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  1. I had a similar issue with Steam. I couldn't open it AT ALL without being online. I think it was checking for an update and aborting immediately because it couldn't ping, or maybe I had to set it to offline mode manually when I HAD Internet. I don't know but I distinctly remember this because I couldn't play WoW so I wanted to play an offline game and couldn't
  2. That is potentially an entirely different discussion about cost of production, market penetration, etc. If something costs $10, and they sell $10 at 1 dollar, that's a disappointment. If something costs $2 and they sell 10 at 1 dollar, than that's not so bad. Whether or not something is successful is going to be based on ROI, regardless of what the number of sales is, and there's a LOT of factors in that. tl;dr: SE saying TR is a disappointment is irrelevant.
  3. What still confuses me is, they put all this effort into the social features of the system...but they're only social within users of the system. The idea of viral marketing and social proof (Facebook Like, Google +1, Shares in general) is for users to share their experience with other users in their social circles and hopefully increase social awareness which in turn will hopefully increase the userbase. By having a social network that exists exclusively for other people who already own the console seems...inane. And THEN going as far as to take down Let's Play videos. I mean...which one of my friends own a Wii U and/or have shared something from in-game? Heck if I know! Social media marketing they are not.
  4. I agree 100%. While I enjoyed SMG, it never had the same charm that SM64 did. Exploring, and unlocking new parts of the castle where half the fun of the game. I think a return to this format, with larger, more fleshed out stages, would be a nice turn.
  5. Hopefully. The Wii use, released in November of 2012 is Nintendo newest console. It offers (arguably) innovative new controls, as well as improved specifications from it's predecessors offering (arguably) comparable graphical experience to other current generation consoles. Despite this, the console has experienced less sales than Nintendo had anticipated worldwide. While not in dire straights, the company is currently operating at a loss, and has been for the past 2 years. It has also seen a drop in overall revenue. Nintendo, and it's fans, hope to see this trend turn around with the release of their trademark 1st party titles, as well as 3rd party flagship exclusives later this year. However some are skeptic due to previous 1st party titles inability to effectively turn around Nintendo's downward slump. It is unclear whether this is a new trend, or the beginning of a larger downfall, but it certain that we, as consumers, would be worse off if Nintendo were no longer in the console market. tl;dr: The console isn't terrible. The sales are pretty bad (right now). The games are pretty great. Nintendo (consoles) probably aren't dying. Even if it did, we'd all (most) continue living.
  6. It would seem that they've posted an operating loss, a loss in net sales, and an overall loss of revenue over the past 2 years. That's not great. Also, consider that is with the release of a new Zelda, a few new Mario titles (though could any of them be considered "flagship"?), a new Mario Kart title. Possibly others. That's just off the top of my head. BUT then also consider that's with the initial production of 2 new consoles.
  7. So, which one is accurate? Edit: nm. They're both accurate, but the one you posted is a little misleading. First, It's cumulative, and 2, only goes up to 2011, which is where it starts to level off. So, from these 2 graphs, it's clear to see Nintendo is not making as much money as they once did, but certainly have money stockpiled. Which, the same could easily be said for Sony. It's also worth noting that Microsoft and Sony do not depend on video games for sales (this graph is specifically from video game sales) while Nintendo's business is dependent on it. Again, I'm not saying Nintendo is GOING TO FAIL or the console IS FAILING, but it indisputable whether or not Nintendo is making money.
  8. I'm not going to say if Nintendo is going under or not. I'm not going to say whether or not the Wii U or 3DS is a "failure". I'm not going to say whether or not the games available, or that will soon be available, are good, bad, or whatever. I AM going to say that, no matter how anyone sees it, this is a real thing: http://www.theverge.com/2013/4/24/4260062/nintendo-2012-earnings Specifically this: That is not to say that we know all the factors behind this, or even all of the data being considered. That is not to say that Nintendo can, or cannot, turn this around. Edit: I also believe that Sony, and Microsoft, may also find disappointing sales with the release of the new XBOX and Playstation, but that's just my estimation.
  9. Wow. It wasn't Mirby. I'm impressed. That is, of course, nothing against Mirby. I'm just earnestly surprised someone got to it first. All of the thanks to you.
