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  1. Who are you comparing them to? EA, ActiVision, Capcom, Konami, Square Enix, Sega, Microsoft, 2K, etc Have all stagnated and create pretty much the same products or complete garbage over and over again. Ubisoft has some samey stuff but they are trying new IPs all the time or doing unique things with their old IPs. Sony to their credit manages to find some talent here and there to keep their console interesting, but overall it is hit or miss with them. EDIT: forgot to mention Valve since technically they are a publisher. Valve is probably the only publisher/dev on the same level as Nintendo IMO. I don't know of a single publisher that consistently releases high quality and innovative material as Nintendo. And they double as the developer of those products 90% of the time!
  2. I love Journey and Bastion, but they aren't system sellers nor "blockbuster" titles. They are games made by smaller indie companies who have room to experiment. Indie games ARE where the more unique games are coming from these days. If you're looking for truly unique experiences look to the indie scene not a top tier publisher. That being said, Nintendo still pulls out some amazing new ideas in both their old IPs and their new IPs. A lot more than most big publisher/devs who have almost all stagnated into making cookie cutter boring products. If you read Thalzon's post, they've started experimenting on new IPs on 3DS (Pushmo, Dillon's Rolling Western, HarmoKnight), I'm sure they will get experimental on Wii U once sales pick up on the system itself. Right now it doesn't even benefit Nintendo to get experimental on their on console if nobody is buying the console. They need system sellers. They know familiar titles (like Mario) are system sellers.
  3. Plus we have no idea what all Nintendo is working on. Right now they need to sell as many Wii U's as possible, so they are hitting hard with some famous names and unique exclusives. Miyamoto (#1 think tank) is probably very busy finishing up and polishing Pikmin 3 to perfection. After he is done with Pikmin 3 we'll see what project he works on next. In the meantime, what exactly is wrong with more of a good thing, honestly? 3D Land was great, more of that is good right? New stuff to boot. Mario Kart is always good. More of that is good right? New stuff to boot. Smash Bros is always good. More of that is good right? New stuff to boot. Pikmin is amazing. More of that is good right? New stuff to boot. DKCR was good, more of that is good right? New stuff to boot. Plus by default we can assume a Zelda is in the works, and Zelda is always an extremely high quality title. One could argue they are somewhat samey, but they generally tend to be different from each other to a large degree. They chose to focus on the 3DS Zelda at E3 instead (since its near complete), which even being a "remake"/sequel to LttP has completely new elements. Plus an HD version of a classic is being released to tide fans over (Zelda: Wind Waker HD), which is obviously not "original" and just an old game in HD, but that is a popular thing to do these days (its 10 years old anyways, and won't play on Wii U ). Its a shame they didn't add more content, but they did more to the HD game than most companies do with HD ports. And look at what they are publishing: Bayo was great, more of that is good right? Wonderful 101 is a completely new IP. X we don't even know much about, but already looks different than XenoBlade, and amazing. They also captured an exclusive from Sega: Sonic: Lost Worlds, which looks great so far, and completely original (well, to Sonic at least) Its not like Nintendo is making yearly installments with little to no differences and/or poor quality either, or releasing a partial game with DLC to buy to complete it. Nintendo's software still screams quality 90% of the time, and quality takes lots of time. Not to mention they are doing all of this this while simultaneously maintaining an EXCELLENT library on the 3DS. So just give them time. Just relax and let the fun roll in
  4. Well it isn't supposed to be original as it is a follow up to 3D Land. However, technically 3D Land/World are "new"/"original". Its a new way to do a 3D Mario Vs the style they were using before. And one more "3D Land" style game isn't stagnation like CoD at all. That would be like saying Galaxy 2 was stagnation, when it was an excellent follow up to Galaxy 1 In fact just from 3D Land to 3D World we have: * New suit (s? We'll see) * 4 player co-op (new to Mario 3D games) * 4 styles of play (Mario/Luigi/Peach/Toad) * Pipes are no longer non-interactive tubes that just go one way or another, you can control movement within the pipe, enemies are within the pipe, and they've been made transparent so you can see clearly So it isn't even like the same exact game with new levels. They are still changing it up I wouldn't call 3D Land "perfect" but it was extremely good (especially for a handheld game). I'd say console quality but unfortunately Galaxy has set the bar so high though that it can't help but look a little simplistic in comparison. My one major gripe about the game is the over world map is just plain boring compared to even a game as old as Super Mario Bros 3. Mario hasn't played levels in a straight line since SMB2 (US or JP) so that was a major step back IMO. Quite on the short too (at least, the main game without all the extras. Love the extras though!). That being said, I do love how it brought back so many retro Mario elements that Mario 64 kinda threw away when they started the 3D series. I'd love to see the same concept fleshed out on a console sized game, which is what we are getting here. Better music, better graphics (on a HDTV to boot), new power ups, hopefully a lot more levels (and a real map please? with multiple exits pretty please?), and being able to do it all co-op sounds like a real blast! THE SHORT SUMMARY: If they do a better job on 3D World than 3D Land we are in for an excellent treat
