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  1. Consoles give a unique experience of easy-of-use with the controller, TV connectivity, and deeply integrated social components, but that's about it, and when you factor in Steam's social components and push for gamepad support well...consoles are going to have a bad time. I will say this, though: I don't give a fuck about backwards compatibility, and frankly I'm pretty surprised to hear people pretend like they actually care. My PS3 never had PS2 capability and I only found out it played PSX games recently...not that it mattered because I have all over 1-2 PSX games still lying around anyway. If I REALLY decide I want to play PS2 games, I'll buy a PS2 off of eBay for $30. I don't need a new $600 system for that. If you want to play PS3 games...odds are you'll still have a PS3. How often do people even use their PS3, XBOX, or Wii for old games? I'm sure it might happen sometimes, but not too often. I think their solution is questionably sketchy, but acceptable for how little it really matters in the grand scheme of things. I like the ability to stream stuff with dedicated hardware for it, but everything about this console will come down to price, usability, and performance for me. If it can even begin to compete with a PC...then I'm listening, but if it can't? Well...sorry, because when I hear Sony say "easy for PC developers to create games for it" I hear "Games will be coming out for both PS4 and PC."
  2. Sorry, I didn't clarify, I mean a VIDEO chat solution similar to Google Hangout or Skype Group Chat. The Party feature is a good start, and far beyond everyone else, but it's still falls short of what they're trying to achieve with XBOX Live. They want a virtual living room/arcade experience, and they NEED video chat for that. Though I'm not sure INTERNET connections are their yet, with the codecs, P2P, and streaming capabilities we have now they might be able to figure something out. Let's not forget something here: XBOX 360 came out in 2005. The Playstation 3 game out in 2006. The first iPhone came out in 2007, and the first Android Phone came out a year after that. Since then we've seen improved usability in mobile phones. Dual and Quadcore mobile phones. Crazy GPUs and high definition resolution in mobile phones, near field communication, a new USB version, Google Glass, literally ALL KINDS of ridiculous leaps in technology have made their way to the consumer market since these consoles have come out. Let's see them actually make some good use of it.
  3. Going down my Steam list, it looks like just about every game is between 6GBs and 10GBs. Assassin's Creed III & Diablo III are 15GBs and that's my largest outside of World of Warcraft which weighs in at a hefty 22.9GBs. They were all digital downloads. Granted, that means 1-3 Terrabytes will have to be standard unless they're going to release stuff on flash media. (Why don't we do that BTW? Is eSata and USB3 not good enough yet or what? Why can't we hotswap carts now?)
  4. They told me the same thing about the Gamecube, and the DS, and the Wii, and the 3DS, and yea the Gamecube and DS got there eventually, Wii hardly ever did. It was strong out the gate and then nose dived. After being so disappointed with Super Mario 3D Land or whatever I'm just not hyped enough to spend $300 on Super Mario Bros 10 or Mario Kart 7 right now. (BTW that's just the main Mario games, that doesn't even count the handhelds or the New Super Mario Bros or the Paper Mario titles) Super Meat Boy, Rayman Legends, Braid, heck even Sonic Generations are all good, non-exclusive platformers that are making Mario seem far less appealing to me these days. I will be earnestly surprised if Nintendo can top Sonic & All-Stars Racing.
  5. You know, I got an XBOX pretty recently, and I really like the idea of getting back into console games. Basically WoW has spoiled me and if I'm playing any 1 player game without any social interaction at all available to me, I feel really isolated. So I picked up Assassin's Creed Revelations on XBOX after playing 1 & 2 on PC. I put revelations into my XBOX, played it for about 15 minutes, and haven't tried again. I waited for a PC sale, bought it there, got an XBOX controller adapter for my PC, and I haven't looked back. With dmc, AC3, Sonic Generations and All-Stars Racing ALL being available on PC? Consoles are essentially dead to me. I'd need a SUBSTANTIAL boost in performance and GPU to justify forking over money for a console. Regardless of anything else it has to offer, and frankly I'm tired of Sony and Nintendo doing a piss poor job in creating anything they really care about. The Wii U's usability and social integration are already far behind XBOX360. Sony has only JUST RECENTLY gotten their online store to a usable state. Meanwhile steam is easy to use, affordable, and now has a fullscreen gamepad compatible interface. That is not to say that I don't believe consoles can make that substantial jump. Consoles have traditionally been a more cost effective way to get performance than PCs, but man...it's getting to the point to where you'd need a GPU that can put a 4k display at 60FPS to really impress people, and honestly it should. Whatever they do for any future consoles I want: -1028 bitdepth textures -Full 1920*1080 (at least) -ALL the anti-aliasing -Self-shadows -Global illumination -Destructable physics -Constant, stable, 60FPS Edit: In fact, it needs a Google Hangout/Skype group chat solution too. And it needs to work in-game. It's fucking 2013. And that's a minimum. No excuses. I'm not saying that I don't enjoy Plants versus Zombies, or Super Meat Boy, or Rayman Legends, but damnit a console has got to do what my PC can't already do better...or something that my iPod can't already do for that matter.
  6. I could never trade in Starcraft after I was done with it... how is this any different for that? PC games have required CD keys for like... millennia. Besides the whole perpetual internet connection thing, which is crap.
  7. I'm confused. It sounds like you think that people who will play GTA V are the same people who'd play Wind Waker HD or Rayman Legends.
