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  1. I have no idea why you guys want to insist 3D World is a mainline Mario title when it is clearly labeled as a follow up to 3D Land, and clearly plays like 3D Land. 3D Land isn't a mainline title, so why would 3D World be? 3D Land plays NOTHING like a mainline title, and everything they've shown off on 3D World looks IDENTICAL to 3D Land, just larger levels and co-op added in. I'm going to enjoy it, and also I'll enjoy the real mainline Mario game whenever it comes out. But why keep insisting 3D World is something it isn't? Its a console, co-op follow up to 3D Land. That's it. It'll be a great game, and a fun game, but why insist its the next Mario, when clearly its not?
  2. True, but it is not a bottleneck for the PS4 either way.
  3. Sunshine looked and played like Mario 64: Hub world to explore where you entered sub levels, sprawling 3D levels, multiple missions within a same level collecting stars ("Shines"), Life Bar which filled with coins. The only thing different was FLUDD instead of the cool powers ups (which really made the game feel dull IMO) Galaxy looked and played like Mario 64 and to a slightly lesser extend Sunshine: Hub word to explore where you entered sub levels, sprawling 3D worlds (though some were more linear, you still had multiple paths to take and tons of exploration in most), multiple missions within a same level collecting stars, Life bar that refilled with coins. The only thing different is it was in space (funky cool gravity effects), and some of the levels were more linear and/or abstract than others 3D Land/World play/look dramatically different, again, more like an old 2D Mario game in 3D with 3D controls rather than a follow up to Mario64/Sunshine/Galaxy. Its pretty great all in itself, but not the same Have you never seen/played 3D Land? If you haven't, I'd recommend it that way you could understand what I'm talking about Anywho if they wanted this to be a mainline Mario title, they wouldn't of given it a tile indicating it was a follow up to 3D Land. Nintendo has NEVER made a Mario mainline title on a handheld, nor have they ever made a mainline Mario title out of a follow up to a handheld. They have however, made co-op console follow to NSMB, and this is more akin to that. Mainline Mario series always on the console Now as I keep stating: I am EXCITED for this game. I really want to play it. I'm buying it day 1 if possible.
  4. Doesn't mean its a mainline Mario game. It is their version of NSMB basically (like I said before, its kinda like "What if we made an old school Mario in 3D?). A much better product than NSMB mind you, because this team is better at it than the other one. But it doesn't remotely look or play anything like a mainline 3D Mario (neither did 3D Land). I'm still looking forward to it, but it just is NOT a follow up to the mainline series. I'm 100% certain one is in development (along with the new Zelda). At least I hope so, because I'd be depressed if all we got were NSMB and "3D Land" style follow ups
  5. Yeah stuff I'm hearing from the game sounds way better than what they used on the trailer. Good music CONFIRMED!
  6. I believe games are installed to the PS4, and the BluRay itself is faster but since it installs everything disc reading is no longer an issue. PS4 has the strongest GPU out of the 3 so that isn't an issue either. GDDR5 also helps its GPU performance. The insane architecture that the PS3 used as its largest bottleneck because of the steep learning curve. That has also been fixed with the use of x86 processor that everybody is familiar with So basically, everything that was broke with PS3 from a developer/gamer standpoint has been fixed. Even if MS hadn't introduced their insane new DRM scheme, the PS4 would of been a better choice (Being honest, no fanboy stuff). It just would of been so mild that most people would still be questioning which one to get. but thanks to MS' DRM scheme, I think we all know the answer now. EDIT: Also, 3GB out of the 8GB RAM that XBO has is being dedicated to the OS/TV/whatever side and only 5GB is allocated to games. I know PS4 will probably need to use some RAM for its OS, but since its OS multitasking non-game stuff isn't a HUGE focus, I'm sure they are giving more than 5GB to the games. Can't confirm this but this is what I'd guess.
