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  1. I certainly do get to enjoy a wide variety of music. Considering the traditional music used in Tetris, it is only fitting for it to receive such treatment as this and have it be that grooving.
  2. This is probably one of the better F-Zero remixes. I guess I enjoy the instrumentation a lot, but I know that I enjoy the announcer on the train. It balances things out pretty well. This is one remix I enjoy quite a bit.
  3. Posted a quick article on Rarityguide.com for ya'll. Click HERE for the article It's a great OST and most of my co-workers got it as a Christmas present as we're all gamers.
  4. I have enjoyed this song since I first played Super Mario 64, it really fit the stage. Now, I will praise this song, was a good twist on the original. I like. Zidarose
  5. I had on my playlist a way earlier version of this song. This one is a huge improvement over it, just so much more to it than the original but it's clear that it's an evolution of it. I am a mega man fan, but not that hard core as to know the voices, just freaking awesome that the original 3 of the X series have Remixes now. This remix is quite enjoyable and worth listening to for the techno and decent use of elements. I like. Zidarose
  6. It's a great song. Kinda strange, but I do find it to be kinda the gamer's love song. WAAAY up there for me though. Great stuff you. I can just see two people sitting in front of the TV, SNES controllers in hand playing a golden oldie there listening to this song. That's just me though. Latz
  7. When I first listened to this song, my memory floated back to when I first started playing FF 7, the tone of it just reminded me so much of the shock I went through when I first started up that game. It's got a good sound, I do kinda agree on the drums, I feel like they could go longer or just change the timing a bit. Still, great remix. I found out surprisingly this lead into the song I just kinda slapped it on top of, "On That Day ..." by Russel Cox (just a little tip for those of you making those playlist, might be something you'd like). Still, I look forward to part II. I hope to hear more from ya. ZidaRose
  8. With my recent start of Terranimga, I got curious about remixes of this game and came here. I liked the sound of this piece very much, the background of it reminding me the game itself, as if it was being played. It's a calm remix, fitting from what I've dealt with in the game and it's just the sound it that seems to fit the game. A good follow up piece for the recent EVO remix. Obscurity covers some good RPGs sometimes. In short: A mellow remix with a different sound to it. It won't be for everyone, that's how it is. ZidaRose
  9. Okay, anyone whose bothered to read some of my post would know that I am a Mega Man Junkie (God help me in some cases) but one whose focused more on old Mega Man. (1-6 and the X series) Anyhow; This is only the second remix of this game, and so far DJ Terra is the only one to touch this game's ST, remix it and submit to this site. okay rant aside now. A good beat and I can understand where it can be said this is enjoyable in large doses. The voice I do agree is cool, very apporiate for this mix. It opened strong, setting and keeping pace with itself. Decent flow and something I wouldn't complain about at all. It worked well in my playlist next to bridge a gap that I had trouble filling and this did it semlessly. It is a nice track for the Mega Man junkie who may share my views on him. I would say it's a good listen and good for a rave session after handing-of-booty to Wily/Sigma. ZidaRose
  10. Goddamn I just can't stay away from this freakin' reviews for this game!!!! okay with that out of my system ... That's Pretzel? No joke ... THAT'S Pretzel? You've got a NICE voice, I like it. I like the sounds in this remix and the lead piano with it's supporting (has a beautiful duet sound to it). I'm getting closer to demanding where the lyrics come from, but I degress there. It's a sweet song, this remix is second place for this song though ... but considering everything, first and second get the same prize, so no shame in that. I hope to hear something like this again from Pretzel. Zidarose
  11. This is my 10th post now ... and my second for this game today (jeezus it's that's good). I like this one, making a fine addition to my growing collection of remixes from this game. Very good vareity of instruments, and blending. It comes together very nicely producing something I doubt you could find anywhere else aside from this game ... probably LoD, but that's personal favorites in effect. I say congrats on this mix, and wish I had of heard the music from this game sooner. BTW, I like what I have heard by this guy for the 2 KI remixes I have by him, now it's 4 tracks. Sample new stuff and don't be afraid of an odd track here or there.
  12. The piano, the vocalization ... I am blown away and my spelling is going down the crapper, speachless isn't spelled like that. The slight work on the voice along with ALL the other music just goes to make one awesome mix. The piano is there just enough to be heard and have the effect I feel normally only when I'M playing the thing. Beautiful is the best word I have to describe this track. Damn, gives rivally if not blowing the other beloved tracks out of the water in this area. This is the OPENING TRACK for the next CD I make! Wow ... Ok, look, if you haven't DLed this track and you like sweet, new age classical (at least that's how I'd describe this), WTF are you waiting for!?! GET IT!!!! A first time for everything ... that's all I gotta say Zidarose Edit: Does anyone know where I could get the lyrics to the song? Edit 2: Xenogears ... must resist urge to buy game... will power fading ...
  13. No point in denying I'm a fan of the series: for Blaze, beating countless people senseless(ain't it great?) and finally, but most important, the music. This song to me seemed to be a good one to follow SID of Rage and it is (try it). Good use of sirens and all the sounds. It came together very nicely. I say enjoy this song and don't stray away from his others, new stuff is good. ZidaRose
  14. I have to admit, this was a pretty song. Kinda went home with recently breaking up with my GF, but still, good song inspite of being in sullen revery for a while. I never really thought of vocals to that tune, and I haven't even heard that many remixes of of it. Being the MM fan I am, I do my best to keep my eyes out for them, MM 3 has some tight music. I do give props to Injury for this tune and her vocals on it. The low level vocals worked pretty well, I can't really see hearing words over those notes, music carries as much meaning as voice. A fine remix to add to your collection or to add to a soft CD.
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