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    Diablo III

    In WoW they track EVERYONE's damage. If they added addon support to Diablo they could, theoretically, set up the API to only return data about your own character, but that's not how it is in WoW.
  2. Ramaniscence

    Diablo III

    The reason damage meters are terrible is because once they're introduced, everything is about damage meters. Playing Diablo with some friends and you're doing a quarter of their damage and they give you nothing but shit about it. Joining a group of randoms and getting kicked for not doing enough damage. Playing with someone who always just talks about how much damage he's doing, etc. If you don't have meters, there's less emphasis on damage and more emphasis on like...the game. The end game of Diablo is to get better gear. Basically not much else. So if weren't into that, you won't be into this. There's some harder difficulties. There's some bigger bosses, but it's all about gear. They made gear drops less terrible. They made the gear grind more bearable. They took a lot of the annoyances about trying to get gear less terrible, but it's still about gear.
  3. Ramaniscence

    Diablo III

    The song is called A Mortal Heart, and again just seems to be a variation on the Leroic diablo theme.
  4. Ramaniscence

    Diablo III

    I have no qualms with the overall gameplay. Bosses have a TON of health but I was able to 2 man the whole thing on torment 1 (after a very long time and a lot of potions) but I'll be GD'd if Blizzard didn't phone in that story. D3 as a whole has been some of their weakest story telling ever and that makes me sad ;-; Dat soundtrack, doe. Had the " " that I was missing from D3.
  5. It's a pretty nice venue, too. I'm not sure if you went to any of the previous Nerdapaloozas, but 2012 and 2011 were both at the Airport Marriott. Also... If they still have it, they have the BEST elevator. Inverse Phase made a song sampling it:
  6. They've said specific influences for making them game were Earthbound, Paper Mario, and Zelda. I feel like that's pretty accurate.
  7. I've been playing it the past few days. I was really surprised at how good the soundtrack was. Love the Warcraft, Skyrim, etc references. RPG tropes galore. Just a really great RPG overall.
  8. Just because people only remember a select few games doesn't mean there's not a ton of great soundtracks now. At this point, he's just stating his opinion and, however biased or unpopular, is perfectly valid as an opinion.
  9. I'm confused. The video called out large, big budget, modern game themes, and you said they didn't exist anymore. I linked examples of just that and you said they don't count? Again, market saturation. There's alot more games with a lot more music. Are you saying "of all games released, most don't have good soundtracks?" because that's a huge generalization. Are you saying "Of all big budget games most don't have good soundtracks?" because even that is a huge generalization. Here is a list of games released in 2013: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2013_in_video_gaming I'm sure there's a good variety of styles in soundtracks, and a good variety of styles of songs on said soundtracks. Are there more unappealing soundtracks now than there were in the past? Absolutely not. Do you know how I know? Because most remixes on OCR come from Final Fantasy or Chrono Trigger. Because most people who give examples of good game music point out major franchises. There is a huge catalog of games from SNES, Genesis, and NES, but people only remember a handful of songs/soundtracks. People only remember a handful of songs/soundtracks from modern games too. Super Mario Bros also has a huge audience. Tons of people have played it. Halo has a huge audience, but less than SMB. Payday has a huge audience, but less than both. Nier. Dual Destines. Etc . As more games come out, regardless of soundtrack quality, less people are familiar with all of them, but games that have been around forever many many people have encountered.
  10. Obvious troll bait, and I'm not going to be the only person with a rebuttal, but: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DeHjfXYBVak http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EXv8JVbqwao But hey everyone has their own opinion, and that's fine.
  11. I saw this, and I've seen a lot of discussion about it, and I'm glad it has been brought up here. The obvious answer is "No", but a lot of people are really missing the point as to why this might not seem like the case. The simple answer is: music in games is not as important anymore. It certainly is important still; Studios spend hundreds of thousands of dollars to get top of the line, full-orchestra scores and they're great! Obvious examples are things like the World of WarCraft, Assassin's Creed, Halo, God of War, Metal Gear Solid series (serieses?). So we obviously have hugely melodic scores even still, so why don't they stick out as much as older, classic score? Older games have less songs. Super Mario Bros 1 had like...5 songs? Castlevania has maybe 8-10. Super Nintendo saw slightly bigger soundtracks, and then we got into soundtracks like Chrono Trigger and Final Fantasies, but even then you had boss battles, town music, world map music that you heard OVER and OVER again. Now I know what you might be thinking: But "Dancing Mad" only played once and you remember it note-for-note! Well of course you do. It's a great song and it BROKE the habit of hearing the same boss fight song over and over, so it made it stick out even more. Older games have shorter songs. Seriously songs for older soundtracks were like 1-2 minutes tops and repeated endlessly. Any song with half a melody that repeated that frequently would get stuck in your head. Even pop songs you don't like get stuck in your head after you hear them enough times on the radio. Even now Backstreet Boys and *NSync songs you hate come on and you know all the words. It's conditioning. More technology means better staging. Classic games did not have much