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  1. I'Ve listened to a couple of song. And I see you upgraded your sound since last time I heard of you. Congrats. Best stuff I heard from you since scary docks and nice red coin. Keep it up.
  2. Wooo. Wanted to hear something like this for long. The source is so awesome. I can't understand why there is not that much love. I love the take of this track. Lot of alternative and it's nostalgic by the same time. I enjoyed the moment pretty much.
  3. LOVE! This song is really ultros. Imprevisible. Mysterious and touch a lot in the game. It is indeed an important part and needed to be as epic as this song is.
  4. Showed a couple of friends the trailer. I'm also excited about this
  5. Just look what I found sitting on my soundcloud. This is the old WIP I had done. If you are curious how it developped, check this track: https://soundcloud.com/rockos-1/rockos-through-the-castle
  6. I'm new to midi-ing. But I would gladly recommend the Roland A-800. Still studying all the possibilities on it. I love it very much. The keyboard weigh something. It's not those replicas. It have a nice aftertouch and velocity detection. Programmable and usb compatible. I paid 435 CAD for this. But I bet In the states you could get it for about 300$. Pretty much it. It is hooked in FL studio as of right now. It's 100% midi. No sounds come from this keyboard. 100% satisfied.
  7. Crazy stuff. Please get this posted. This is awesome work. Like already said, a bit of fair work for transition and voilà.
  8. Goosebumps. So heavy and recognizable and so much schala chrono trigger. GOOD JOB.
  9. Very neat Stuff! I love. The only thing I could say is the melody is lost a bit form 1:10 to 1:45. But that's okay with me since it's pwning everything
  10. You are a boss. These 3 songs are example of very neat stuff. And dubstep can sound like this
  11. I had my expirience with dubstep. I was not a hater but 3 years ago, I was fleeing dubstep like the pest. I didn't like it at all. But like any other genre, I learned to like it (especially when I heard Skrillex. The song sounded like vgm but in dubstep.) and then I listened to my 5-6 years old mix and there was already influence of it in it. Today, I really like to work the dubstep with all the kind of synth and subgenre you can go with it. It is specially versatile. Sure it turn around bass, but you can be melodic, jazzy, rocky. And not all producer use melody. I still dislike some dubstep song and only because we can't love all. I would like to introduce every dubsteper to savant. He is imo the best creator of dubstep since he use all influence. And one last note: music is music. It has place in every person life. Just differently. (sorry if I offend anyone. Don't take it too serious)
  12. Nice start. Need bass because this is wip. I SAID NEED BASS !!!
  13. Wanted to share this song with you. This is the remix of connect the dots. I made one 2 years ago. I wanted to see how my production improved. So I went back and Reremixed the thing. Genre: Dubstep Bpm: 130 https://soundcloud.com/rockos-1/death-of-paris-connect-the-1 The older one for you to compare If you wanna: https://soundcloud.com/rockos-1/death-of-paris-connect-the-5 And the original for the curious: https://soundcloud.com/deathofparis/connect-the-dots
  14. I'm not fan of the genre. The source is well used. The kick doesn'T inspire me any confidence. Bit sparse at some place. Otherwise it's good. Hope someone else know better in the genre and help you.
  15. Rockos

    Cube world

    I own it since alpha is up. I played a while but I'm pretty busy atm. Still, great game. Always a lot to do. Exploration is a BIG part of the game. If you like to travel from city to city, you won't be deceived. And the combat are Really hard. You can't just hack and slash. Well done combat system. Boss are boss. They won't get kill in an instant and do a lot of damage. 9/10
  16. I use FL Studio. I'm busy ATM but if you pm me I can pm you with my free time. Obviously when I have . My skills are dubstep and electro in Fruity loops.
  17. The liberal part of the songs give it a little unique feel. I loved hearing the whole in mixed togheter. In fact, I'm not good to give feedback. Only wanted to say: REALLY GOOD MIX!
  18. WOW! YOu made my day sir. Thanks for sharing.
  19. I WANT! Plus I don't care if it's online or not. Is super nintendo online? How much fun we had? I better play a game with people in the same room than playing a game with people all over the world. The feeling is better and the persons are real. Just my opinion. This is why I still love nintendo. They use retro stuff even if it is not completly new. And they group family and friends in the same room. I WANT. Dot. (sorry if my post agree/disagree with your opinion. This is just the way I see it! Thank you)
  20. Well made. It is more a cover than a remix But I love.
  21. Did you get the private message. If you are too busy let us know ;)

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