  5. Not sure if it was mentioned in the other thread, but I really hope that is the way the all the in-game music is going to sound. Some great stuff here, and love that sax. Improvements I'd like to see in 3D World over 3D Land: * Music (already a good step there from the trailer) * A Map that isn't a straight line (make it something like SMB3/World/NSMB/etc) * Hidden Exits that give you multiple paths on the map and new levels to go to (again like SMW/NSMB/etc) * MORE LEVELS Of all the retro style elements included in 3D Land I don't know why they went so simple with the Map Can't wait for December. EXCITEMENT! Sixto: It should play along the lines of 3D Land, which wasn't hard to play (control wise, IMO at least), just fun challenge. Now dealing with co-op and other players might might its own set of challenge (just like NSMB in multi) but the play field is wider than 3D Land to accommodate. Plus being in 3D gives you more places to stand than 2D (vs NSMB)
  6. http://e3.nintendo.com/games/detail/super-mario-3d-world/ Release: December 2013 Discuss!
  7. Yeah, I'd suggest playing Super Mario World again Derrit. There are tons of new things added to the game, the cape is probably the least impressive. I would consider the 4 player co-op in a 3D environment to be the biggest innovation here since it hasn't been done yet in the Mario series. Also, first time Peach is playable in 3D And first time that she uses Mario style power ups! Also, while I dont know why they couldn't of tinted the clear pipes green, the clear pipes give an interesting twist on an old standby, in that you can control the navigation in the pipes (a first) and enemies are roaming inside of them. The Cat suit is pretty interesting though in that you can temporarily climb up the sides (both vertically and sideways, though vertically is much faster) of walls, along with faster running speed (i think), claw attack, and an areal to ground attack that isn't a strait drop down like the butt stomp (does this home in like Sonic? I don't know if anybody has mentioned if it does or not yet).From what I've heard/read several people who thought the Cat suit was dumb quickly changed their mind after playing the demo. There is some interesting stuff here, nothing on the level of 3/World/64/Sunshine/Galaxy (for those who keep insisting its a part of those) but some cool stuff at least I really really really hope they add a SMW/NSMB style map you can explore and multiple exit paths, because 3D Land was sorely lacking in this area Wonder if we need our own Mario 3D World thread at this point EDIT: http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=44192 In Depth Mario 3D World discussion can safely go here now! Also, by "new console" hes trying to reiterate that the Wii U is a new console compared to the Wii, since there is still some confusion lingering even over a half a year later.
  8. They could of honestly just added the disk check (for offline play) with their other plan for maximum flexibility, and everything would probably have just worked out. But I guess they didn't think that through. The Family Sharing thing sounds terrible compared to what they were making it sound like Honestly, they needed to think this through a lot more, have all the facts ready and easily understandable (instead of getting different answers each employee) and have a LOT better PR. This was all pretty botched, no matter which side of the fence your on
  9. Monolith's next game (Project name is just "X", they made the "Xeno" series, this looks like a spiritual successor to XenoBlade, if not just XenoBlade 2) If you haven't seen the full trailer
  10. Woah thats a pretty big bomb to drop. Basically everything that made the system a nightmare has been reversed? I'm personally still not interested, but it just went from "OH GOD I'D NEVER EVER EVER EVER BUY ONE" to "I'm just not interested right now, maybe sometime in the future"
  11. Absolutely. I do not believe hardware is an issue with the Xbox One (unless they screw up the manufacturing process and create an overheating problem again. I think they learned their lesson though). All of its specs are soaring above the 360, which was the de facto platform of last generation. Though sadly if what rumors are said to be true, its power is still short of the PS4 which is yet another bad mark against it. They are both so similar and strong (compared to last gen) though it really doesn't matter But with the DRM policy in place, it wouldn't of mattered if it was actually BETTER than PS4 hardware wise, that DRM is a big no-no.
