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  1. Well, if you read what those posts said: Just giving examples of how Nintendo can support a console all own their own (despite people always putting down the Wii, it has amazing games) and even if 3rd party support isn't strong as others, 3rd parties still can create some unique experiences for their console. Plus the Wii is BC to the Wii U anyways, so if you missed out the first time around you can still go grab some of those oldie but goodies. Now one thing that the Wii had that the Wii U doesn't is an insane fad that created a large installed base. Nintendo needs to work on that installed base problem, and the only one that can fix that is Nintendo. Tons of people aren't going to rush out and buy a Wii U for a game they can get elsewhere (which most 3rd parties are barely putting good ports, let alone unique games, because there is no installed base). If the tons of great games being released here soon on the Wii U doesn't turn around things, Nintendo needs to drop that price ASAP (price drop + good games saved the 3DS). $350 Wii U (Deluxe) vs $400 PS4, even as huge fan of Nintendo's work I can see the better choice/value at that point would be PS4. You get so much more with the PS4 it isn't funny. I'd say $250 like the Wii would be a sweet spot, but I don't think they'd drop it lower than $300 (they are probably going to phase out the Basic model rather than drop it to $250)
  2. The Wii has its up and down but once again a lot of games by Nintendo (and some 3rd party love) makes it worth buying/owning: Developed by Nintendo (any section): Super Mario Galaxy Super Mario Galaxy 2 New Super Mario Bros Wii Metroid Prime Trilogy Metroid Other M (*sigh*) Donkey Kong Country Returns Zelda: Twilight Princess Zelda: Skyward Sword Super Paper Mario Super Smash Bros Brawl Mario Kart Wii Punch Out!! Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn WarioWare Smooth Moves Kirby Epic Yarn Kirby Return to Dreamland Rhythm Heaven Fever Published by Nintendo: Sin & Punishment: Star Successor (Treasure) XenoBlade Chronicles (Monolith) 3rd Party: Pandora's Tower (Ganbarion/Nintendo/Xseed) Sonic Colors (Sega) Klonoa (Remake) (Namco) The Last Story (Mistwalker/Xseed) Monster Hunter Tri (Capcom) Zak & Wiki (Capcom) Tatsunoko Vs Capcom (Capcom) Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (Konami) [Originally Wii exclusives] No More Heroes (Grasshopper/Ubisoft) No More Heroes 2 (Grasshobber/Ubisoft) RE: Umbrella Chronicles (Capcom) RE: Darkside Chronicles (Capcom) And those are just some top picks. There are tons of other games missing off this list that are enjoyable at the very least, a lot more by Nintendo (Mario subseries, "Wii" series, etc) All these work on the Wii U thanks to Backwards Compatibility so if you didn't pick them all up the first time well, you can always pop them in the Wii U Lots of people complain about the Wii but this is an awesome list of games to me. *shrugs* Anywho, Nintendo has a pretty good lineup heading for the Wii U, lets hope they use their magic to make the Wii U shine. So far 3DS went from looking REALLY bad to being an awesome device, I'm hoping the same for the Wii U. G-Mixer: While I'm looking forward to Mario Kart 8, and I can play Double Dash both on my Wii and in Emu in HD... kinda wish they'd release another version of Double Dash (like MK:DD:HD) with some online play added.. would be pretty awesome! That and get some F-Zero GX action going on... Miyamoto said he doesn't know where to go with that series... Just have Sega make another game like GX... or even if they want to be lazy GX:HD with online play added too. I know some people would gripe at this though
  3. Destiny is scheduled "2014", no specific date. It is also on 360/PS3/PS4/XBO so its not exactly exclusive, and it looks basically like Halo+Borderlands. Looks pretty cool honestly, but at the end of the day its another FPS in a market flooded with FPS. Just get kinda tired of them and wouldn't run out and buy a console for it myself personally (especially if I have a console I can play it on (I own both 360 & PS3)) As far as Knack, if you watch actual gameplay videos of it, hes just walking around, punching things and things fly into him, rinse cycle repeat. It just doesn't look engaging. The concept looks neat and the cinematics are definitely Pixar quality (Probably prerendered though), but the gameplay itself just looks largely uninteresting. I'd like for it to do well though, so we'll see when it comes out! Knack is about the only thing that caught my eye for PS4 exclusives (that and whatever the heck Media Molecule showed off using the Move). But the only games that are "GOTTA BUY IT" for me are MGSV/KH3/FFXV, which aren't exclusives either Don't get me wrong, between exclusive and 3rd party content, the PS4 looks awesome and I will definitely be picking up one. But too many other games coming out this holiday across every single platform currently demand my attention/wallet lol. I haven't bought a console at launch since Dreamcast anyways But yes, Wii U's approach is different than PS4/XBO. But most of us knew that already. Nintendo's approach is the same as last generation basically: A generation step behind on tech, with a focus on family oriented fun and local multiplayer. Literally their advertising of the