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  1. It was good to see everyone! Good games, guys. Next time I'll bring some Dualshocks
  2. Indeed there are some GREAT Mario hacks, and I've yet to look into the ones BardicKnowledge posted above but I will eventually. The accessibility of SMM though, that's one of the greatest things about it. I used to come up with level designs on napkins as a kid, yo. I would feel like I was in heaven if this came out back then. Kids are gonna get a kick out of this. Get em designing levels young, and down the line we'll get genius platformer devs who discovered their talent by playing Super Mario Maker when they were like 6. Yes, this is a win win. This game looks like the greatest game of all time. Hyperbole but I'm really excited at how this game looks to let you bend rules to a ridiculous extent. The potential for hilariously challenging stages is on another level (get it? level?). I want a Wii U
  3. Here's something new and exciting. http://v-jams.bandcamp.com/album/v-jams "Formed in 2015, V-Jams is a collective of musicians that share a unified vision in the creation of diverse taste tingling grooves using Video Game songs as a medium. The group is comprised of multifaceted musicians ranging from classical to jazz backgrounds and everything in between. Brace yourselves for a shockwave of enticing jams to please listeners with varied musical inclinations. " Featured artists Aeoxis (Tovaun Anthony) Guitar, Production, Website Development Luciopro (Robert Baldomero Warner) MC Detective Tuesday (Anton Corazza) MC, Alto/Tenor/Soprano saxophone, Co-Production Travis Morgan (Aka Travis) Co-production Rekcahdam (Roger Hicks) Drums, Co-Production James Alexandre Hadley (Aka Lethal Weapon 5) Guitar, Album Cover Art, Logo Art Tracklist 1. I Saw The Demons Junk (Doom) 2. Ballad Of A Winded Fish (Link's Awakening) 3. Stormy Day In Clock Town (Ocarina of Time & Majora's Mask) 4. Killer NSYNC (Killer Instinct) 5. National Pork (Pokémon Gold and Silver) 6. Living On The Deck (Metal Slug 2) 7. Aquatic Ruined Zone (Sonic 2) 8. Happy Endings "The concept behind the album was to rearrange songs in completely different genres from the original source material. From Sonic to Zelda to Doom. From Samba to Go-Go to Jazz! We went cray cray!!! GAMES GAMES GAMES!!! All instruments were played live." Hope y'all enjoy this http://v-jams.wix.com/vjams#!home/mainPage
  4. Yes. Third Strike is gonna be hype :EDIT: Does anyone remember if the room TVs there have HDMI?
  5. Good to see you finally got posted! This is nice, gotta put this in my highway driving playlist. Props
  6. I don't have a WIP yet, but can you give me 2 days to put something together for Xrd?
  7. By the way, I've had my eyes on Dilapidated Town for a long time. Since I plan on wrapping up my current track this week, I would like to claim that one as well. But I don't want to be greedy, so any objections?
  8. ^ lolol In all seriousness I was really hoping he would be the extra character in USFIV that ended up being Decapre. At least they made Street Fighter x Megaman... wait no they didn't. Not much else to say that hasn't been said already. It's a matter patience at this point. But hey I'll have fun listening to the remixes in the meantime.
  9. At the Gaylord to pick these shoes up that I left... It's a little weird not seeing all you nerds walking around here
  10. No more snooze button... Though I already failed there a couple times. More realistically, I want to complete my work on at the very least 365 songs this year. That's across original compositions, rap verses, arrangements, beats, so on.
  11. Best official Mega Man product in the last five years or so guys, seriously. If you're a fan of the series or just good music in a variety of styles, don't pass this one up.
  12. Dope mix all around! Love the production, very versatile. I feel like the beat got in the way of Digi's first verse though. Speaking of which, solid lyrics and a good flow. And damn, Jones can sing!
  13. Haha! Looks like musical Katamari will be live next month!
  14. Weird trailer: Anyone else finding themselves addicted to this game? Laughing hysterically at your own failures and swearing that you won't mess up on that spike trap again? Lost most of the 1001 lives you started with, and the extras you got along the way? Levels you hate to love or love to hate? ... You stuck? This game is the best. True platforming, genius level design that doesn't make you too mad despite how unforgiving it is, awesome amount of levels to keep you trying hard, and a sweet chiptune soundtrack by Rushjet1. Note: upon listening to this soundtrack, I realize that the current 3DS version doesn't include the music from the last four worlds... I'm almost certain this was done in error, so I tweeted them about it. Some different music may help your sanity in those last few worlds, and multiplayer is missing from the portable versions so get it on your computer or console... DAT SOUNDTRACK THO!
  15. In there. Provided I get paid before the tickets run out --
  16. SO DOPE! Interesting harmonies at 1:57. Dat synth really stuck out when the Green Green theme was reintroduced after that. It really clashes with the melody but resolves itself in a classy fashion. Props to the sax player goin' off at the end. Nice extended techniques too!
  17. Thanks for messaging me for a collab (sorry for late reply: I just saw it. For future reference you can email me tuesday@detectivetuesday.com that would be fastest).

    I would like to help you, but I'm afraid that I may be too unfamiliar with the paper mario series as a whole to do it justice rapping on an arrangement of it... However if we're still within the deadline, send me a copy of what you have so far to my email, along with any ideas you had, and I'll let you know if anything can be done! Sorry this isn't exactly what you wanted to hear

  18. What's with New Jerseyians and maps?
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