  12. Xbox Original and 360 were great from an architecture standpoint. The 360's only issue was an unfortunate overheating issue due to a fault in the manufacturing process, but its architecture design was solid and to this day 360 games tend to beat PS3 games in multi platform releases. I am not aware of any hardware issues that the original Xbox had, and I'm not sure how it was rushed either. Not that I care at all about the Xbox One at this point, but I'm pretty sure most of the demos shown at E3 (probably even some PS4 games) were probably shown on devkit hardware, which are basically PCs. In theory, even if the PCs were higher spec then the real Xbox One (or PS4), if they were running Windows and standard PC parts, a console generally can do more with the same spec than a generic PC can due to it being a specific hardware target rather then being programmed to work on multiple types of PCs. Also generally less overhead with the OS. Still if either party was using high powered PCs to show off games, that can be pretty deceptive if the final product doesn't wind up looking near the same quality. Then again, Sony showed off obviously fake FMV "real time demos" of the PS3 back when that was unveiled so :/
  13. Speaking of not reading: Feel free to insult me some more in PMs, but lets return this back to the Wii U now, OK? OK. Super Luigi U - June 19 2013 (DLC), July 13 2013 (Stand Alone Retail) Game & Wario - June 23, 2013 Pikmin 3 - August 4, 2013 Wonderful 101 - Sept 15, 2013 Zelda Wind Waker HD - October 2013 Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze - November 2013 Super Mario 3D World - December 2013 Mario Kart 8 - Spring 2014 Bayoneta 2 - TBA 2014 Super Smash Bros - TBA 2014 EXCITEMENT!!! Good times to be had in Nintendo land and good times ahead!
  14. I never played MKWii with motion controls, maybe that was your issue with the game Zircon! Try regular controls sometime. Sonic All stars is a pretty great game though, and until MK8 comes out its the only really good HD game on console (and will still be the only good one on PC). And if you don't have a Wii/U, the only one available outside of Nintendo land. So definitely some advantages there. Though, it did steal the transforming Karts from MK7, its okay because they still did an awesome job implementing it. Its really a blast! The funniest part is its not even made by Sega. (Sumo Digital did both games) Kinda sad that one of the best Sonic related games in the past decade didn't come from Sonic Team.
  15. Note: I never said this. I don't want to bring up the "argument" again, but please don't put words in my mouth. You should reread my posts if that is what you think I said I never got antagonistic either, multiple people have said harsh things to me, and I've just pointed out simple things. I've said nothing but GOOD things about 3D Land, while remaining excited for the Super Mario 3D World. Which I still am! I can't wait! (EDIT: Also, on the chance I am correct and a new Mario is created in the style of 64/Sunshine/Galaxy, you guys are going to look pretty silly honestly. I'll make sure to pull back up this thread =P If I am right we get BOTH 3D World and Super Mario TITLEGOESHERE. If I'm wrong then we still get 3D World. Both are situations are good, but isn't the previous even BETTER? I don't get why people are mad at that suggestion. That is my last bit on the subject, because I'm sure someone will still get mad at this post for some reason. You can PM me or what have you)
  16. I guess "reasonable people with brains" can't read clearly designated titles, and want to lob everything into the same series even though they are completely different. Nintendo must of ACCIDENTALLY gave these games subseries designations and I'm a complete moron for noticing them. Gotcha. Sorry for being organized, I'll just dump all these games/series/spinoffs/etc into a "Mario" category because there isn't any differences. Galaxy, NSMB, 3D Land ALL THE SAME GAME. Heck lets just dump Party, Golf, etc in there too. Its got Mario, its all the same now. Boy do I feel stupid for seeing a difference between subseries now! Now that we are past how clearly dumb I am: Can we enjoy 3D World now?