console was to get family together in the living room again. The GamePad itself is stationed as a device you can separate from your TV while others use it. Direction opposition to MS's XBO approach where a user is dominating the TV for game, multimedia, and application use. Interestingly enough, while a user is doing that, another user can be on the Wii U enjoying their game in either the same room or elsewhere. So Wii U fits in both XBO/PS4 environment. It makes an amazing 2nd console. PS4/XBO would be completely useless at this moment to get both of them. (Especially XBO IMO. Least interesting of the 3) Now a lot of us were hoping even if the tech was a little behind that the 3rd party games on the console would at the very least outperform the PS3/360 since you know.. they were 6 years old. When the reviews of games came out indicating performance issues (either because bottleneck CPU or bad/rushed ports), it became clear the Wii U isn't going to be useful for anything other than Nintendo's games and unique Wii U titles. You can still play 3rd party games on it if you want, but I wouldn't personally bother if you have another platform. This may change if dev's take the time to optimize their games on the Wii U, but honestly it seems devs are overlooking it until it reaches larger numbers That being said: Nintendo can single handedly create a library of enough unique and exclusive content all by themselves. They are probably the only company capable of a feat like this, and they do it basically every generation of console. Pretty impressive if you ask me. So what do we have on the Wii U so far as exclusive content? Released: Nintendo: Nintendoland New Super Mario Bros U (+New Super Luigi U) Others: Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate ZombiU (Not Nintendo btw, Ubisoft) Lego City Undercover Coming: Nintendo (Dev) Pikmin 3 Super Mario 3D World Mario Kart 8 Zelda: Wind Waker HD Donkey Kong Country Returns: Tropical Freeze Super Smash Bros Next Zelda Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem (Combo Atlus + Nintendo (Intelligent Systems))* Nintendo (Publish) Wonderful 101 (Platinum) Bayonetta 2 (Platinum) "X" (Monolith) Sonic: Lost World (Sega) Others: :/ Not Exclusive Anymore But: Rayman Legends was supposed to be originally That is a LARGE list of exclusive games. No other console next generation has this many exclusive titles. And Nintendo hasn't even TOUCHED other large IPs like Metroid, Star Fox, FZero, etc, and are than capable of creating/publishing a new/other IPs to boot. So... just like every Nintendo console since the N64. You get it because of Nintendo The big problem was we didn't even HAVE much Nintendo love for the last 6+ months... a Nintendo console without Nintendo games isn't much of a console at all. Now that we do, we can be happy
  4. Confirmed: Mario Kart 8 is a better console than PS4/XBO. Conan says so
  5. Eh, guess different tastes. Everything looks dull to me at launch for PS4/XBO (not into realistic racing, just like Kart style games). Knack's cinematics look really cool but whenever they show off the gameplay it looks like the most generic beatemup I've ever seen, just with a cute edge. Guess we'll see how it is when it comes out. Not something I'd run out to buy a console for IMO. Besides, so many games coming out this holday for PC /PS3 / 360 / Wii U ( A lot of Wii U games ) / 3DS I don't have budget for yet another console + accessories + games right now. I would of picked up a PS4 solely on the hype that was generated by Sony's E3 conference. But then Nintendo's E3 stuff happened. However, once MSGV/KH3/FFXV hits though.. I'll have to do something
  6. Well, I can understand being disappointed at the current offerings. Technically they have not even released their first AAA title yet on the Wii U and its been over half a year. Pikmin 3 will be their first big AAA game on the Wii U and it was supposed to be a launch title. But it is coming soon, and Nintendo showed off a bunch of other top quality beautiful looking games (both developed in house and things they are publishing), some coming soon, some coming later. But you don't appear to be happy about any of them though so I'm not really sure WHAT you want If specifically all you wanted were 3rd party games on the Wii U, yeah traditionally 3rd party doesn't do well on Nintendo platforms so that was a mistake to depend on that. If you aren't going to be happy with what Nintendo has to offer then you probably aren't going to enjoy the Wii U at all :/ Unless someone does something unique on the Wii U (like ZombiU and Monster Hunter 3 U) 3rd party ports are probably going to be pretty much the worst one out of any other platforms (or most companies are skipping out until sales pick up) Zelda games are also something that never happen near launch. Twilight Princess was an end of life GCN game that got a quick Wii port, Skyward was the first real Zelda on the Wii and that was 5 years after it came out. So if we get a Zelda game earlier than 2015 I'd be surprised. Anywho, give them time. It hasn't been that long, and all consoles have kind of a rough start out of the gate. PS3 took years before it started getting a good library (and ports that were not terrible). I'm not expecting there to be anything worth buying a PS4/XBO for a while (if you have a good PC at least).