  7. Brandon: I'd make sure your TV's HDMI channel is on Game mode or something. A common issue with TVs these days is they introduce display lag if the settings aren't correct, display lag can completely destroy a platformer As far as the time limit: They usually give you a generous amount of time so unless you are just wandering aimlessly it shouldn't usually be a problem. Either way, in 3D Land they even give you clocks to collect to extend the timer. However, I will note it is a retro element that was cut out of the mainline Mario series, once again pointing to the fact 3D World isn't a mainline Mario. Regardless, the co-op part of 3D World excites me because while I enjoyed NSMB co-op the collision between players while hopping on the tiniest platforms can be frustrating (I really wish you could just turn collision between players off). However in 3D World this should be easier because of the extra space in 3D.
  8. I keep forgetting I created this thread and I need to update the first page.
  9. Oh please don't turn this into a Master Race argument.
  10. I can't say how the game performs in 4 player mode, but if there is any issues ONLY in 4 player mode I would have to say it is a performance issue with the Wii and not something programmed into the game purposely. Wii U is much better hardware so I would assume this wouldn't be an issue Yeah, wanting a company to perform free data recovery (which may be impossible on a flash device) and cover a repair outside of its 12 Month warranty is extremely demanding and falls well outside of their good customer service boundaries. (which btw the packaging clearly states warranty information, i think you can get a few more months extenstion if you register it online now to boot). I'm sorry you had some bad luck with your Wii, but I think you are a very rare example and not the norm. Its not like they have a massive issue like 360 did, or even the lessor known YLOD issues PS3 had. Also, good luck getting ANY company to do free data rescue. Depending on what was the issue, that could easily cost over a grand and no guarantee to work, for what? A video game save? Sony/MS would of done the same, while probably being rude about it :/ Also Wii's are dirt cheap now. It would be cheaper to buy a new one than to probably get them to repair your old one, then you can play your 13 games again. Wii U is also Backwards Compatible and you can tranfer your data over to it, so there is another option Just saying SMG1 & 2 are something really amazing. I see some posts here they say "Mario is just supposed to be colorful and simplistic and isn't about graphics" Really? Mario 64 was cutting edge technology at the time, and Super Mario Galaxy looks stunning. They almost looked 360/PS3 level and it was being pumped out of the weak little Wii's hardware. I loved the story to SMG1 (probably the deepest Mario to date, almost unexpected hosestly) and was a little disappointed they stripped/streamlined Galaxy 2 (not much story, simple central hub) but I saw that game as more of "More Levels" than a real sequel anyways. As zircon said the music is simply stunning (SMG2 even improved this!), the levels sprawling, etc. I like what I see with 3D World, and I definitely want to play it, very excited, but its going to be the more simplistic than a true Mario game. I'm almost 100% positive a real successor to the mainline Mario franchise is coming out though, we just aren't seeing it this year (just like they pushed back showing the next real Zelda)
  11. Zoltan: Like Native said, Xbox One has this DRM at system level, and mandatory. The publishers can choose which features they want to implement (though not all features like used/trading are even available at launch) in the DRM, but it is by default every single game has to have it. The console itself doesn't even launch games if you aren't connected within a 24 hour period. PS4 doesn't have this type of DRM at all (so far it sounds like standard disc checks, but we'll see), so if 3rd parties want a more intrusive DRM they will have to implement it themselves. A 3rd party going through the hassle of implementing their own DRM system is probably going to be rare. This is just like PS3, where the most we saw was Online Codes and bonehead moves like Capcom requiring online connection for a bunch of old arcade ROMs. But those were few and far between MS is also providing the servers for their DRM, Sony isn't. So again, the costs, development, and implementation of an extra DRM falls onto the publisher.
  12. The only issue here is Digital Distro is already here on other platforms like Steam/iOS/Android/etc or heck, PS3/PSPGo. They have none of these restrictions. Why is MS making everything so extremely inconvenient?
