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  1. Chalk another one up for Mazedude. This remix rocks. It's perfectly executed, and a blast to listen to. That vocal sample was great, really took me off guard. Download this now.
  2. Wow...DJP strikes again. This is friggin' excellent. Where do I start? Very smooth, and easy to listen to. I loved the acoustic guitar in the last half of the song. Hell, I loved everything. Instead of reading my dumb review, go download the song. Right now. NOW!
  3. Although it's a simple arrangement, it is very quite nice. The piano is very good, and fits perfect in this arrangement. My main complaint is the kick that comes in around '24 is too loud. But maybe that's just me. I look forward to hearing more from BenCousins, this guy is impressive.
  4. All you non-Crystalis players should be ashamed of yourselves! Err, but anyways...a very nice song, composed of, well, guitars and seagulls, as said in the other reviews. This song is much slower than the original which makes it cool. Not much else to comment on...well arranged and recommended
  5. Wicked piano mix...very beautiful and emotional. Agreed...this is what the original should have sounded like. Download RIGHT NOW.
  6. This is pretty crazy...and friggin hilarious. But if you must know...that is DJP's real voice You must download...right now!
  7. Why this mix brings up thoughts of fat people for DJP is beyond me...anyways, this song rocks. Very peppy, and mucho fun to listen to. Something good to listen to if you had a bad day...or something to listen to to make a good day better. Very reccomended.
  8. Rocks the fucking house does this song. Two great mixers jamming a great song. What else could you want? Download now.
  9. I can't figure out why, but this is one of my favorite OC songs. The intro is sweet...nice timpani. As mentioned before, everything goes friggin' crazy about halfway though the song. What else can I say? Download now...
  10. Hate adding a review to the previous 30, but I've just got to say this is FUCKING BRILLIANT. Easily Pretzel's best.
  11. This is outstanding. I'm not a huge metal fan, but I loved this. At points, the vocals seem hard to understand and should have been brought out more. Thats my only complaint. It is nice to actually hear a decent vocalist for a video game cover. Even if you don't like metal, this one is worth the download. Burn it and love it.
  12. Hmm...Mario and porno. Right? Well anyways, I'm not sure the piano was the right instrument to use. When was the last time you watched porno and heard piano? The muted trumpet was pretty sweet, and the moaning cracked me up. Worth a download for sure.
  13. You gotta love this one...I especially love the squeak at about '37. I don't know how you got the idea for this one...and I don't want to know either. Great stuff.
  14. I found this song odd for a couple of reasons. The vocals were really weird. The lead...well, thats already been discussed. Also, the use of a bike bell? Somehow, it all fits together to make a pretty decent track, and one of the better Celes mixes out there.
  15. Wow. This was the first OC I ever downloaded, and still one of my favorites. The lead is really funky. The song itself might not stray far from the original, but I've yet to see a Zeal mix do so. Very nice work.
  16. Yeah, the lead is different, but it's perfect for the song. The song is executed pefectly in many different ways. Nice work DJP.
  17. Well, he's easier now, but I'm gonna say Mike Tyson in MTPO. The first few times you played him, he really took your ass to school.
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