  7. Because Nintendo does not provide good quality products to a huge audience that buys and enjoy their products. Obviously. Well Brandon, again, if you have some weird irrational love for EA and even more irrational hate for Nintendo, why on earth did you get a Wii U? Terrible decision. Anywho, those of us who actually LIKE Nintendo will obviously enjoy the great games Nintendo makes on the Wii U.
  8. Yeah Jon lately doesn't seem to ever even pay attention to what was happening on the screen (maybe some major ADD or something) and has just been babbling on about movies and broadway shows and other things I am not too interested in. I liked Arin's focus more. Their banter back and forth though was certainly enjoyable regardless This Danny guy I dunno. He is not super great, but at least he pays attention to the game I guess. The Steam Train show (with a guy who has even less talent) is ridiculously bad and should not be hogging into the GameGrump main channel.
  9. As far as sports: Some people like sports, some people don't. Simple difference of opinion there. A company who makes most of their money off yearly installments that have stagnated, along with practicing anti competitive measures such as blocking the license for anybody else to use, repetitively participates in anti consumer moves, and destroys studios that they've acquired are all a much much bigger problem then "Hey we make sports games." If all they did was make sports games I wouldn't have an issue with that. Not personally interested either way but no issue Melbu Frahma: But then you are stuck in SD resolution and GameCube graphics and your software lineup is older stuff and nothing new. Plus you are missing the weird new touchscreen/pad feature that Wii U offers. You can also play Wii games on the Wii U so you can actually still pick up some of those cheaper/older Wii games Not a bad recommendation otherwise. Definitely a good idea on a budget if you haven't already bought a Wii (and every good game on it) and don't mind not having the latest titles out there. Lots of good fun to be had on ye old Wii
  10. So you are combining the 2D/3D series AND 3DS (handheld) /Wii U (console)? and even trying to throw Paper Mario in there? And you can't see the difference between heavily recycled low quality slop (F&F6) and SM3DWorld? Okay then. Guess we'll have to disagree. At the very least I'd say you never played 3D Land to have this opinion.I think a lot of people who are saying these kinds of things haven't played 3D Land. Anywho, there are more than just Mario platformer games coming out to the Wii U (Never thought i'd see the day were people would complain there was "too much Mario platformers" lol). Pikmin 3 for example, which the 2nd game was 2004. Mario Kart and Smash generally only have one entry per console That aside Rama: We are at least at an point where you can say they aren't really worse. Brandon has put them underneath every single dev/publisher on the face of the planet (except Sega)
  11. It would be kind of weird for someone who wanted 3rd party titles to have hung on all these years (since 2006) and waited for the most expensive and worst performing (bad ports) and least supported of the three (360/PS3/Wii U) for 3rd party games. I really don't think people are buying Wii U specifically for 3rd party support. That would be a terrible and expensive mistake, and someone completely ignoring reality and history. Its possible I suppose... but lol
  12. Given those are the only other consoles on the market, I'm not sure what you were referring to then.
  13. I wouldn't of expected a 3D Mario game to even be multiplayer, let alone online. In what world is there people expecting main Mario games (primarily single player games) to be online? Odd
