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  1. What do you think if I take the claim. I'm currently a bit shaked off by real life emotion. But I can make something complete within the next two week! What do you think? Let me know if it's okay with you. If yes, mark it as a claim.
  2. The idea is very cool. But the first part seems repetitive and sparse a bit. The second part is better executed. Continue your hard work
  3. Hi guys and gals!! I found out today a kickstarter worth of all gamer attention. If you are a fan of metroidvania, check it out. There is a great video showcasing the actual gameplay and I think the game gonna rock a lot. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/variagames/reven
  4. nice cover man. Keep it up. I would like to hear moar
  5. Also I can say and add that the drum need help. Also slayer is not the best for electric guitar. Sounds too much like a synth. Otherwise that's a nice start. If you really really need help in fl, Pm me. I know my way around it. Cheer bro
  6. Smash bros 4 Donkey kong tropical freeze Shovel knight axiom verge secret of grindea (if it come out in 2014) wanderlust adventure iconoclasts catacomb kids a.n.n.e. chasm legend of Iya delvers drop owlboy hearth forth alicia ghost song a journey of hope evilquest 2 And I'm not sure if the list is complete
  7. That should be it. I didn't thought! I hope it's way better. I really need to do something epic someday.
  8. Lol nan. J'aime donné. C'est pourquoi je suis sur ocremix. Je donne avec plaisir et je suis content de pouvoir contribuer avec la gang. For those who want to, my fav song of the album is egyptian sitar. It is a mix of my usual style with some unexplored territory. I loved doing it and now it plays a lot on my Samsung Note 2 ! I hope I will do something greater this year.
  9. Hi folks. I just finished my first complete album. It contains 16 new songs from 2013. Mostly dubstep. It's free and on soundcloud. Songs range from pirate to egypt and from two simple note to false guitar etc. There is also 2 videogame remix I never sent to ocremix. For those who are interested https://soundcloud.com/rockos-1/sets/1st-album
  10. Nice to meet you. Enjoy your stay. I'm sure your wife already said we are great
  11. Just making sure. Today I saw this: 2013/04 - Lufia 2 'Step to the Journey' In the judging queue. It is supposed to be on the album of Lufia II: Of god and mens. Do album mix appear on the list in the judging process? or is it an error? Just asking.
  12. Hi Shadic, Feels so good to play project M. I also have talent in remixing but almost only dubstep. If you interested to hear PM me. I'll provide some remix I made earlier. And please guy, continue to improve the gameplay this is so awesome.
  13. I'm happy to announce that I've finish my song It's so bad to not have a sub-forum for artist involved to listen. But anyway, Brandon should get the song in a few minutes.
  14. Actually, it is real but you need to do 2 different move. So with fox you would down a then down b. You repeat this until on ground then cancel for a smash up. The turbo mode let you cancel any move for a different one. Jumps count as a move. Also, projectile don't count as hit so you can't cancel moves with your own projectile. Edit: By the way, I'm happy with the change for game $ watch. I used to own in melee with his moveset. So I'm back to pwning. I also liked the changes made to wario and rob. Those 3 are my mains and they got better move. And luigi in turbo mode is a killer.
  15. I had pre-ordered this months ago. Being an upgrade of terraria, I'm super excited. They added all sort of thing so you really learn new things. IT's like bigger terraria. Edit: But it is not the same game as terraria and only 1 develloper of terraria is on starbound
  16. This game looks awesome. I'm gonna check dungeonmans later for sure. As for Rogue legacy.... I RECOMMEND! The game is so cool. And Playing with my friend was even funnier because you can laugh at how ridiculous you get to die.
  17. Thanks. I'm at 2:50. I'm gonna make sure everything sounds right.
  18. I definitly have a good start so I claim this. Should have a WIP by a couple of hour. Right now I got 60 seconds in . Gonna PM you with the song Edit: Check you message. I got a whopping 2:00 wip in
  19. Hey Brandon? How about we take all the red and green track coloring and making them blue colored tracks ?
  20. I like the take you tried. It's still a little bit too much liberal. And place les 1:07 are a little bit sparse since there is no major part from 0:00 to 1:07 and 1:07 is dry . I would have more of the 2:07 to 2:20. Well placed in the song and this part could be integrated to others since it's the most recognizable part. Otherwise good stuff and style.
  21. DUBSTEP . Really. Bought to help fund this artist. Thanks JR
  22. Good stuff. I really like the intro. I would have seen it full dubstep. But it's me. Everything sounds dubstep to me
  23. Hey, brandon! I know I'm super busy these times, but I saw the boss battle song not taken. Is that normal? IF it's free then I may send a wip in a month or so. I'll try my best to give something. But I don't claim it until I sent a file. (HOPE I make something valuable )
  24. I'm gonna be frank cause this is a source I love a lot. LESS sfx. Sfx like the clap trap was well placed at 1:37, and 2:01 the monkey thing. Also 2:54 the monkey too was well introduced. And onward was ok till 3:45. The rest is really too much. Before and after those mentioned above. And you used the real ripped song a lot. The good is that, 0:47 to 0:58 was pretty original to play with those notes. I'm gladly giving you this. Please take it with a grain of salt. I don't want to be showing myself as a hater. I'm glad you tried to remix this source since this is a popular song from dk.
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