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  1. I'm kind of weird. I play videogames pretty regularly I listen to pretty much ONLY VG related music (OSTs, Remixes, Chiptunes, etc) I watch tons of videogame related youtube videos/twitch streams I read tons of videogame related news, reviews, articles, and wikis I have a side hobby of programming, in hopes of making my own videogames. Maybe I have a problem?
  2. Even though I had negative words to say about NSMB as a whole, I think the Super Luigi U expansion / DLC is pretty awesome and I want to try it out
  3. UPDATE: Its out! Its great! OCR has a tourney created by Lemon! 0268-4142-9420 1 Hour Long 10PM Eastern / 9PM Central / 7pm Pacific Every Wednesday OLD: Just noticed there wasn't a thread for this yet: This by far has some of the most amazing graphics I've seen on the Wii U to date. Really stretching its "next gen" muscle here. The new magnetic wheels being able to hook into new crazy paths is pretty cool too. Love it! Can't wait for this to come out!
  4. Yeah, PS4 by default has no major controlling DRM (other than the normal console stuff.) They just don't block publishers from making their own, so this isn't much different than PS3 Xbox One has terrible DRM built in by default (including system level DRM that checks with them every day otherwise stops pretty much working), and "features" of the DRM such as used games/trading/etc are opt-in choices for the publisher (by default opted out, so default you can't do anything with it) Pretty major difference.
  5. Again, Mario is not a 2D platformer series as of Mario 64 (see its follow ups: Sunshine, Galaxy). NSMB1 wasn't even created by the Mario team and Shigeru had no involvement with the first game. It was a nostalgic throwback subseries. They even named it as such: New Super Mario Bros. In reference to the older games: Super Mario Bros (they no longer really call the Mario series Mario Bros). It was not in any imaginable way meant to be a new real Mario game. Actually, No, I really don't but that is another story. That aside: See Mario Galaxy. That is a proper Mario game by Shgieru/Mario Team. They didn't "change teams" per se if they are still making games. I'm sure they are currently working on a new Mario game, Super Mario 3D World isn't it unfortunately Actually, I said I wanted MK8 style graphics in a Mario 64-like 3D mario game. If Nintendo decided they wanted to do a real 2D Mario, I would like it if it had beautiful HD pixel sprites, hand drawn art, or heck high quality 2D vector graphics (ala Rayman Origins) instead of the awful pre rendered CG crap with 3D models sitting on top, but hey, MK8 style 2.5D wouldn't be too bad either! Unfortunately I can't be excited about the new Yoshi's island. I know its not going to have the Shigeru touch, Yoshi's Island DS was a complete letdown, and they have this terrible mixture of prerendered CG art that looks somehow also hand drawn. Also, the trailers they've shown look rather lackluster and with terrible music :/ but maybe I'm being harsh, I'd LOVE for a game of Yoshi's Island level of awesomeness to come out. I don't think that is going to happen
  6. NSMB series usually uses a really lame art style (gross CG backgrounds) and terrible music. They are quick games Nintendo spits out for cash grabs. The real Mario series has moved on from 2D unfortunately. NSMB is a sub series, much like Mario Kart, Golf, Party, etc. NSMB Wii and U are really fun games (NSMB1/2 are kind meh) but they aren't real mainline Mario series games. Shgieru and the main Mario team have little involvement with NSMB Also how the heck does NSMBU have the same graphics as Mario Kart 8? NSMB uses prerendered 2D CG backgrounds and rather simplistic models/textures for the 3D characters that run on them. That makes no sense to even try to compare the two let alone say they are the same Did you even see the trailer for Mario Kart 8? Its pretty awesome "next gen" stuff Again for "Serious" I mean pushing the series forward, single player focused, full on adventure. Examples: SMB1, SMB2, SMB3, World, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy are REAL/mainline/serious Mario games, created by the main Mario team, headed by Shigeru Miyamoto. (I'd throw Yoshi's Island in there too if it wasn't a game almost completely based on Yoshi, but freakin' awesome all the same) NSMB is a "nostalgic" throwback, by design. Super Mario 3D Land "series", while better, is still a throwback of sorts, again by design. "What if we made an older style Mario game in 3D?" basically. Look at the names even: Super Mario 3D Land is a reference to Super Mario Land, an old Mario game on a handheld. Super Mario 3D World is obviously referring to Super Mario World, an older Mario game on a console.