  10. Introduces Weapons of Planetary Destruction. Pilot your own Death Star to tactically destroy the entire battlefield.
  11. It's funny to watch half the internet change face so quickly. They want from completely freaking out about how even EA is over SimCity and Mass Effect, to saying "All if forgiven if you can give us Battlefront 3". It's a very clever plan on EA's part, indeed. First: We release a game riddled with DRM and ad-supported content. Refuse to give it an offline mode. Who cares about the server stability? All the nerds on the internet will FREAK OUT! THEN we'll release a Star Wars game that they've been salivating over. Give them LAN play. Offline mode. We may even release it on Steam! THEN we'll release MORE DRM-riddled, ad-supported games while they're distracted with Star Wars! By the time they figure it out, we'll have locked them into Battlefront's III-VIII.
  12. To me, Battle Network has always just been Capcom's take on a Pokemon-esque/Action RPG franchise (except you have 1, changing, pokemon rather than 100 different ones). It has always looked and felt more "Pokemon" to me than "Mega Man" stylistically. At it's essence it is vaguely connected to the rest of the series at best. This is actually the most true thing. I've always felt the entirety of the Street Fighter 3 series was a fighting game that Capcom developed, and then decided to throw Street Fighter characters into at the last minute to make it marketable. Had it not been a "Street Fighter" game with the few recurring characters it did have, Street Fighter III Third Strike would still be a good game, but would it have been successful?
  13. To put another perspective on this: A lot of people are saying "It doesn't look/feel like Mega Man." Have you played any of the Battle Network games? Did you enjoy them? Did they look/feel like Mega Man? They seemed like the furthest thing from Mega Man to me, and it didn't make them any worse of a game for it. Don't get me wrong: I'm 100% sure that Capcom canned this for the right reason. As cool as it looks, people wouldn't buy it simply because "it's not what they had in mind for a Mega Man title", and it would have absolutely nothing to do wit the quality of the game itself. That, in my opinion, is a damn shame.
  14. Yea I mean, it's the internet. I didn't mean it as an endorsement either for or against anything Monorbow said. The search was bound to bring up something. The idea that nothing at all would pop up would just be ridiculous. I, just like others, generally don't associate "tech industry" with "attractive males" so I figured it was worth a shot. There are more than three, though. There's also one on a gay website exclusively about gay attractive men in the tech industry which I thought was interesting but an entirely different story.
  15. Sidenote: I was actually wondering what that list would look like because my thoughts are like...Bill Gates, Gabe Newell, Sergey Brin, Mark Zuckerberg...I guess Justin Timberlake now a days, but that's kind of a stretch. Linus Torvalds isn't a half bad looking guy when he wants to, but ehh. So I found this: http://www.buzzfeed.com/dell/the-10-sexiest-guys-in-tech http://www.buzzfeed.com/melismashable/the-hottest-men-in-tech http://www.businessinsider.com/hot-tech-guys-2012-2?op=1 And then I remembered: Man, Peter Cashmore is attractive. No homo.
  16. I'm sorry but, current Prince of Persia? The last Prince of Persia title was released in 2008. That's 5 years ago. Even Arkham Asylum is 4 years old now. Does your laptop support 1080 resolution? Because there's a big different between 1920*1080 and 1280*960. Can you provide a screenshot of the specs of your laptop and the specs you're running for the game? Can you show screenshots of what the game looks like with a FRAPs of the FPS it's pushing? Basically: Can you substantiate these claims? Because if you can't, frankly I don't care about your hearsay. This is really comparing apples to oranges. If I may: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_BDSRkXUjSls/TLXjqOglfwI/AAAAAAAABt4/HctNls5t5iw/s1600/Little-big-planet-PSP.jpg (Actual late-generation PSP game developed by Sony running at actual PSP resolution) http://cdn.steampowered.com/v/gfx/apps/223220/ss_5bc81a6d8126be3f78754e2fd722ecc029cf0a97.1920x1080.jpg?t=1360699592 (Actual game for Ouya running at actual resolution that Ouya can support, but not necessarily running on Ouya hardware) It's worth noting that that last link is actually an Android title being run on Ouya hardware. It's not a game that has actually been developed for Ouya, but it's also a title that is running at 720p, which is something that PSP can not do. You can compare apples to oranges all you want, but to say that Ouya developers do not have the knowledge or resources to create titles that look higher quality than PSP games is just plain ignorant. The amount of specifications and OpenGL support that the Ouya has open to through a lot of really easy to use technologies is ridiculous. I mean, really. Do you have experience in 3D modeling and texturing? Do you know what the difference between a normal and a bump map is? Do you know the difference between 3D dynamic lighting and baked lighting and shadows? Do you know how much harder it is to make a 3000 pixel model versus a 30,000 pixel model? Do you know the difference between having the opportunity to animate with an IK/FK rig versus not? I'm all for someone playing devil's advocate, but some of the things you're saying are just plain false. Frankly, what I'm surprised no one mentioned the Wii. Or even the original XBOX. They're both really good, open, homebrew consoles when cracked. They're fairly inexpensive now a days. They can be hooked up to a TV. They have a good amount of technology available to developers. They have good looking games. Heck, the XBOX even has 720p support, but you guys are all hung up on the PSP for some reason which just isn't even a real comparison. But wait, the XBOX and Wii aren't even a real comparison because companies, independent or not, aren't actively developing software for them because modding your console to play homebrew apps is illegal.
