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  1. Well then. Although I have never EVER played this game, I HAD to DL it because DC13 was makin' such a HUGE deal about it the WHOLE time he was remixin' it so I was like, whatever, alotta work went into this, so it's gotta sound good, right? Wrong. This song isn't good. It's not good at all. In fact "good" isn't even the WORD for it. This song is down right AMAZING. Ok, sure. There are better orchestrations. The samples aren't super high quality "WOW IT SOUNDS LIKE IT'S REAL" crazy, but the execution is flawless. First off boyus and girls. I have a little equation dealing with bad ass instruments and good songs. It is this: Pizzacato + timpani + good arranger = beautiful. But don't be fooled, the amazingness doesn't stop with the instrumentation. Personally, I enjoy the piano part more then anything throughout the entire piece, but most specifically, during the staccato part at 2:09-2:10, that 1.5 seconds of time is the most beautiful thing ever to me. It's what made this song, among other things, the one song I've lsiten to at LEAST 25 times in the last few weeks. This is grade A good stuff here boys and girls. 2 thumbs up, 4 stars, 10 slices, how ever you say put it. This is good sheeit.
  2. First and fore most, I'd like to say that I have never EVER played Chrono Cross (yet I should). I'd also like to say that I IDOLIZE Tprtcox, so, my review MAY be a tad biased, but I doubt there's anything wrong witht he song anyway... The beginning of this song starts off with a beautiful anfd VERY realistic bass, then accompanied by a flute and a piano duet, where a strings serction joins in around 1:00. At 1:12, the mood changes from a calming sound, to sort of a triumphant sound and then calms down again around 1:48 where it turns into Schala's theme using that same flawless bass. At 2:10 he blends both songs together seemlessly. At around 2:40, he changes the mood back to truimph with the main theme from Chrono Trigger. I'd honestly have to say I haven't heard this song pulled off this good since Mistuda himself. The brass in the ending doesn't actually have as good a quality as the rest of the song, but he still pulls it off beautifully. In closing, as expected, Trptcox has once again made an extremely beautiful arrangement which brings back a bunch of great memories from Chrono Trigger for me. This is DEFINATELY a keeper. Mitsuda & Uematsu would be jealous if they heard what this man has done with there music... I'd give this song a number rating, but...I'd be too high..