  8. Not sure if serious? In any case, I'm seeding right now and at least 1 person is downloaded from me directly, so the torrent definitely works still in some capacity. Going to work with Mark on the possibility of getting ThaSauce's tracker back up to take care of our various BitTorrent needs, including VGMix Archive, but that'll take some time.
  9. I'm seeding the torrent now, though I'm not connected to any peers. I'm not sure if demonoid's trackers are still running (the site itself is obviously gone), so I may have to find a new solution. You're right, though. The #1 problem with having people contribute songs is that many people don't know if their songs are from VGMix or not. A lot of people just keep all their songs together. I do have a Google Drive set up if you want access just shoot me an email or catch me on IRL. The most complete list we have for VGMix 2 is here: http://web.archive.org/web/20051220082622/http://www.vgmix.com/song_list.php Also this: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0Ah9tZa9dM1YAdE1vQzhiVDNUbVlyVWRPaXVQZmtLU0E#gid=0 And this is by no means a full list, but it's the best we can realistically get.
  10. 5.1 is going to be........roughhhh, but I think she may have been madder in the book. Either way...poor Jaina (
  11. It's something they're actively working on, but are being cautious with because they don't want to upset people. I believe they said orcs and dwarves are in the first round.
  12. http://vgmixarchive.com A lot of people have sent me more. Need to check for duplicates and update.
  13. I used to be interested in this thread but you guys have made me so incredibly uninterested it's ridiculous. Is there a market? At least some, obviously, people paid for it. I'm interested in it. Is there developer interest? At least some, obviously. We'll see where it goes. Is it a computer? Pretty much, don't care much for labels either way. Are controllers better than keyboards? FUCK if I know. I'm pretty sure that's a personal preference. Have Neblix, Crow Bar Man, DaMonz, The Derrit made points? All kinds of points with bullets, italtics, underlines, and tomatofaces. Will the Ouya fail/Get completed/be a huge success? Who the fuck knows. I'm sure as hell not a fortuneteller or a financial analyst, or even a journalist in the industry, and as far as I know neither are you guys otherwise you'd be posting on some big media site with numbers and charts and shit and not arguing on a forums. Are we going to change anyone's ideas? Sure doesn't look like it. I'm glad we understand that. I'd be fine if it was like...respectful discussion, but it's really just getting into speculation, opinions, and just generally a one-upping back and forth PS: Sephiroth could easily take on Cloud, Link, Kirby, Master Chief, Solid Snake, Bowser, King Hippo, and Thrall at the same time.
  14. Ramaniscence

    Diablo III

    Soooo...they raised the level cap...without raising the level cap...and we're...excited?
  15. https://www.facebook.com/events/450678454972807/ Events, yo
  16. There's a live stream of all the performances going on this year at http://nerdyshowlive.com. Livestream will also archive so these videos might show up at a later time, but can't be certain yet. Definitely going to try to capture some of my own video though.
  17. I'm kind of confused. I've noticed a lot of people saying "Why do I need a console to play Android games?" and "Android Games aren't even great" ...but I've seen PC versions of Osmosis, Plants vs Zombies, Anomaly, World of Goo...I mean there's a ton of cross overs. It's not just Angry Birds and Sudoku. Hell, I played ALL of PvZ on a PC, and a lot of them are on XBOX360 and PS3 too. Now that's not a "Well then why put them on Ouya?" statement. That's a "Cell phone games do perfectly fine on consoles" statement. Furthermore: Who says that Ouya will have strictly games that also DO/CAN run on a) phone? Why wouldn't there be exclusives that don't need to work on phone hardware previously? The controller alone really seems liek something that would signify that these won't necessarily be cellphone cross overs. Also also also: 1GB of RAM isn't so bad when it's soldered right to the board. I'm not saying that there's not any reason to be cautious, but those 2 specific reasons just seem really weak. Android...really is just a code base and doesn't need to be associated with a phone/tablet =\
  18. Just wanted to update and let you guys know that we've officially added Ben Briggs to the pre-party line-up, which means he'll be performing twice. Once on Friday, and again on Monday. Additionally we just added a 2 night show by the Protomen. The first night being their regular act, while the second will be there Queen cover album.
  19. Let's be realistic: He had no idea who he was stealing from. It could've been anyone. He could've gotten nailed by the DMCA. I'm sure his mom would be thrilled if she got that message. The courts wouldn't say "Well hey, let's not bring his mom into this." I'm not saying every time someone steals a song we should track down their family members like a collections agency, I'm just saying that there comes a point when users of a certain age become excessively dismissive and you have to protect yourself.
  20. Of the people I know are going (starla, myself, fusion2004, Suzums, Shael, B Briggs) me and starla live essentially closer to the venue than the hotel. fusion2004 lives in the same neighborhood. I know Suzums, Shael, and a few of our other friends are staying with me and starla, and I know BBriggs +1 are staying with fusion. So you may be able to fit in with them if there's no hotel rooms. Between all of us there will be more than enough cars for transport. Edit: Oh duh, we updated the line-up. Nerdapalooza just added: Beebs and Her Money Makers Math the Band No More Kings ytcracker
  21. If Wii U doesn't let me import Facebook friends and post to my Facebook feed...it's pretty much dead to me. That's the only reason I'm friends with half the people I am on XBL
  22. Is that line even used in Soul Calibur IV? I don't remember it being used past 1-2, but it's been awhile, honestly.