to set the mood besides music. We didn't have spoken dialogue, camera angles, lighting, allll kinds of stuff to distract you away from the music. Classic games practically relied on the music to set the scene, now a days we don't have to. Music is, a lot of times, background. Related to above, music isn't supposed to be the emphasis. The scene is supposed to be the emphasis. The experience. There reason older video game soundtracks stick out so much is because music was a bigger part of the experience. It doesn't always make sense to do that anymore. You were in the stages of early development. Just like you can remember your Kindergarten teacher's name better than you can your 8th grade science teacher. The same reason it was easier for you to learn anything back-in-the-day. You brain was just better back then. You were at the peak of your alertness and your brain was absorbing information like crazy. You're not anymore. You're over-saturated. Seriously, how many Steam games do you have now versus how many NES and SNES games? How many times did you replay Disney's Aladdin? And how many times have you replayed BioShock or Borderlands? So we're dealing with a lot of factors, here. Sure technological limitations made composers focus more on melodic content, but so say that composers today are less melodic is both insulting and ignorant. tl;dr rose-colored glasses, nostalgia, better directing, etc, etc. Christopher Tin won a Grammy for Baba Yetu in the "Best Instrumental Arrangement Accompanying Vocalist(s)" category. Even though it was originally composed for a Civilization IV, making it the first video game composition to win a Grammy, it was recognized as also being part of his "Calling All Dawns" album (which also won the Grammy for Best Classical Crossover Album). Journey's soundtrack was the first complete soundtrack to be acknowledged by the Grammys.
  12. It's not an United States idea of Usability. It's a worldwide community understanding and it's something that goes beyond electronics, etc. Japanese culture in general has a huge problem with change, and that permeates into their interfaces. Both the PS4 and the XBone have come strides as far as usability. PS3/PSP weren't so bad in their own right, but the PlayStation store had lots of problems. It eventually got fixed but it took a long time. Sony is an international company. They make phones and all kinds of other electronics. They have a lot of investment in Japan, but ultimately they have a larger international brand so they've moved away from tradition Japan more so. If you look at Nintendo's designs and interfaces it's clear that they have not. What looks like "Fisher Price" and childish to us, is perfectly acceptable in Japan. They are simply unwilling to modernize, which is just a reflection of the entire culture. * * (At the same rate as the rest of the world on many things beyond robotics, etc).
  13. I wouldn't say that Nintendo has ever really made a "good" operating system. They make simple operating systems, but pretty bad ones regardless. For instance: 3DS has MiiVerse, Street Pass, Swapnote, Message Notifications, and friends. These should all be integrated, and cross referencing, but they're not. They're all separate applications. I have a bunch of icons on my screen, but no real titles to them. No grouping available. Nothing. It's laid out like iOS version 1. PS3's UI aren't great either, and their store was atrocious until the update they made at the end of it's lifespan. Only Microsoft has a good, consistent, usable UI, which is probably what made them think they could get away with the same thing on Desktop PCs...but it didn't translate. As it stands though, Japanese culture has a hard time with usability, and that can be seen quite a bit in Nintendo's interfaces both physical and digital.
  14. I Fight Dragons has a bit less emphasis on Chips as Anamanaguchi, but still sounds a little closer to what you're looking for. Perhaps also DIB which is the same idea: http://shaelriley.bandcamp.com/
  15. Thanks for the heads up. There seems to be at least 1 broken song, and I'll contact Mark about that. The login link does also appear to be broken. Please use the login form in the HEADER (directly above that form) to log in. In the future please do not use this post as a bug-report platform. Either contact myself of fusion2004 directly, either on IRC or in a PM. If you are logged in, please use the in-page feedback submission form.
  16. Soo now the world knows. hex called me into HQ Sunday morning to let me know the bad news. He told me not to put too much effort into the website because...well the future of the show looked pretty dim. That didn't stop me from building a post-site that the show deserved (largely due to the efforts of Mark, whom did not know the demoralizing news). That said: The show was great. Easily one of the best concerts I'd been to. The turnout may have been small, but the performances were HUGE: Urizen, TMBG, Green Jelly, Peelandar-Z, Solillaquists of Sound (AMAZING performance)...heck even seeing Shael finally get up there and perform again with Beefy for the first time in forever...just amazing. I particularly appreciated , which is a largely under represented soundtrack.A lot of people have had a lot of kind things to say and, honestly...I don't expect hex to take this lying down. He's a passionate guy, and this stuff is his lifeblood. There may never been another Nerdapalooza, or even another show of the scale we had this year, but I'd surprised if this is his last endeavor, and I'm behind him 100% for anything else he has planned. TO THE FUTURE.
  17. Myself, Level99, Vilecat, and Diotrans for sure at the OCR booth. starla, OA, and DragonAvenger may have been there, I don't remember 100%. Saw that on reddit. You KILLED it. Excellent work.
  18. Didn't see thread about Nerdapalooza 'cause I was too busy preparing for Nerdapalooza Regardless...geez what a weekend. A few of us went to Epcot yesterday and caught Boyz II Men too. Sheesh this is going to take awhile to recharge from.
  19. Ramaniscence

