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  1. Gario: Aren't games going to be available digitally same day as the release this time around, just like PS4? It really is pretty much a digital only system, the discs are just for convenience of not having to download possibly gigantic games. But heres the kicker: There are plenty of digital only devices out there (iOS, Android, Windows Phone, popular services on PC like Steam, Ouya, etc) None of them require you to be connected to the internet at least once in a 24 hour period :/ This is probably the most inconvenient digital distro as far as that is concerned. If they didn't call it Xbox, it probably wouldn't sell very well at all actually. Heck, its looking pretty unpleasant even with being the next Xbox. :/ This will sell just fine to the "casual-ish" market unfortunately. To both the "standard" xbox gamers (those that play CoD/Halo/Sports) and the folks that want a multimedia device that can also do the videogames.
  2. Unfortunately, I think are doing the "release one or two ROMs a week" bit just like with the Wii. Meaning [*insert game here*] could be next week, it could be years, it could be never :/ To be fair though, I don't think the VC service is out yet, this is like an early preview. So I could be wrong. We'll see. Edit: Oops no it looks like the preview program is over with. So yeah, probably just a handful of ROMs every week, and unless its leaked, nobody knows what gets released.
  3. You leave the Sega CD out of this. It didn't do 'nutthin to ya!
  4. In every single Genesis game it was Robotnik/Eggman (who is technically humanoid), so not sure which Genesis game you played where the villain was something other than Robotnik/Eggman. And even though he was really creepy and too real looking, Robotnik/Eggman was still in 06, but that game had so many other issues that it doesn't really matter. Eggman being a villain in 06 wasn't its problem. I don't see any problems with him continuing to be the villain, just as Bowser/Koopa continues to be the villain for Mario.
  5. Not sure if this needs its own thread but here is the trailer for Sonic: Lost Worlds for those who haven't seen it yet: Sonic: Lost Worlds (Wii U) Personally I'm mixed but as with anything Sega shows off with Sonic you need to be cautious anyways. It screams high speed Mario Galaxy in presentation (and maybe some Sonic Xtreme if anybody remembers that canceled game). Which could be either a good or bad thing The new enemies look terrible though. Also terrible music in the trailer
  6. Whey do people keep mentioning price tags on Amazon? They are simple placeholders until something official comes out. They put them to something usually silly high so people can preorder and they can still get their price guarantee. Keep in mind, I don't really care about the Xbox One at this point either way, but I wish people wouldn't make a big deal out of Amazon placeholder prices (like the $99 for games) as some sort of indication of a final price. Though, if Nintendo is selling the Wii U at $350, I can easily see the Xbox One (or PS4) "premium" editions being near $500, unless they do the whole contract for XBLive thing. We'll see at E3 I guess (if they announce pricing). Also, even if if it was 599 Euro, they would probably match it $599 in the US. They generally pick something around the same number amount across territories, even if the conversation rates seem like they would be different.
  7. Well, there is a pretty big difference between just publishing/localizing (DQIX, BDFF) and having complete control over a product (owning the code, porting it to another platform, etc) Maybe you just mean licensing the IP instead of fully owning the IP. Might be a mistake on my part. Nothing like that I can find on DQIX either way, Nintendo didn't do any development on it at all, and didn't even publish it in Japan. Also, it hasn't ever been ported to anything else on top of that. Still only on DS So either way, it seems an unrealistic expectation for anything more to happen from Nintendo for BDFF, as again they are just publishing in the US/EU and have had no hand in development of the game. I don't think Nintendo is madly in love with the game or something. If it sells a billion copies (which they get a slice of both in licensing fees and being its publisher) and helps push 3DS units, they'd probably be satisfied with just that. They didn't even have to spend money to develop the game. For them to port the game they'd have to spend money on the IP (whether license or own) and do actual work on porting / redoing it. I don't see Nintendo bothering doing all that for a game they again probably don't care a great deal about Now SE, being both the IP owner and developer, can probably do whatever they want with the game unless they've entered some exclusive contract. But expecting them to jump on the Wii U now (when it isn't even popular) instead of whatever is the most popular console at the current moment (or heck, iOS/Android) is again a bit unrealistic. Until some other announcement happens: Its on the 3DS, with no plans on being ported to any other platform at this time. End of Story honestly. We've known this for a few while (game came out last year in Japan for goodness sake) Now, if you have no plans on even buying a 3DS, and cannot contribute to anything about the actual game otherwise, please just stop Brandon lol Reposting Mirby's pictures so it doesn't get lost in this nonsense:
  8. Now, I am trying to look this information up, but I really do not believe Nintendo owns the IP rights to Dragon Quest franchise and/or just IX. Just the publishing rights to IX outside of Japan and possibly a contract to keep it exclusive to DS. Would be the first I've heard of it myself if they actually owned the IP to any of it. Edit: Nope, nada I can find at least. DQIX was developed and published by SE in Japan, Nintendo just published it outside of Japan. Can't find any articles mentioning transfer of IP rights, and that would be rather big news and completely bizarre as DQ is one of the biggest franchises SE has. Feel free to correct me on this one Mirby (any articles mentioning it will do)
  9. Is that a serious question? A better question would be why would they? Why would Nintendo feel the need to buy the IP rights to some random and not even super popular IPs? They make plenty of their own IPs, and buying an IP can be a gigantically expensive endeavor, especially if it is anything remotely popular. It is safe to say they will probably not buy the IP rights and Square Enix would have little reason to sell them to Nintendo unless they weren't worth anything (which why would Nintendo buy them?) Anyway, anything can happen in the future. This isn't a speculation thread on which platform BDFF could be ported to. The point being: The game isn't developed by Nintendo, but it is on the 3DS. SE hasn't announced a port to any other platform, so if you want this game the 3DS is the only place to get it. If you don't like that wait X amount of years for some other announcement, if ever In the meantime, the rest of us will be playing it on the platform it was announced for. (And we didn't need to be Nintendo employees to know that!)