  14. More 3rd party games T+ rating on the Wii U than... 360/PS3? I don't think so.
  15. Yeah the original is in 99 (US/JP/EU), and Melee was actually 2001 (US/JP, 2002 PAL) Everybody: As everybody has already pointed out, there is maybe 1 or 2 entries to each of these series per Nintendo console, often spaced years apart. On average your average developer/publisher these days produce 3+ games in a series per console, and are far more copy/paste approach than what happens in Nintendo's games. Pikmin 2 came out in 2004 for goodness sake. I mean, if you just don't like that there is a lot of fun games coming out from Nintendo, or don't like the style of Nintendo's games in general, that is fine. But why would you buy a Wii U to begin with if you didn't like Nintendo? That is the biggest enigma here. EDIT: Let me put this into some more perspective: On the Wii there are 3 only Mario platformers: New Super Mario Wii (2D), Super Mario Galaxy (3D), Super Mario Galaxy 2 (3D). NSMBWii is completely different than SMG but lets just put these together to BOOST their numbers. There are nine Call of Duty games on the Xbox 360, and more being made, all basically the same There are six Halo games out on the 360, all basically the same. There are nine Madden games on the 360, almost identical. There are nine FIFA games on the 360, almost identical. How on earth is Nintendo worse?
  16. I really doubt anybody would say 3D Land is disposable, and depending on how 3D World turns out I doubt it will be anymore "disposable" as Galaxy 2 was to 1 "Becoming" is a lot different than "worse than". I don't think anybody is arguing that Nintendo isn't starting to play it safe here with some of their current releases. But none of those games are becoming yearly installments. None of them are unpolished turds. Acting like they are worse than any other major publisher/dev is nonsense. Acting like they ARE the worst major publisher/dev is probably trolling. How are those 3D platformers when they are clearly 2D?
  17. Yeah that would work if I listed them as Nintendo's games, like you keep saying Shadow is EA's game. Except I specified they were by Platinum games, and Nintendo is just publishing/funding them. However, they are exclusive to the Wii U, a Nintendo platform, and one you own! Good try though!
  18. EA has a long history of destroying developers and stiffing creativity. Just ask Bullfrog, Westwood, Origin (the Ultima series company), Maxis, and soon BioWare. They also hate competition and will stop at nothing to stop it, including abandoning the Dreamcast because Sega had a good football game developer, and acquiring exclusive NFL license so nobody else can make NFL licensed games. And I won't even get into Origin (Service) Mass Effect: Developed by BioWare, run into the ground by EA. I enjoyed the trilogy, but I would of enjoyed it more if EA wasn't involved. Dante Inferno: An okay GOW Clone. GOW/DMC are better. Shadow of the Damned: Developed by Grasshopper Manufacture / Suda 51 (who I am a big fan of). He never sticks with a publisher. Here is a list of games: Killer 7 (Published by Capcom) (GCN game) Contact (published by Atlus) (DS game) No More Heroes 1 & 2 (Published by Marvelous/Ubisoft) (Wii game) Zero: Tsukihami no Kamen (Fatal Frame 4) (Published by Nintendo) (Wii game) (Japan Only :/) Sine Mora (published by Microsoft/Kalypso) (XBLA/PC) Lollipop Chainsaw (published by Kadokawa/Warner) (360/PS3) Liberation Maiden (published by Level-5) (3DS Game) and his next game: Killer is Dead (published by Kadokawa/Xseed) (360/PS3) So as you can see, he has nothing to do with EA. Please stop using Shadow of the Damned as some sort of example of EA's creativity. That is all Suda 51. On that same note: Nintendo is publishing/funding two exclusive games from Platinum Games (Bayonetta 2 / Wonderful 101) whos games are in the same crazy style as Suda 51, but even more polished. I've mentioned this before but it seems you side step it. Wonderful 101 being a completely new IP, and Bayo 2 being a fairly new (and amazing) IP's sequel. Again, if you don't like Nintendo, why did you get a Wii U in the first place? Obviously your favorite company, EA, is on 360/PS3/XBO/PS4/PC so there wouldn't of been a single need to purchase a Wii U to play their games. In fact, their ports on Wii U are the worst on the console. I mean, if I disliked a company so much, it would be rather odd for me to buy a console that is pretty much guaranteed the only good games on it would be FROM that company. Another question that you often side step. I'm scratching my head on this one. Last company to switch to 4P? 4 Player? NES, SNES had 4 player multitap, and N64 had 4 player ports built in (PS1/Saturn/PS2 didn't), how were they the last? Also, Nintendo generally is the leader in a lot of areas: The Dpad is their design, along with the classic 4 face button and shoulder layout used by every modern controller design. Analog stick was theirs (reintroducing it into the mainstream at least). Rumble was theirs. They were the first to make touch screen gaming big. First to have first party wireless controllers. Motion controls were theirs. A full second touch screen to interact with your console is theirs. (See MS' Smart Glass and Sony's Vita trying to duplicate the functionality, though technically Sony had remote play with certain PSP games, wasn't to the level as Nintendo is taking it, nor touch screen). Nintendo will always lack in certain areas, but generally they make up for it by doing something completely different, which the market will then copy/follow. They like to be trail blazers, not followers. For better or worse