  13. Ouch. That whole not being able to even ACTIVATE your games outside of an approved country is really terrible. Region lock OK, IP region lock is just insanity. And I really hope you can at least play your activated games. Part of the article says no but the rep says yes... we'll see
  14. I've played all of NSMBWii with Gman co-op, I don't recall any input lag. The game was extremely responsive as you'd expect from a Mario / Nintendo game. It wasnt online so there couldn't of been any online lag. You guys sure it wasn't your TV creating some display lag? If your TVs settings aren't correct, ALL games have display lag, and its more noticeable on something that requires split second timing like a 2D platformer. There isn't a single review that ever mentions input lag being an issue, quite the oppposite. I'd expect there is something wrong with the way your guys' Wii/TV is set up
  15. How does a guy saying they are incorporating elements from past 3D games mean its going to play like / be designed like them? Kinda stretching that a bit far Go watch any trailer for the game. It clearly looks and plays like 3D Land. 3D Land does not look/play like Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy. There is a path like level design, with a goal post ending, and ? blocks that give permanent power ups, and no life bar (you have no power up, you die). All elements the main Mario series dropped as of Mario 64. (Free roaming level designs, No goals, instead you collect stars, power ups are temporary (or in Sunshine, don't exist), and you have a life bar that refills with coins) Again I'm not saying this is a bad thing per se, but it just isn't a free roaming 3D platformer styled like 64/Sunshine/Galaxy. If anything, these games are more true to the older games THAN Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy, kinda like "what if we did 3D but didn't radically alter the way the game was designed previously?" I like it. I can't wait to play 3D World. But it just is not a 3D free roaming platformer styled like Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy. Doesn't mean it is a bad thing!
  16. This is a continuation from the Wii U thread (again! ha!) I felt like Generations was half a good game (the old school Sonic) parts, stuck with half a bad Sonic game (new school sonic parts) mixed with a lot of dumb stuff (all the little mini side missions). It was a huge improvement over what they've done in the past, but most of it was like "Hey remember when we used to be good?" Yes. Yes I do :/ If they made a WHOLE proper game like old school style Sonic levels in Generations, THAT would of been awesome. Sonic Colors was generally good, but seemed like they got inspired by Mario Galaxy with all the power ups / level design (now uh... Sonic Lost Worlds uh... is REALLY REALLY inspired by Mario Galaxy!) But these are still just 2 games in a long long long long line of bad games. There is no guarantee that just because they did okay on 2 games means they will always do okay on every game going forward. :/ I think its reasonable to be cautious when it comes to Sega, especially Sonic. I loved Sonic/Sega, but there are many many more bad games they've created than good in the past decade That said I can't wait to see if this Lost Worlds continues to "Good" trend, and they don't screw up again
  17. 2 semi-good examples do not undo a decade worth of bad games :/ Anywho for more discussion on Sonic Lost Worlds: See my thread about it! Lets not clog up the thread too much with it
  18. Do I really need to say? If that wasn't sarcasm: Sonic Heroes Shadow the Hedgehog Sonic '06 *shudder* Sonic Unleashed Sonic 4 Ring any bells?
  19. Allstars Transformed was a really good game, (best "Sonic" game in a while and not even made by Sega) but honestly they stole the whole transforming kart thing from Mario Kart 7 :/ Really good game though. Well, sorry to hear you aren't interested in anything this round, but Nintendo is obviously working on a new Zelda, and I'm almost 100% a new Mario that isn't NSMB / "3D Land/World" related and Smash IS coming 100% confirmed (hopefully next year). Maybe next year! As a reminder if you liked Galaxy, Sonic Lost Worlds (Wii U exclusive) looks pretty similar but hoping for a Sega / Sonic game to be good is a gamble so we'll see when that one gets released. However, I'd like to note that you didn't buy a Wii U, my comment was for someone that DID buy one and somehow doesn't want any of these games Breakin' my heart ;_;
  20. I've seen just everything Nintendo has released on it on their You Tube channel and website. It looks great, amazing actually. But I don't see anything here that shows a more open level design ala Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxy. The level paths are wider than 3D Land sure (to accommodate 4 players), but still follow a particular path, still has the flagpole and ? retro style of 3D Land. Do you have a link to a video that shows something I haven't seen? I could of missed it. I'll go look again
  21. I really doubt it will have any elements from Mario 64/Galxies, I HOPE it doesn't have any elements from Sunshine (I really didn't enjoy that one) It isn't a successor to anything but Super Mario 3D Land. They even named it as such. It will play like Super Mario 3D Land, which does not play like Mario 64/Sunshine/Galaxies (except for some of the more, strictly linear sublevels). 3D Land was a pretty unique play style. Again, I'm excited about 3D World, but it isn't a follow up to the Mario mainline series, its a follow up to 3D Land. 3D Land in itself was a handheld experiment / subseries (like NSMB). Again its even named as such by given it a retro style name (Land = Super Mario Land, the older handheld series, World = Super Mario World, an older console game). It is meant to be retro-ish. But it is far far far more enjoyable than the NSMB sub series, and I am looking forward to it's sequel Nintendo more than likely IS working on a follow up to the Mario mainline series (at least I hope). This just isn't it. I'm buying it though, with excitement!
