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  1. Sorry need the access to the subforum if you want us to post in. But We need to know if ToN accept our WIP ! Btw it is awesome
  2. We finally claim 'The dungeon is full of monster'. It is a collab of me (Rockos) And (-Dan) ToN should check his messages. WIP sent.
  3. Me and -Dan are about to bring ours. Big collab it is. Sounding good so far.
  4. I did! ( )The Intro is very interesting as I said before. After a second listen I can approve that the bass loud. The tapestop thing as mentioned seems weird for most people. But I think it fits there. It's a matter of choice. Do music has to always be the same. All transition smooth? Some transition need to be hard to have effect. Sure you need to bring a lot of energy right after. And this is the point. Maybe there is not enough hype right after the swipe or the tape stop. And yes, snare is very low in frequencies. Maybe it can fit for the dubstep part. But DnB need a more higher snare. This is my point of view. Not everyone will agree. I still wanted to contribute my tips. Great track by the way. Hope I didn't hurt anyone .
  5. Awesome stuff. I'm a fan of this stuff. It's always surprising to hear how good a track could be. The sfx and the synth have a 'something' dark side while retaining the feel of the forest. I'm at job right now but I'm already hyped to hear it on my SYSTEM at home. The only small thing I heard is some synth are loud compared to other. But this is not a big flaw. Plus I'm not in my listening environnement. I may edit this part Great stuff. Please share moaare ! Edit: I just heard the lyrics now that I'm home. It says forest of illusion Why not. The varitation in the lead makes it appealing. Starcraft WHY!? I love the way the sfx were used. I still think some synth are overpowered. But it doesn't matter too much since it's not all the way and not that significant. So after my second listen I can say PURE AWESOMENESS.
  6. The intro is pretty interesting. There are little glitches. The first part imo is a little bit too much but then 1:04 comes in and it's different and well sounding. 1:29 The drum themselves are good. But I think the snare got too much low frequencies on it. Ending
  7. Using FL studio. This is awesome and sounds professionnal once you get the hang of it.
  8. It's never too late for you to turn in a WIP. I'm in the WIP progress too for this track. But I really want to make sure that the track will be enough great for the director of the album. This source is short and was to be excluded from the list of remixable content. Still it's never too late if you wanna collab too. It could be a great experience for me.
  9. I have to admit that this thread is a little bit too much quiet ... I started something great lately. It's not a claim but I hope it'll become one.
  10. It was a challenge for sure for redesign. But worth it. I loved it since I'm a big fan of super metroid. The game sure have it's flaws but it's not that worst. Once you get the hang of it, it's pretty cool. Zero mission is easier to play. But to have 100% it is really tough. NEarly impossible without save stating. Still really really enjoyable.
  11. Also, I found that playing the two best hack of this game give you a lot more in techniques since you learn to use them more frequently. The best hacks are: Super Metroid Redesign (I own it in real CART) And Super metroid: Zero Mission.
  12. Very good stuff. This is well made. I appreciate the 8-bit flavour at some part
  13. Remind me of kid 606. I had my time where I was listening only to this kind of music. I still find it appealing in some way. Well this mix as a lot of liberal and glitching well made. I would like the get a bit more from the real melody. Otherwise, this stuff is still hot as hell for EDM music.
  14. Yeah We should. I made one myself and my current record is under 40 minutes. I learned so much trick by playing this game plus the hacked one. We could teach each other tricks
  15. Thanks to you both! Thanks to Rozovian and timaeus222. I'll work on this ASAP. The feedback is welcome and I needed another pair of listener to help me flesh the things out .
  16. This song is really well written. I love it ! The intro of electronica plus the blend metal and syncopated guitar gives this mix so much uniqueness. 4:00 is :):) This is not getting repetitve at all even with this long write up. I give you my hat! Respect.
  17. I released the track on soundcloud today. This is no longer a teaser. https://soundcloud.com/rockos-1/rockos-understepper
  18. Updated. Complete version.Play time 5:29 https://soundcloud.com/rockos-1/rockos-ff4-tentative
  19. It's a little bit weird but I wanna claim 'The Dungeon is Full of Monsters'. I should come up with something solid. It's gonna be creepy and dark. So Dubstep it's gonna be
  20. Fruity loops can take midis and make them in the piano roll with each instrument.
  21. Still in developpement. My friend asked me for this. I did it Remix: https://soundcloud.com/rockos-1/rockos-ff4-tentative Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lJ-7Wk42aM0
  22. Rockos


    I made a mod for this game last year. If you are planning on trying mod, try mine. It add a lot of item and add level and experience and stat gameplay. http://www.terrariaonline.com/threads/released-tconfig-wip-rockos-arpg-mod.89116/ I was not updated in long time. Hope it still play.
  23. Sounds good to me. Need a little tweaking on the drum side. A little bit more compression and eq could help it too. For a first, it sound very good. Awesome stuff. Keep it up.
  24. Neat stuff as always. I love all the energy and work you put in these songs. I'm a buyer.
  25. Awesome stuff well done. Still conservative but you added your own touch to some part of the lead. Continue your good work.
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