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  1. Kind of fun to hear. Remind me a little bit pendulum.
  2. Yeah. I'm working at my day job today from 9 to 9 but I'll try to upload my final version for the deadline or later this week-end. But it's definitly coming thogether.
  3. It's sad. What happened? I could try to get something done with it. But as for now don't count me in for this one. If something really interesting comes up I'll let you know ASAP. Meanwhile, I'm polishing the last bit this week just before 15 so I can have something decent for the final wav.
  4. Same as OA! Otherwise this is pretty solid stuff. I like it so far.
  5. Knowing this is not his usual style, I can say this is awesome. He made a good job on not getting too repetitve and getting some heavy bass in. This track is solid. DOT.
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/df0rwk82yuehtqf/Rockos%20-%20Ringtone%20remix.mp3 Job's done
  7. Record it yourself or just find a wav/mp3 version of it.
  8. Doable. I can take the challenge but I would need you to fill me the vocal part for brad.
  9. Still in. I'm a little bit busy with work since I don't celebrate christmas. My song should be finished by january-february.
  10. Welcome to you! hope you enjoy your stay, and don't be shy to use the workshop remix for feedback. It is pretty useful .
  11. I didn't hear the first version, but as of right now this song is awesome. I'm not good at electronica so I can't help you. Still I really love the end. Good work
  12. I'm checking in to say I've done a little bit of work on my mix. I'm leading to the end. I'm still polishing some part of the song. Hope I get more free time. As of right now I'm working on it but for maximum 1 hour. I'm gonna get free time next monday. So I'm gonna update my thread upon this date. Thank you for you patience Brandon
  13. This is kicking a lot o' asses. This is just plain tefnek and wonderful zircon collab. This mix gives the hype while doing anything phisically heavy. The bass is pure, the overdrive is crazy and the breaks and fill let you headbang a lot more than usual. Great track guys! With the rest of the album being beatiful!
  14. Epic stuff. We can't be thanking you enough for this. This is really awesome stuff. Loving all the way.
  15. Posting here to let you know that I should work on this maybe tuesday. So I'll be finished by the end of december. (I HOPE ) I'm happy to see the head taking the project smoothly while still asking constant work. Come on guys and rock this down!
  16. I really enjoyed the mix. Despite the kick and snare from basic pack of fl and hi hat a little bit too loud, I really love what's in there. It could definitly be a nice dubstep mix. From 2:07 until the end, it is awesome and well made. Need a little bit of fill-in drums and this is ready to go. The start feel a little bit quiet and needs more synth. Seriously this is nice work. If you need help PM me. We could collab or I could fill you with very good advice.
  17. NICE PIECE out there. I really love the ocean palace intact lead. Plus all the atmosphere helping around is great. The two themes fit very well togheter. Nice takes.
  18. I LOVE THIS! This awesome stuff. Especially after the drop at: 1:07
  19. I'll be two weeks without updating my WIP, I'm in a real life workload to the max.
  20. I'll be two weeks without updating my mix since I got real life workload to the max. By the time I hope I can get access to the subforum so I can post my WIP. Right after these two weeks I'm gonna work hard on this.
  21. Serioulsy? experiment. I found my own style by making a lot of music. But when I create something or listen to something, what's make the awesomeness is the chaotic part where you have like 2-3 sounds and they are playing hasardously while still being arranged like that. And the other thing I find myself banging at is Slow beats with big bass and High pitch sounds. For the genre, I usually mix electro, dubstep and drum & bass alltogheter. I use FL studio and the basic plug-in. If you wanna try something more like your style, try Drum & bass. Guitars are pretty hot in Drum & bass. Edit: Example of big bass and high pitch sound: @ 1:22Example of chaotic 2-3 sounds arrangement: @ 1:27
  22. I was reading the comments as I listened to this great piece. This is just plain awesomeness. This should be in everyone computer. This is a mix to look at when you want to really expand a song from the original. Actually I'm having difficulty expanding sources but listening to this track make me wanna try new things and be less biased to the genre. We all still have to learn things, and I'm the first to. This mix is my new studying book! It feels new being old with the source. I can take this as an example of what OCR is for. Thanks Xenon for this awesomeness. BTW chiptunes feels like they need to be there.
  23. Yeah. Sounds like you pluged something new in your outlet and they are battling for the ground. I suppose you know!
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