  7. Not many consoles get released in China at launch... or ever. But wow I didn't even notice Japan was missing off that list! That is a pretty huge thing, is MS just not releasing in Japan? Bizarre EDIT: Found some articles that state they don't plan on launching in any Asia territories, including Japan, until "late 2014"
  8. Well, I will agree that a game that looks as good as MK8 and plays more along the lines of Mario 64 would be amazing. I could do with less "on rails" level design like Galaxy / 3D Land. But I don't think many will share your opinion that Galaxy sucked =P I'm also definitely looking forward to Wondeful 101. Thank goodness Platinum gets to do whatever they please on the Wii U
  9. I don't think any console manufacture releases games there, but I could be wrong. I would imagine most armed forces would bring their games / have them shipped to them. The bigger issue is the probable lack of internet :/
  10. Lets minus the graphics out of the equation (though why? Real Mario games tend to push graphics (SMB3, World, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy) too). Its not even a new Mario game. It is a a follow up co-op sequel to 3D Land. Its not even stereoscopic 3D (I dont think), they just put 3D in the title to make sure you knew it was related to 3D Land. Bait and switch IMO. At least what they switched was still pretty awesome, but :/ Also like I said, I'm MORE hyped for what they showed off on Nintendo Direct (especially Mario 3D World!) than anything else I saw at E3.
  11. Brandon: Har har. You know what I mean. Wii U is "next gen" for Nintendo. Look at Mario Kart 8. Those graphics look amazing! Something like that with the gameplay of Mario 64 (or heck, Galaxy. I loved Galaxy) is what I mean. Also Mario has been a 3D platformer since Mario 64. They haven't released a main Mario title in 2D for years (NSMB isn't a main Mario series) I would love a new 2D entry but I do not expect that to happen since NSMB exist. And not sure what game you are refering to, but none of the Wii U titles Nintendo has released has been in 1080p technically. (720p upscaled). Not complaining about that though I would just like a serious single player Mario game (ala Mario 64/Galaxy 1) with the graphics the level of Mario Kart 8. Instead we got a co-op sequel to 3D Land... that still sounds AWESOME don't get me wrong. I'm excited, and going to get it ASAP, but wasn't really what I wanted nor what they said :/ Well, when *I* say "serious", I mean SMB3, World, Mario 64, Galaxy 1, etc. Something showing off systems capability while steering the series in a new fun direction and having an engaging adventure. NSMB is kinda junk throwaway stuff (Can be fun on its own but pales compared to a serious entry), and 3D Land is like a 3D mix of NSMB and Galaxy (Awesome handheld entry, way more fun then NSMB games, but still not quite there) Super Mario 3D World is like a console / co-op follow up to Super Mario 3D Land. Its like NSMB Wii was to NSMB1. A better entry than the last, but not a real stand alone Mario game :/
  12. I'm bummed we didn't get a next gen Mario like promised, but Super Mario 3D World still looks promising as a co-op game, and still looks pretty neat. Love the Super Mare Bros 2/USA style of Mario/Luigi/Peach/Toad which each different abilities. Mario Kart 8, Smash Bros Wii U, DKC:TF, Wonderful 101, Pikmin 3, Bayo 2, Xeno 2...all looking great. I'm more excited about all the stuff coming out on the Wii U now than anything I saw coming out yesterday honestly. Only thing that got me hyped yesterday was KH3/FFXV and well... PS4 acting like a regular console lol. Other than that XBO/PS4 was kinda meh in the games dept
  13. 1. DRM is bad for consumers, no if ands or buts. Piracy is and always has been just a scapegoat. A good game will sell plenty. A pirate will usually never buy a game (Unless they can play it first!) so it is not a loss, no matter how much publishers want to claim it is. So it doesn't matter if they pirate 500K copies when the game sells "only" 75K: only 75K people wanted to give them money. The 500K download copies does not somehow by magic take money away from them, they are totally a wash, and quite possibly a part of the 75K people that DID give them money. If they add bad DRM, that 75K would of shrunk, not grown. 2. What are you even stating here? DRM is DRM. This DRM is pretty bad and it is ON a console. AntiPiracy is of course a default but they've added fighting the "evils" of used games, another scapegoat, in their quest of control of the consumer. A DRM specifically created to fight used games (perceived profit loss or not, it has been consumer right to sell/trade games) sounds a lot worse to me than one created to fight piracy. Pirates will eventually find a way to break it too anyways, then once again the only ones effected are legitimate consumers. The reason the Xbox One has this new bad DRM is because giant publishers are greedy, and want in on the infinite money loop GameStop created as a business. While stepping on consumers left and right without a care. Used games have existed since the dawn of gaming, and have never been quoted as source of "lost profit" (imaginary). Now magically they need this money. Meanwhile who else is effected? People who sell/buy stuff on ebay/pawnshops/etc, people who lend games to each other, people without internet and/or travel to places without internet, etc. Gotta crush that, because PROFIT!
