buying things). For whatever reason the information just isn't there. Also: In addition to all the problems and DRM SimCity 2013 had, and still has, a $60 price tag which is outrageous for a digital download PC title (imho). Let alone a mediocre one. Either they thought they could sell more than they did, or they anticipated low numbers and wanted to milk that for as much as they realistically could.
  12. Sim City 2013 has sold 1.6 million copies. So roughly $60,000,000 not counting DLC. Tomb Raider 2013 sold about 3.15 million copies before being considered a commercial failure. Call of Duty: Black Ops II sold 10 million copies. Obviously there's about a million other factors going on here, but I'd like to think that Sim City is still considered a commercial failure (I doubt EA would ever admit it) and that the consumers not purchasing it means something and that we could see a similar trend with XBONE. Only time will tell, though.
  13. AND that's why it won't happen.
  14. The original Playstation Store was pretty miserable compared to the XBOX 360 store, but pretty recently Sony made it MUCH MUCH better. Also: Matchmaking on PS3 for me was pretty similar to the XBOX experience (I played a few games on both because I have friends that own different consoles), though XBOX did handle friends better in general.
  15. I started playing Plants versus Zombies Adventures yesterday to get an idea of what to expect. That game has you moving around pretty frequently via Crazy Dave's RV and then defending that RV from zombies in any given area. The areas are in 3D, not 2D, and the zombies travel down preset "paths" from individual spawn points around the zone. You set up plants along those paths and they can fire in a 3 dimensional area around them. Basically: A LOT like traditional tower defense. The music is definitely "plants versus zombies-esque" but not quite as charming, and I expect that it wasn't composed by Laura. From the trailer, I can expect that at least some of these features (3D, traditional tower defense mechanics, defending the RV) will carry over into PvZ2. That said: The facebook game isn't bad, but then again I didn't play it long enough to run into a paywall.
  16. If/when it does get ported to PC, it will likely be on Origin, not Steam. It will likely be ported to Android eventually, and to be fair, so was the original. (Android still doesn't have Zen Garden, and probably won't ever). Free-to-play definitely sounds like it will be incredibly ad supported and full of strange Nissan/Dove/EA/Dunkin Donuts product placement. Hopefully that is not the case. Also hopefully Laura Shigihara does that soundtrack again, and hopefully it's available for purchase at a reasonable price.
  17. I would assume it's because the motions you do control the music itself, which is feels a lot like every Fantasia scene ever.... ...however Fantasia didn't use Bruno Mars, and they do a pretty terrible job of being as "epic" as fantasy is with colored orbs. Also: Edit: Ok .
  18. Would it kill you to source like...I don't know, any of this? Telling people to go look up information themselves doesn't prove anything to anyone.
  19. I believe the issue here is that those shows are released on a regular schedule that is made available to the public. If they were not to be released within this schedule then they'd, at very least, release some kind of information letting people know when they could expect them. As far as I am aware, she hasn't committed to any schedule, nor has she really kept anyone informed on her progress. I'd guess people feel this is a big deal, as some have actually put money toward the project. To some it seems professional to keep those "investors" informed. Not that she has to do that, but that's the expectation. Similarly so, if an episode of Mythbusters or Dr. Who aired one day, at some time, and then next one would air "eventually", I'm sure it wouldn't go over well. Even more so if the public found out that episode was immediately available for release, but was not. I think also in that situation a little communication would be beneficial.
  20. As someone who has an XBOX, a cable box, and a PS3, let me tell you: I have my XBOX, PS3, Cable box all hooked up to the TV and then set up to the soundbar. Right away this is like...3 separate remotes which is sucks in itself. That's not including the XBOX/PS3 controllers to control on-screen interface. We ended up buying a fancy logitech universal remote to switch the input, power up and control the XBOX, and cable box, while still being able to use the other TV features. Luckily the TV has optical out so I don't have to mess with the sound bar or change, god forbid, switch plugs every time I want to switch what I'm doing. And that's without even talking about how many cords and inputs we have going on. Anyway, I'm not saying XBOX will fix all these things, but shit if my XBOX was my blu-ray player and my cable box and my netflix box and my gaming box. It'd sure as hell make my life a lot easier without ever leaving my living room.
  21. Game Dev Story Anomaly Superbrothers Swords & Sworcery World of Goo GTAIII if you're into that kind of thing. I've been enjoying NBA Jam, but it's better on XBOX.
  22. The discussion is about the viability of gaming-only hardware (which is...I'd guess only Ouya at this point) versus hybrid media hardware (Which the XBOX One is). The example is mobile gaming versus smartphone gaming. The platform is irrelevant. The point is it's a common design pattern among mobile games. To be entirely fair, I've been leaning toward iOS lately, but that's an entirely different discussion.
  23. But also remember that that still represents the vast majority of people out there. Sure Nintendo & Sony are hitting part of their niche market, but smart phones are undeniably eating into their niche market, as well as expanding that market. Right now there are still people that will by a dedicated gaming handheld, but that number is dropping. That is indisputable. No amount of links, graphs, and figures about how many Nintendo 3DSs have sold world wide is going to change the fact that it's just not as popular as smart phone gaming. You can write off Angry Birds and Temple Run all you want, but they sure as hell make money. Not to mention DS games were made with mobile gaming in mind, too. They're just a bit more fleshed out. The World Ends with You, the Kingdom Hearts game released on DS, and Crisis Core (all SE, I know) are all short mission-based systems with storyline tied in because it's conducive to the mobile gaming experience. The primary thing holding mobile phone gaming back is their limited control scheme, and don't expect that to hold many publishers back for long. Also: Come to think of it if Nintendo released an Android 4.0+ based hybrid system that could run Android apps natively with decent resolution, had a headphone jack on the side and had a media library that could compete with the iPod experience...I don't even think this would be a discussion at all, but would certainly prove zircon's point.
  24. You add nothing to this conversation with comments like that.
  25. Sure: starla. She owns a Nintendo DS (pink, imported) and used the play the crap out of it (a bit of a Brain Age addict, you see). She hasn't gotten a 3DS, and she hasn't picked up her DS since she got her Android. Why? Mostly because Plants versus Zombies, Osmos, and emulating GBA games have kept her satisfied. Shael Riley is having a similar experience, though I don't even he even owned a DS. Suzumebachi too. I know at least 3 IRL friends that are in a similar situation. In fact...I only know a handful of my friends who payed out to get a 3DS (myself included), and those are all from OCR (Lizz, Ashamee) but most of my friends owned a DS or PSP, and don't really now. I'm not saying that they don't own a 3DS specifically because they have a smart phone and that's a conscious decision, but I'm saying they decided the price of dedicated gaming hardware is not worth the money and then discovered there are good games available for their phones and are too distracted with those to even follow the handheld market. I own a 3DS, but I've only played 1 game on it (Hey Ice King) while I've played quite a few games to completion on my iPod Touch (Ghost Trick, Jet Set Radio, Phoenix Wright...) So don't pretend like it doesn't happen. Like I said it might not be someone declaring I DON'T NEED A 3DS BECAUSE I HAVE A SMART PHONE NOW! but a number of factors makes them uninterested in the idea of a dedicated portable gaming device. Also: both Nintendo and Apple recognize this. Do I think there's still a place for dedicated handheld gaming? Sure. Can I acknowledge it's becoming more niche than it once was? Absolutely. Also: zircon PM the Derrit your paypal, he owes you at least $60 by now.