    Diablo III

    It takes like 2 seconds to remove a Blizzard Authenticator with the right information. SWToR on the other hand...no thanks
  20. Ramaniscence

    Diablo III

    The main thing the expansion offers is additional content. Which is the only thing I'm looking for, and the only thing that'll keep me even mildly interested for a month, maybe 2. Luckily there will be at least 2, so Blizzard can continue taking my money.
  21. If you're speaking of http://vgremix.com (rather than http://vgmixarchive.com), then please use the "Send Feedback" button on the bottom right hand side of the page to send feedback to the developers. We also follow the VGMix Reunion Facebook group.
  22. From what I read is basically said: "The game that was supposed to be a remake of the original, is a remake of the original except worse because cutscenes, too". The cutscenes are an understanding gripe, but I think they add depth even if they do break up the action a big. The came should probably have a "classic" mode with no cutscenes at all. Other than that complaining about the lack of difficulty, unforgiving chance circumstances, predictable boss fights...I mean...were you expecting a new game or a remake of the original? I'm not saying that EXCUSES the score. Some things just don't translate well, but I'd rather play a remake of a game that had all of the original's flaws and charm than not having the remake at all. If you liked Duck Tales the original, you will most likely love this (if not for the music alone, around here).
  23. This reminds me, we actually DO have a spreadsheet of songs from VGMix 2 missing from the archive (the best we can muster, based on the top 3 tiers, and the latest possible date on the web archive). https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah9tZa9dM1YAdE1vQzhiVDNUbVlyVWRPaXVQZmtLU0E#gid=0 I haven't checked it up against what we currently have up recently, and I've already found at least one in your collection that was missing from the list, but if anyone notices anything that we don't have from here, let me know (there's 3 tabs)
  24. This is kind of an incredibly deal Generations and All-Star Racing Transformed are worth this money ALONE. I believe you are mistaken. http://sonic.wikia.com/wiki/Sonic_Hits_Collection Also lol @ "profit" for "buyers"