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  1. *raises hand* Sax fills and solo? =P It's not needed but if you want it I'm all about that. Nice 7, I'm a fan of how well this meter works with the source material. And I like your free flowing give+take approach to the melody. The anticipation of certain phrases caught me off guard at first, but upon 2nd listen I rather enjoyed it the whole flow of it. Many props.
  2. The power... Gonna have fun using this. Thanks ISW guys!! By the way I bought the Celestia + Juggernaut bundle, but I'm not seeing any DL links for Juggernaut. Is it included in the Celestia .rars?
  3. Not sure what the story is with this project at the moment, but if there's room for more submissions I would like to so something from Mole Mania.
  4. https://soundcloud.com/detective-tuesday/apathy-syndrome-demo-produced This is a rap about not caring about anything. Enjoy.
  5. They don't call you Phonetic Hero for nothing
  6. Remix of the Solitary Confinement - Darkness Theme from Gyakuten Saiban 4 AKA Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. https://soundcloud.com/detective-tuesday/poker-to-solitare-apollo Youtube Mirror - Thoughts? :EDIT: SOURCE:
  7. It's amazing that we brought up the "escalators become stairs" joke and then they actually became stairs the next day.
  8. There's a typo on the contact page upon completing the form. And so, the label is doomed for failure.In seriousness, this is exciting stuff.
  9. So who else is going? I'll be there for a time on Friday
  10. Kirby Triple Deluxe. Casual as it may be, Kirby is going to be a fighting game now. Life is amazing. Also Guilty Gear Xrd looks incredible. Most 2D fighters to come out in the last decade have been pretty underwhelming, and I've been looking forward to a brand new GG for, well, over a decade. Also Bedman.
  11. Sure you don't mean better than everything? Yeah, I had a blast at MAG. Finally made it. Words can't really describe how awesome it was to meet all'a y'all. Playing Cowboy Bebop music with Will about a moment after I landed at the table made this thing really awesome from the get go. Sweet jams with Melody, Cyril the Wolf, Diodes, Flexstyle, The OneUps, and a lot of other talented cats that helped run the thang over at shed space. Plus playing VG tunes with Will, DrumUltimA's quartet, and other mag goers in the hallway was great fun. Y'all can play! Part of my sax broke after that though so I couldn't jam in the suite with those who were ;_;. But besides all that, great concerts, great gaming, great people. Special shout out to Brandon and Bahamut for their hospitality. I'd go on forever if I don't wrap my post up so hey, nothin' but respect for you OCR heads I just met... Can't promise I'll be able to put everyone's face and name together when next we meet (it was hard enough this weekend there's so many of you), but yo, love. MAGfest is the epicenter of some great humanity. I leave very inspired.
  12. http://detectivetuesday.bandcamp.com/album/mechanical-jam-session https://soundcloud.com/detective-tuesday/sets/detective-tuesdays-mechanical 12 tracks, 10 time signatures. This is a jazz/ instrumental hip-hop/ classical/ electronic/ other inspired album composed and mixed entirely within the Native Instruments Maschine software (with the exception of the ritardando in track 4). One day I made a beat, played a synth solo over it, and had the epiphany to do an entire album with a similar concept. With the exception of tracks 5 and 12, this is a compilation of jams (some improv, some pre-meditated melodies) using mostly NI sounds with some third party Kontakt instruments (shout out to Impact Soundworks and Sonokenetic). released 24 December 2013 Composed/Mixed by Detective Tuesday. detectivetuesday.com baby Mastered by Dominick Michele check his soundcloud soundcloud.com/dahmi
  13. Thanks for listening! Nothing in this song is quantized but the drum rhythm there seems more or less spot-on. The bass in that section does get a little off-kilter (so does the synth) but that was intentional.
  14. https://soundcloud.com/detective-tuesday/goku-prod-by-the-aeon I rapped over my homie's beat. Ain't nothin too heavy but I had lots of fun with alliteration and weird flows.
  15. I'm releasing a 12 track project made entirely in the Maschine 1.8 Software. Basically it's a collection of Synth or sampler solos over beats. Entirely self composed. https://soundcloud.com/detective-tuesday/class-criminal-mix-for Here's one W.I.P. song from it. The whole project is near completion and there will be an updated version of this song, and though the changes weren't drastic there is a little more going on harmonically in the background. Anyway, hope you enjoy this version!
  16. https://soundcloud.com/detective-tuesday/wake-up-prod-by-boog-i-e A rap I wrote to my man Boog-i-e's Coffee and Cake beat. We're going to do a short project in the near future. On this joint I mostly focused on keeping the flows unique, but there are some nice bars in here as well. If Soundcloud doesn't work, it's on YouTube here: Thanks for bumpin'!
  17. Seven tracks deep and I'm diggin' every arrangement. This project has a lot going for it. Mad props and congratulations.
  18. Sampling is awesome. It doesn't matter to me if the sample is recognizable or not, as long as it's used with some integrity to make a good sounding piece. So many great hip-hop tracks had recognizable samples, but the final products didn't sound any less fresh as a result. Even more could be said about songs with samples that are creatively chopped up into something new, at least on the production side of things. Then there are of course those who sample really great pieces and ruin them with mediocre everything else, and in those instances I'm inclined to object to their whole game. As a hip-hop producer, the very first songs I made were sample-based (though looking back 7 years ago, I'd rather say I simply layed drum patterns over full blown mp3s than made songs with much original or creative structure, haha ). I personally don't sample or even arrange much now because I've been much more interested in composing original pieces note-by-note, but I do go back to sampling from time to time. It really is a fruitful realm of production, only limited to one's inspiration by music, and I intend to explore it more thoroughly in the future. Good thing I got this Maschine I'm just gonna go ahead and leave this here as I was just listening to it in the car before I got here http://kingboom.bandcamp.com/track/heist-montage . Now that's how you chop shit up!
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