  10. Bungie was at one point purchased and owned by MS, who also helped fund the development of Halo. MS also owns all the IP rights to Halo, NOT Bungie. Are you suggesting Nintendo bought Square Enix and/or the IP rights to Bravely Default? Because here is a hint: Nope. It is a simple publishing agreement to release the game outside of Japan. Next? Better yet, maybe not Brandon. Just stop.
  11. But it isn't a Nintendo game? Nintendo didn't make this game. Did you not read my post before? Square Enix and Silicon Studio are the developers of this game. Square Enix even self published it in Japan. Nintendo just picked up the publishing rights for NA/EU. Nintendo has nothing to do with the development of this game. Ditto with 4HOL, Nintendo didn't even publish that in NA, Square Enix did themselves. You don't need to be a "Nintendo employee" to know what platform a game was announced on either. Its called reading an article about it? Watching a trailer? Seeing it at any gaming expo (in person or many website's coverage)? Wiki? Google? Anything man, internet is a vast source of information. Seriously that post made no sense Brandon.
  12. So the next Halo thread do you think its reasonable to walk in and say "I wish all the Halo games would be remastered for PS4 as I have no interest in ever purchasing the platform it was on"? Come on Brandon =P You don't need to post about the Wii U and your wanting games for it on every thread. It is a 3DS game. Again, always been announced that way. If you had any real interest in the game to begin with you would of known that. EDIT: Also why are you even talking about 4 Heroes of Light? This is a Bravely Default thread. 4HOL is a couple years old now, if your just now finding out about it it must not of been important to you to begin with. But guess what happens if you bought that there 3DS that this new game is on? Hey you could play that too thanks to it's Backwards Compatibility =P If either of these games are important to you you'd buy a 3DS instead of just complaining about/wishing it to come to your platform of choice There really isn't much of an "opinion" you've been stating here. Back to the game: I'm looking forward to it as unlike most of the stuff Square makes these days, this seems pretty unique. Just hope it isn't just another pretty looking game and has some umph to the gameplay.
  13. Well, DS is unrelated, this is a 3DS game. If you have no plans on purchasing a 3DS, why are you even in this thread? Its a 3DS game, it was always announced as one. This is a you problem, and not a problem you should expect others to fix. There has never been a time when all games came to a single unit. There are always exclusives to certain platforms. Welcome to videogames? Not sure what other game you were refering to by saying 2, but Bravely Default is again, a 3DS game. Its not going to sell any copies on the DS. Also, I doubt Nintendo has any control on whether Square Enix makes a game on one of their platforms. SE/Silicon Studio is the Developer, and publisher in Japan. Nintendo is just publishing it in the US/EU.