  19. Yeah, while Nintendo can often be a trail blazer doing things nobody else has yet, Nintendo is very very slow at adopting things other companies are doing. Especially if it doesn't directly translate into making them lots of money. DLC (for better or worse) and digital downloads are for example something Nintendo is finally warming up to because they realize there is money to be had there. Since they aren't charging for an online service, and don't have a lot of experience in the field, they are being very selective about what games they will support online. Unless they specify, I'd assume most games aren't going to have online support unless they supported them already on the Wii (Mario Kart, SSB are about the only ones) Instead of a direct online support, they've built this weird "Nintendo-only" social network for players to connect with each other instead. Kinda neat in way though but.. weird. Nintendo does things in a very bizarre way. But not new if you are familiar with them.. just frustrating when you want to see them move forward lol
  20. I do have to admit some online multiplayer would of been awesome, but considering this is their first shot at multi in a 3D Mario title lets not shoot for the moon. They didn't even do online multi in NSMB yet. Honestly at this point, I wouldn't expect much out of their online offering. Nintendo is focused on local multiplayer, which is their biggest strength. Online is Nintendo's biggest weak point, and they don't seem to be improving much :/ Strangely enough, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon had a little multiplayer mode to it which was really fun (but a little bugged). Baby steps I guess! Also, just because it has mutli doesn't mean you can't play it single player..
  21. The disagreement isn't with originality (though again, what publisher is innovative or original these days, honestly?) Its with creativity, polish, and quality, which Nintendo will usually win in these areas, on top of very often being innovative from time to time. But from his posts putting Nintendo beneath EVERY SINGLE PUBLISHER (other than Sega) in originality, creativity, polish, and quality. This is including EA/ActiVision, the current kings of destroying originality/creativity while creating low quality unpolished products. I don't think anybody would agree with that but even if that is his opinion: Why did he even buy a Wii U? lol
  22. You said Nintendo is worse than these companies in this regard, in creativity, polish, and quality. Yet these are all still creative, polished, and quality products. Just because they are similar doesn't change the fact. The other publishers make similar products too, they just aren't as creative OR polished. They just have gritty brown realistic graphics as "higher quality" Basically, Nintendo is doing the same as other big devs/publisher, just better, yet you've put them on the bottom of the list anyways. NONE of them are breaking grounds on innovation, but if there was a single publisher/dev who would try, Nintendo would be one. Everybody outside of Nintendo, Valve, and to a lesser degree Ubisoft/Sony is just happy pumping out the same boring products over and over again. Innovation is generally only coming from Indies/Smaller Studios these days
  23. So because Nintendo is making a follow up to a popular, creative, and very polished game (3D Land), somehow this is worse than making yet another Halo/CoD/BF or making terrible versions of CastleVania/Silent Hill/Resident Evil, a yearly installment of Madden, etc? and every single terrible Kinect game? Gotcha. Nintendo is doing such a baaad job. Why yes, with products with such "low quality" as Galaxy 1 & 2, Mario Kart 8, Super Smash Bros, Nintendoland, 3D World, (and on 3DS lets throw in 3D Land, Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon, Animal Crossing, Pokemon X/Y), Pikmin 3, every single Zelda product, and funding X/Bayo2/Wonderful 101, etc Nintendo really is such an embarrassing company. They should just stop making games altogether because they clearly have lost their touch Come on now Brandon. If you honestly feel this way, why did you get a Wii U in the first place?
  24. Really? Against EA/ActiVision/Capcom/MS/Konami/etc you'd really put Nintendo at the very bottom as far as creativity AND polish is concerned? Really? Wow if you aren't trolling, I can't say that a single person could agree with you on this one. Also why did you even get a Wii U if you feel this way? The only reason to own one is if you like Nintendo products, and it sounds like clearly you do not.
  25. Can't tell if your praising Nintendo over the other publishers or saying they are beneath everybody else. You seem to have worded it both ways in multiple posts! I found it very depressing that Nintendo has treated Mega Man with far more respect than Capcom has lately :/
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