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  1. Automatic goose bumps. The song is so incredible. Never heard something similar and I brought me 'nostalgie'. 1:23 Was the part where I got the best feeling ever hearing this track again. Can't describe how much I love this part. Great mix. No flaw. Thank you.
  2. And now Games like Symphony of the Night got their own tag. The leveling system plus exploration in a vast open world is now called 'MetroidVania'. Thus is a blend of RPG and Exploration/Adventure.
  3. Nice song in overall dude. Only some hitch: -The crash at 0:00 ? I'm not sure. -Pass 2:53 you got a compression problem. Seems like all the synth want to be in the first row thus making things clash togheter. Continue your great work. The ambience is really good in the song.
  4. I listened. The track has a great atmosphere. Tho is not a 4/4 dance track, I enjoyed. Actually this is kind of relaxing. Keep it up.
  5. The second part is more interesting than the first. The first part could be a bit upgraded imo. But the choice of synth is great and stylised. Very different take on the mix. Continue your great work
  6. It didn't go in a deaf ear. I claim White dragon. Check your PM for the first WIP.
  7. I had to watch the video first. This is actually GREAT WORK. Even the video gave me goosebumps. The track is so well done. It made me nostalgic for a moment then felt epic. This could have been a great metroid movie. I would gladly use this if I were nintendo. The piece is perfect. Every instrument and every moement felt like a metroid epic cinematic. Love it!
  8. Ok I have to say that this piece is really epic. That is what I call a newcomer in force. Congrats bro. You did 101%. Every moment was awesome and even the synths were astounding. Every sound well placed. Bro you are cool.
  9. Awesome start. Awesome ALL. This is enjoyable. I really love this mix.
  10. Trust me, the music is awesome. Just be patient. Good things come to life and worth the wait.
  11. I have to agree with the source usage. The dubstep part seems a bit too liberal. I would say the snare for the dubstep part could shine a tiny bit more in the high. And yes the bass is treblely. Too much highness on the bass itself. For myself, the lead is ok like that. I don't think it need tweaking. But it's a matter of taste. Also timaeus222 already said it, but you copy pasted the dubstep part. For the rest, it is a great song. I enjoyed! Continue your hard work.
  12. The idea is rad!! I LOVE. One remix to remember for sure. All the bitcrushed sounds and texture you played with is enjoyable. Lot of atmosphere too for a electro mix. thumbs up
  13. The new monster hunter. If you were a fan of the older one
  14. If I can get above my writer block, I could cover one more song that was not choosen. But right now my musical written is a total wreck. But hey, aug 5 is ideal
  15. As I see there are unclaimed track. Do we need to cover them or the album will still go out without them? Just a question.
  16. It's parse. It need more atmospheric thing for trance. You could use pad and chord with those pads. You also need to get a layer or two of synth so you can cover more space with the lead. I also noted a bit of distortion. Are you equing to make space for your synth? And you could use a limiter to at least keep it under the 0DB . Otherwise good start.
  17. 2007 remix old. The post of this is getting old. And 25 post from this guy (or girl) on the forum make you no chance to see this again. I'm sorry.
  18. I think the drum is buried a bit. There is a bit too much compression at some point. But the structure is cool. And the sounds well chosen. A better drum track could enhance the whole by a lot. Keep at it. thumbs up for 2:14!
  19. Really good stuff. Especially the arpeggios. It merged the theme with a more happy side than other dubstep song I actually listen. It was refreshing earing the theme of zelda again And I'm happy to have heard this one. It's a download for me (I agree/disagree with the repetetiveness. IT's border IMO.)Want to hear more for sure
  20. I don't think this is a good idea for you guys. It actually accepts all my dubstep mixes without any further evalution while it rejected all my other style mixes. So everyone will here too much dubstep and the home of ocremix will become the home of dubstep. Where is the world going to?
  21. I can say: THE GAME IS AWESOME. This is the kind of sequel you'd want from the snes. You got classic character + cranky. And is totally crank. Playing this 2 players is also very cool.I'd say this is the best title on wii U as of right now. It surpass all mario brothers. And dear, the temples are so well thought. Seriously this is a must. DOT
  22. I don't know exactly what sound you are searching for but I can be a helping hand with dubstep. I got a little bit of experience if you get me
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