  14. So hopefully best of both worlds: Good for devs, good for gamers!
  15. Not everybody wants to download huge games. Some people also still want physical copies of games. None of that matters at this point though. Not a Sony fanboy (in fact, they are my least liked of the big 3) but PS4 has pretty much won this by default. Wii U is a good secondary. Xbox One? Maybe i you don't like videogames and like to watch TV. Really can't recommend it at this point
  16. So yeah. PS4 I think is an easy choice. Lots of games, does basic stuff like support used games, and its cheaper ($399). Compared to the terrible nightmare that became the XBO at this point, whats not to like? Angel City: Guess you didn't hear about 358/2 Days, Birth by Sleep, and Dream Drop Distance, Coded, and the HD collection coming out. Not a dead series by a long shot! I hope not. PS4 seems a lot better designed then the terribly, terribly designed PS2. People may have made good games for the PS2 but it wasn't by choice, it was just the only thing you could make money on at the time. Sony took advantage of the PS1 popularity. PS4 is way better in that respect. Not only does it look nice and not as ugly as PS2 made everything, but devs are making games on it because it is a nice platform. I hope this is way better than the PS2 days because it was like a nightmare IMO lol
  17. 360 was $299 for the Core model and $399 for the Premium model.
  18. We don't know much about the PS4 yet. I don't think it would be good to assume it would be cheaper than the XBOne(they are similar in spec, and if anything, PS4 is rumored to be slightly more powerful). Nor would it be safe to assume that it is not doing the same thing Xbone is doing as far as semi-blocking used games or some sort of daily check. Tomorrow should hopefully answer some of these questions
  19. Also doesn't help that, once you can even get online and play the thing, it is actually a broken and bad game with less features than previous SimCity games. It is quite sad it has sold as much as it has honestly since it is such a train wreck both from a game and DRM standpoint :/
  20. Gmixer posted this in the Wii U thread: http://www.sonicretro.org/2013/06/plenty-of-new-sonic-lost-world-gameplay-footage/ Now, being cautiously optimistic, but this is looking pretty good! The 1st level kind makes me nauseous a little but maybe because i'm watching and not playing, but the later level that is more 2.5 D looks pretty cool. I also like that they've actually made his default run into more of a slower jog so there is more focus on platforming, UNLESS you want to just run then you can hold R. Kinda like best of both words catering to both types of Sonic fans
  21. I have a Sonic: Lost World thread :/ I'll go post those there I guess
  22. Why would you let your 5 year old cousin online? with voice chat turned on? Having the option to use voice chat is still better than not having it at all :/ That aside, I'm really really really excited to see what the next Mario looks like. E3 can't come faster
  23. Something odd going on, Nintendo seems to be collecting all the unsold white Wii U's 8GB. Some people are calling it a recall, but Nintendo's official response is they are just "moving around stock" Why? Possibilities: They have discontinued the 8GB SKU and are moving the units over to stores that need them and sell more of them They are repurposing them for a new unannounced SKU Keep in mind, in Japan they just announced a new White 32GB Deluxe SKU, so it is very possible they no longer plan on keeping the Basic model around at all. (Maybe price drop coming?) The Basic SKU is kinda lame anyways Also some new items announced for Japan: 32GB White Premium Wii U i mentioned earlier Official rechargeable batteries for Wiimotes - Finally! Official charge stand for Wiimote batteries Extended Battery for Wii U Gamepad (Est 5-8 Hrs vs 3-5 Hrs of the original)
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