  17. Frankly, I find your posts to be argumentative for argument sake, and your mocking attitude incredibly childish. I don't know how anyone could even entertain the idea of a true rebuttal to any of your posts as immature as they are... Your replies are an embarrassment to this otherwise intelligent, critical, conversation. That said: With the release of the Ouya coming up, I'm a little bit saddened that I couldn't back the Kickstarter when I had the chance. Not that I expect it to get much more play than any of my other now-barely-used consoles, but I'm incredibly interested in just being part of the story and seeing where it goes firsthand. The amount of creative projects that have been able to be crowd-sourced is absolutely astounding; From AAA titles, to museums, to consoles, to feature films. We live in a wonder age.
  18. I can confirm as well that this is 100% true. Edit: but it is also no longer on sale
  19. I don't want to say I'm disappointed with the writing so far, but it definitely feels lazy. I was talking to starla about the game and literally the main plot point is: "Oh, the Starcraft equivalent to FOX News said some shit that pissed me off. Fuck it!" Everything does feel a little easy, and I find it odd that many of the achievements in Wings of Liberty that required the game to be on hardmode only require normal, if any difficulty, this time around. If anything the only reason I don't get every achievement every time is because I beat the mission without realizing it's over. There's been quite a few "oh...that's it?" moments. I'm hoping something amazing happens near the back half...Wings of Liberty was pretty consistent, but this just..ehh. Protoss expansion should be (had better be) intense though...
  20. I think that's the most tragic part. I want to like this game. There's a lot of good in it. I'm not even really discouraged by the map size because it feels like with so much else going on, a city of millions could get overwhelming fast. However there's just so much wrong with it too. The price tag. The DRM. The inevitable painful over-monetization on a game that's over-priced for the platform in the first place. It's all just really kind of sad because I've wanted a new SimCity for awhile, and Anno and Cities XL just aren't cutting it =\
  21. I would guess that it would be because, as we already know from Gecko/Gollgagh posted, Amazon was issuing refunds while EA and GameStop WERE NOT. Amazon, being the better company, was actually acknowledging that the game is unplayable and the purchaser is unsatisfied and refunding the money. So I'm willing to bet they were sick of issuing refunds.
  22. I honestly can't remember if it had a REAL backwards compatibility solution that sucked really bad, or if they had some kind of hack job digital emulation system that sucked really bad. All I remember is that it could kind of sort of play Halo and Halo 2 and that it sucked and everyone forgot about it immediately.
  23. Again, my PS3 has never had PS2 backwards compatibility. XBOX360 also never had backwards compatibility and they have arguably been the most successful this generation. Again: I really REALLY don't understand why people are crying so much about backwards compatibility, and I don't expect it to be an issue for this generation of consoles, regardless of the vocal opposition. A PS1 literally costs like $5 now, I'm sure. A PS2 costs like $40, tops. C'mon. Edit: Fuck, no SCRATCH THAT. Your PS3 plays PSX games, so just don't get rid of it and there you go. Let's review for a second: My DVD player doesn't play VHS tapes. My SNES doesn't play NES games. My GameCube doesn't play N64 games. I mean....really?
  24. I don't think you can really look at raw numbers and just be able to tell how powerful a console is just by comparing it to a PC. Consoles are (normally) way different hardware wise because they're optimizes and because most of the components are soldered right to the board. The original XBOX had 64MBs of RAM. PS3 has 256MB of RAM and 256MB of vRAM. I wouldn't particularly have called PS3 weak for it's time, and PS4 is light years beyond that. I'm not saying it's going to be WAY better, because I don't know...and like I said I can't even begin to make a decision until I see performance, but I don't look at 8GBs of RAM on a console and say "Oh that's such a small amount" because PCs have 2-4 times more than that right now.