  22. Play Mario 64 or to a lesser extent, Galaxy. or if you have to, Sunshine (not personally a fan of that one, but it was more free roaming than Galaxy) 3D Land/World has this kinda even more on rails / follow a path level design inspired by Galaxy but taken further. Kinda like a 2D game but with free roaming. Its enjoyable, but it isn't a real Mario 3D platformer in the sense your wandering around a full 3D world
  23. EDIT: I forgot to add "A possibly actually good Sonic" to that list earlier I could add Star Fox to that "not announced/shown" list too, but outside of that just think: They have this many good games (finally) and they still haven't even pulled out their biggest guns yet. We are in for a nice ride down the road hopefully once they get to the big guns. (Though I personally consider Pikmin 3, DKC, Mario Kart and Smash some pretty big guns!) Sure, I already mentioned I was bummed they didn't show off a new true Mario game, but 3D World is probably the best substitute and I'm really excited to play it. I find it hard to believe someone can be not excited by any single game on the list I gave, because I'm pretty excited about each and every one. There is no way I can even afford all the games they are releasing (especially on the 3DS too) as is so I don't have any complaints as is if they space them out. Just as long as there isn't a 6 month drought like launch to now Well, hes entitled to his opinion, but Sony's biggest announcement was "PS4 is a regular videogame console". Don't get me wrong, I got really excited too that they didn't join in with MS's scheme But... Wii U is also a regular videogame console. I also got really really really excited for FFXV/KH3 but... later it was stated they were not PS4 exclusives. But since I'm not TOUCHING an Xbox One, it might as well be I guess I love how they are supporting the indie scene in the console space but.. most of those games already on the PC. I'd rather support someone like Ouya for the indie cause anyways, but kudos to Sony for reaching out to smaller devs and not shoving them away like MS has lately But really out of the big 3, Nintendo was the only one pushing out a giant list of games that were exclusive to their console. I do have to say Sony's conference has convinced me I am getting a PS4 for sure (probably not at launch, but as soon as XV or MGSV comes out), and its even affordable! If they had gone MS's route I probably would of held off until it was like a bargin bin console (I'll be holding off on Xbox One until it is a bargin bin console... if ever. Its the first time i've NOT wanted to buy a console)
  24. Pikmin 3 Bayonetta 2 Wonderful 101 Zelda Wind Waker HD Mario Kart 8 Super Smash Bros DKC: Tropical Freeze Super Mario 3D World Xenoblade 2 Super Luigi U None of those games excite you Brandon (Outside of Smash/Zelda HD)? Why did you even get a Wii U? These games are EXACTLY why you'd buy a Nintendo product. If none of these got you excited, you really did make a poor choice purchasing the Wii U.
  25. Can't agree with it not being strong. I think Nintendo easily had the best showing at E3. Outside of a few notable exceptions (Watch Dogs, Rayman Legends, The Evil Within KH3, MGSV, etc) everybody elses' showing was a lot of bombastic long winded CG/FMV trailers without even showing gameplay or if they did it was rather boring gameplay. Mostly FPS and racers too which bore me to death these days. Worst part about all the Non-Nintendo showings: The best looking/most exciting games shown at E3 were multiplatform (Watch Dogs, KH3, MGSV, The Evil Within, Rayman, etc), some even on PC. Heck, Watch Dogs/Rayman are some of the few 3rd party games coming to the Wii U as well, and they are old hat by now (shown a few e3s ago). So out of the big 3, Nintendo was the only one really showing exclusives Disappointed no price drop but its still early. Good games finally, but without a price drop its going to be rough fighting against a $400 PS4 this holiday season (or 360/PS3 for that matter)
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