  14. Brandon, even if you think they SHOULD be "remastered" (which will probably be just a port in higher resolution): You realize the game hasn't even come out on the 3DS yet here in the US, and the 3DS still has a far larger user base than the Wii U? Some PSP games got ported over to PS2/3 because PSP's install base was never as high as the astronomical numbers PS2/3 had. But even then it was several years later. If it happens (which is very doubtful), it will happen much later. For example we are just now getting ports of Final Fantasy III on PSP/iOS/Android and that game was released in 2006 on the DS. For now just enjoy the game on the platform it is currently on =P
  15. Brandon, do you ever research anything? CPU: 66 Mhz ARM9 Sub CPU: 33 ARM 7 (Sound, Network, and also GBA compatibility) RAM: 4MB VRAM: 656KB "GPU" Hard pressed to even call it a GPU, Custom graphic architecture, 2D modes/layers are largely based on GBA but has a new 3D modes/layer. Mostly a step below N64 in terms of graphical power. Resolution 256 × 192 Both Screens CPU 268 Mhz Dual Core ARM 11 Dedicated DSP for Sound (133 Mhz) RAM 128MB VRAM 4MB GPU: Custom, PICA200 based(OpenGL ES 1.1 with custom shaders, around the power of the GCN/Wii) Resolution: 400 × 240 Top Screen (800 x 240 in 3D mode) 320 × 240 Bottom Screen How on earth could you possibly say the 3DS is the same as the DS by any stretch of imagination? Even if you ignored all the spec sheets, have you even played or seen anything related to EITHER? Screenshots, trailers, the units themselves? Clearly the 3DS is on a whole other level power and graphically
  16. I severely doubt that prices will drop just because publishers have more control over the used market and/or destroy it. They will just keep inhaling the new-found profits and never look back. Expecting them to do anything consumer friendly at this point is pretty unrealistic. Unless the market completely buckles, prices will stay where they are. GMG is on the PC where there is lots of competition to keep prices low / reasonable. WIth XBLA / PSN there is no competition. There isn't any reason to lower the price. I wouldn't expect crazy Steam-like sales
  17. PS1 was called PSX by just about everybody during its era (obviously being a brand new console there was no future telling of a sequel, so calling it PS1 wouldn't of made sense) Its not our fault years and years later Sony released an actual "PSX" (PlayStation X, a PS2 DVR) to make things confusing. =P It stems from its codename during development (PlayStation Experimental / PSX) and it stuck unofficially, almost every magazine and review site used the acronym PSX. The only ones who seem complain the PSX is actually the crappy PS2 DVR thing are people who weren't around during that time period.
  18. GMixer: You know Wiki contains the dates of most console releases? The original PlayStation (PS1) original model was released in the US 1995 (JP 1994) The PSOne (the tiny and completely different model from other iterations) was released 2000 (US/JP/EU) which was 13 years ago The joke is in the name scheme (hence a PSOne in the picture)
  19. Edit: Aw man someone already posted this. Oh welll, read that article above it has more info anyways: So, its starting to sound less terrible but there is a big problem still: It doesn't seem YOU will be able to resell your own game, just authorized vendors. Also, unless MS makes some special deal, I'm sure this cuts out rentals like GameFly and RedBox still either way. So yeah, this is why EA stopped online codes. MS (and probably Sony, they are just keeping quiet) are changing the way the used market is working right now to make sure they/publishers get a cut of it. Online codes are unnecessary, games themselves have codes required to play and they will get a cut of used games one way or another.
  20. How did I manage that? Sorry, I'll fix it
  21. In the US, N64 (1996) was released 5 years after the SNES (1991), the PS2 (2000) was 5 after the PS1 (1995). Though, in Japan, the consoles were out a year before they came to the US, so you can technically bump it to 6. Mirby: Huh yeah it looks like it was the 10th in Japan and the 17th in the US. For some reason Wiki listed it as 11th. Weird. Still before the Wii though, even if only a few days I think a major contribution to the length of this generation was the R&D costs of the units and the cost of the hardware itself (they were selling them at a massive loss for years), there was less of a secondary market FOR movies/tv/etc too when these consoles came out to make up the costs. They've been trying to recover the costs and actually profit off the consoles this whole time. (The units are finally being sold at cost or profit now) Sony/MS didn't want to release a new console without making sure it was going to be inexpensive for an upgrade, and that is why they also went with an easier architecture for both them and devs. On top of that theres a giant market of multimedia they've delved into now so they can recoup the cost of hardware, even if its smaller to them now, with something besides games. Nintendo just liked earning tons of money, as they've been earning profit like mad with the Wii/DS.
  22. Xbox 360 was first, being released Nov 22, 2005 (Wii was actually last, releasing Nov 19 2006 after PS3 was released on Nov 11 2006) It has been 7 years and 6 months since then. Xbox One probably will be launching this holiday season adding more to that time gap bringing it closer to 8 years. The average time gap between console generations used to be 4 or 5 years so this generation has been pretty much double the normal, and not too far from being a decade.
  23. To play games? I do believe it has some multimedia features, they just aren't fantastic. Also keep in mind, smart phones cost way more than handhelds (without subsidy discounts) usually have a monthly fee, etc. So you better get everything you need out of it. While there are some fun mobile games, the dedicated handhelds generally always get the more in depth and engrossing games. Also, if you perfer games with physical buttons, even if you buy a MOGA for a phone most games are pretty touch oriented. Either way, I wouldn't include handhelds and smartphones in the SAME market, they are definitely two different markets, just one is growing and one is not. 3DS is still doing good DESPITE the growing smartphone market. Now, the set top box market hasn't really taken off per se, most set top boxes are usually cheap and junky. However, set top boxes and smart tv in GENERAL is a (slowly) growing market, and I think MS doesn't want to be left out by competitors (Apple TV, Roku, Google TV) as they do not have a device of their own (Yet) so this is kinda like a trojan horse. MS seems to be taking weird gambles as of late, with Windows 8 focusing on not being like Windows and Xbox One focusing on not being a game console.
  24. I'd include Windows (especially after 8 ) and Office (OpenOffice.org, unless your place of work requires Exchange or something). Why let those slide?
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