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  1. I haven't posted to OCR in several years now. I miss arranging! But, I've focused more on honing my teaching/playing/recording craft. I was on the fence about which forum to post this in: It's a full band cover (but with the original vocals), it's non-VGM, and it's from a music-based anime series called K-On! So, if this needs to be deleted or moved, that's cool. I figured someone here might enjoy it!
  2. I'm selling a Logitech K800 keyboard. It's an "extra," which is the only reason I'm selling this, the best keyboard I've ever had the pleasure of using. It's beautiful, quiet, fairly small, wireless, programmable, and has "smart" illuminated (adjustable light setting) keys that light up when they "feel" your presence, and then dim when you pull away for a bit. The keyboard was opened by my own self only to be tested, and works perfectly great; otherwise, it's completely unused. Ideally, I'd like to let it go for around $50-55 including continental US shipping, but that's quite negotiable. As always, if this is in the wrong place, please move or delete it, as appropriate. See here: http://s16.postimg.org/hs3gyccet/Keyboard.jpg Can email vh_dan@hotmail.com or PM here (much more likely to notice an email). Um..sold now =D sorry that I can't figure out how to delete.
  3. haha : ( This was me, posting in the wrong place. All of the RAM has been sold. The motherboard + i7 CPU are still available.
  4. haha, thanks. The RAM and motherboard + CPU are now available at any time, as the upgrades are complete. Just a reminder that the cost is very much negotiable.
  5. I thought this might be a good place to sell off this RAM, but if this shouldn't be here, please move or remove it. I have 24gb (6x4gb) OCZ Reaper DDR3 PC3-10666 1333MHz RAM modules I'd like to sell for somewhere in the $85-100 range (total cost; negotiable). I paid over $600 for these just a few years ago, and while this would be an "as-is" sale, they've all been tested with both the Windows Memory tester and Memtest86+ with no errors, and they all still work perfectly. There will also be an approx. 1-week delay while I transition to a new setup before I can actually send them. Can respond here, PM, or email vh_dan@hotmail.com. I'll definitely consider selling partial (2, 3, or 4) too. I may also end up selling an MSI x58 Pro motherboard + the Intel i7-940 CPU that sits on it, but that'll depend on interest and how the upgrades go. Thanks!
  6. First of all, I hope it's acceptable to post this here! If not, please delete or move it, accordingly... For those of you who've listened to and enjoyed my VGM arrangements (and other music) over the past many years, I'd like to ask now for you to check out my entry for the Serj Tankian remix contest, and--if you enjoy it--to vote for it! Please also spread the word, as they say. Lastly, if you haven't heard Serj's original "Figure it Out," please *be sure* to listen to it first (or else my remix may prove to be mostly meaningless for you): ..and then check out my orchestral rearrangement/remix: http://www.talenthouse.com/creativeinvites/preview/a613c3f47dde0c19ec68790036b428e7/657 Thanks!
  7. I haven't watched much lately, but I used to collect and watch a good many of them, including the very earliest (KTMA). Most of them make me laugh a decent amount, and smile quite a bit throughout. None have ever made me laugh so hard and so consistently as Manos. Pod People would be a fairly close second. I also highly recommend pretty much *all* of the Shorts.
  8. I was going to say something about the "cost" thing too, but figured you'd notice =D
  9. When you open up mp3gain, the main "option" is to choose the Target "Normal" Volume. I always choose 95, and then apply that to every file I've dragged into it, and I almost never encounter any distorted sound. If it's background music/solo piano, etc, then I'm a bit more careful--somewhere from 90 to 93, depending. Also, I don't really have much chance to look this up to verify at the moment, but if I remember right, RMS/perceived volume *is* what mp3gain adjusts, and it's 100% reversible--I believe it too just edits the tag portion of the mp3s, but the changes always work in Winamp, on car mp3/CD players, etc, at least for me.
  10. I highly recommend mp3gain, as well. For car/portable listening especially, I despise big jumps in volume from track to track--this basically nondestructively eliminates the problem, as long as the "volume" is kept perhaps 95 and below.
  11. I'll risk all potential responses to this by saying that I feel the lyrics are approximately seven-hundred trillion times worse than the actual *sound* of the song, and I've felt that way since the first of the four hundred times I have thus far listened to it (and I love it hard every single time).
  12. I'm posting solely to state that I agree 100% with the OP and thread title.
  13. Paladin's Quest comes almost immediately to mind.
  14. I'd like to share this live brass recording of the piece. As I explained on Facebook today, it was recorded (a bit roughly, as they explain) in 2010, and I feel they did a splendid job. Please keep in mind that--as with just about everything else I've ever arranged--this piece was *not* meant to be played by humans at all, and thus is unbelievably difficult (especially on the poor trumpets). Their french horn player, btw, is exemplary.
  15. Not yet being familiar with the original, and with lack of time to post a review with actual details, I found this to be tremendously fun to listen to, and (not surprisingly) well done.
  16. This may be my favorite thread ever, for the "29 16" piece alone.
  17. Please remove my For Sale entry for "Complete collection of VSL/Vienna Instruments orchestral samples (some boxed, some downloadable, and one Vienna Key): US$2789 total value, price $1495 (includes free, insured shipping and license transfer fee) info here [vampire hunter dan]." Thanks.
  18. As much as there are so many dozens/hundreds of movies I adore, in my mind, they all seem so trivial now after viewing this monolith of effects, storytelling, and just general sight and sound. I'll truly never be the same, and might actually go out of my way just to see this in IMAX (extremely atypical of me). Just..wow.
  19. Hey, all. I'm hoping someone(s) can help me out with some RAM questions. I've contacted OCZ support with no reply so far. I currently have 12gb of OCZ RAM in my Intel Core i7 PC, in tri-channel configuration, 6x2gb. I'd like to upgrade my RAM a bit by replacing one (or two, and eventually 3-6) of these chips with the "OCZ Gold 4GB 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM DDR3 1333," seen here: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16820227540&cm_re=OCZ_Gold-_-20-227-540-_-Product This module is the same speed and brand as my current modules. Because my RAM is tri-channel, do I *have* to replace the modules in threes or sixes, or can I just replace one or two of them (for now) with 4gb (instead of 2gb) without disrupting anything? The consensus in my Net searches thus far is that..no one really seems to know, but some suspect the companies *say* you need to replace all of the modules to enhance their business, and not necessarily because it's..necessary. Anyway, thanks so much for any help anyone could provide here. I've figured if anyone could understand the constant need for more RAM, it'd be OCR remixes/arrangers.
  20. Please update my listing of "Complete collection of VSL/Vienna Instruments orchestral samples"...the price is being lowered to $1595 now (yes, I'll now be taking a pretty big hit off the original prices), but I'm offering it *exclusively* to OCR forum members for $1495. Yes, I'm eager to sell it off and be done, so someone could really get a ridiculous "steal" here (not literally!). Thanks so much.
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