  17. Its not horrible logic. Its just another subseries in the many many many subseries of Mario: Mainline Series (SMB1, 2, 3, World, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 & 2) Land Kart Paint Paper Mario Mario & Luigi Donkey Kong (non-Country) Party Golf Tennis Pinball Strikers Sports Mix Mario & Sonic NSMB etc etc and now the newest subseries: "3D" ("3D Land" / "3D World") Doesn't seem that far fetched this would be a new sub series to me, considering Mario has a TON subseries. but apparently people are throwing a fit about me even suggesting its not a part of the Mainline And I know it didn't start with Mario 64, but the mainline series has moved onto a 3D platforming series since then. When they revisited 2D platforming, they made sure to to give a different sub series designation ("New Super Mario Bros") I currently see 3D Land/World having the "3D" in the title being a subseries designation like "New" is to NSMB. *Shrugs* Makes sense to me, but apparently that's horribly offensive to people and makes them want to argue so Again, if they NEVER make another full fledged 3D Mario title, and they stick with the style "3D" series introduced than I am wrong. This is a mainline title. If they release a game like 64/Sunshine/Galaxy, then I was right this is a new subseries. But we wont know anything until it happens. So lets just enjoy 3D World for what it is now OKAY PEOPLE? Mainline or not, I can't wait for it!
  18. Must of missed the video where they said "We aren't working on any other style Mario games, EVER, 3D Land/World and NSMB is it from now on". All I heard in those videos were how they were implementing lots of ideas taken from other games in this one, most of that being advertising speak. And why would Nintendo talk about a product that isn't being released yet in the video of a product they are releasing soon? They want to sell 3D World so of course they are going to talk up 3D World like its the cats pajamas (HA!) Its just like how they didn't show off/talk about the new Zelda in the Wind Waker HD video, but a new Zelda is definitely coming out eventually. Zelda Wind Waker HD isn't the new one obviously If Nintendo never ever releases a 3D Mario like Mario64/Sunshine/Galaxy then I am wrong. But do you really want to be right, honestly? :/ I'm staying positive here. Anywho that aside, I can't wait to see how 3D World turns out. I'm extremely excited!
  19. but the main Mario series IS "open" 3D platform games as of Mario 64. But whatever, just seems you guys are saying "THEY ARE ALL THE SAME" when clearly they aren't, and again clearly people in this THREAD are wanting a "real"/"mainline"/"open world 3D"/whateverfloatsyourboat Mario game. And I am almost certain a "real"/"mainline"/"open world 3D"/whateverfloatsyourboat Mario game is in development. THIS JUST IS NOT IT. I mean it is quite possible Nintendo could abandon that style and never look back, but I think hat would make people sad (see people in THIS THREAD). I'm going to assume they are working on one, and that 3D Land/World will fall into their own subseries like NSMB, Party, Kart, Golf, etc. Geez.
  20. I've already posted the similarities between Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy. They are all pretty much the same play style with minor differences. [Hub world, free roaming 3D design that centers around analog control, sub levels with multiple mission based goals (with multiple Stars to collect), Life bar that refills with coins] 3D Land/World are completely different [map style (retro), linear level design that feels like 2D in 3D (retro), a run button (retro), levels mostly have a single goal (flagpoke) (retro), Mario loses a power up or becomes small when hit, dies when small (retro) a reintroduction of a timer (retro)] Why nobody can see this clear distinction is beyond me.
  21. I think Sonic Xtreme was developed by a team in the US, so its very possible
  22. Nobody agrees with me? Multiple people in this thread are wanting a follow up in the style of Mario 64 / Sunshine / Galaxy and can clearly make the distinction that this game isn't like those, and in fact a completely different play style. Its not an opinion when literally the play style / set up is completely different. Some people just don't want to make a distinction and lob everything into the same category. The Mario franchise is HUGE and diverse set of subseries
  23. Super Mario Land (1, 2, 3, etc) is in the handheld subseries, not even created by the Mario team. They aren't in the mainline Mario series [sMB1, 2, 3, World, 64, Sunshine, Galaxy 1 & 2] Flagpoles have been removed from Mario since SMB1 (and 2 Japan), end level gates period have been removed since Mario 64 with the introduction of Stars/Mission based system. Flagpoles are clearly a retro reference. Just like NSMB uses them. Again, the only way I'd consider 3D World a mainline series is if they never ever made a follow up in the style of Mario 64 / Sunshine / Galaxy. And I think that would make most of us extremely sad. I'm keeping hope up here.
  24. Well there is your problem thre. 3D Land is not a main Mario title, it is a handheld title. None of the mainline Mario's have ever been put on a handheld. It also plays nothing like a mainline Mario title. It is an excellent title, because it was handled by the main Mario team for a change, but it doesn't make it a main Mario title. It was built with limitations of being a handheld game in mind, an experiment with 3D effects, and aimed to be a more retro experience. Anywho this is silly. The only way you can consider this a mainline Mario title is if they never create a follow up in the style of Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy, and that I think would make us all sad
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