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  1. Couple of champs right there. Will this be the start of a "Post what you look like" thread or does this forum already have one of those?
  2. You will do no such thing! I voted for you because I genuinely liked your song better than my own... if I REALLY wanted to move further on in this comp, I'd have made damn sure to vote for myself and bribe everyone in the forums to do so as well Oh, I'd also probably bad mouth you behind your back: "Yeah sorry to break it to you Gario... but Chernabogue really did say you smell. I'm so sorry... Umm.. out of curiosity, who are you voting for again?" XD May the best song win
  3. I'm very sorry for your loss Brandon. As for the competition, I have no problem with WillRock coming in. This is a fun comp and it's all about the music for me.
  4. Yeah Kuolema that's what I'm gonna do - I'll submit the funny intro one for the competition, and then I'll just scrap the intro and upload my "regular" version on my soundcloud after I'm pretty pleased with this one and I hope all you cold-blooded pancakes will like it.
  5. Good job on the filter automation wildfire! Hee hee! I also took some advice from Mr. SuperiorX and gave my synths some "filter love" as he called it. Anyway, I need everyone's help. Basically, I'm in the fine-tuning stages right now. My song is, well... you're just gonna have to wait to hear it . My intro right now is kind of lame I think so I wanted to see what some of you thought - would you mind if my intro was really stupid, but funny? I can't give any details away because I don't want to ruin it. I basically can have a short lame intro, or a longer funny one which I already have something in mind Anyway if I don't hear anything I'll just have to make the decision myself. I hate making decisions
  6. my update: as it stands now, this track will be a good 20 seconds longer than my last one, [over]clocking (lol??) in at just over 3 minutes.... hurray! So more time for you panzards and lizcakes to hopefully enjoy it. I'm adding some really weird transitions in that totally change the pace of the song - basically just having fun with this one and letting experimentation drive me forward. If it ends up poopy in the end I don't care!! I love this comp!!! ~"We are not crepes"
  7. yeah mine's starting to look pretty good too...
  8. If it makes you feel better, I haven't started yet either. But will probably try to come up with a plan tonight...
  9. This is... the greatest thing....... I'm just hearing about this radio Sega for the first time.. I now know what I'm going to be listening to from now on when at work
  10. I have no idea what i',m going to do yet for Launch Base and Mystic Cave. I am currently trying to finish up a project for my course right now which involves creating music and sound effects for a cutscene in Aeon Flux, interesting stuff, but I'm hoping to finish that and get started on this remix in the next couple of days And you cold blooded folk never cease to amaze!! Awesome mixes from you guys!!
  11. Wowww... I was expecting Sir Jordanius' silky smooth voice to take this one... Anyway so happy the matches all were so close! Great effort by everyone and also thanks to everyone who voted for me!! Can't wait to listen to those lizard remixes!!!
  12. Who can't wait to hear the next round of lizard remixes? This guy.
  13. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    What... it no work? I will check when I get home from work... I know you're all dying to play D3 with me... Edit: Ohhhh.... Syllix#1925
  14. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    Syllix#882 Come.... let us not produce any music together... let us waste a bunch of time... but most of all, have fun doing so
  15. Oh give me a break!! Pffft... Ben stinkin Briggs... he's just one man! How lovable and great can this guy be? *switches TV channel to live media event from the white house* "Ehh this just in, we've just received word that world hunger has been solved! And it's all thanks to Ben Briggs with his brilliant OCReMix forum post with the word "bark." It's so brilliant, yet so simple, and it doesn't even make any sense, but it truly is very easy to love this man! Back you to kent..." Sometimes I am really weird...
  16. im just glad us pancakes were mixing (get it! get it!?!?) last week. my roommate was an idiot yesterday and said "hey lets buy D3 tonight" so now I have no life. Maybe that's what happened to mr Briggs... do you have a shitty roommate too?
  17. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    shhhh!!!! please!! im trying NOT to buy this game until the end of the month!! I have music and school goals I need to complete... dont.... tempt... mee...!!
  18. Oh... and Rexy, you posted the best review I've ever read I think I'm literally going to make pancakes for dinner tonight now
  19. Brandon Strader great vocals man, loved those harmonies - I think the sax was a bit out of a tune sometimes... (never really heard much saxophone in my life) but still... very well done and i quite enjoyed it!! Overall very chilled and laid back. Tuberz McGee loving the intro, and love the delayed guitar line. guitar is mixed very well. Interesting having those distorted industrial sounding drums fade in during the middle, but they work! I feel the guitar solo at the end could have been mixed a little louder - things kind of got a little lost in there. Loved that cool high pass sweep effect at the end though --------------- AMT o_O LOL!!! for some reason... this just made me laugh... what are you trying to "provers" anyway? Dude this was just a straight up enjoyable listen, nicely mixed, lyrics were great, not a bad voice either. urdailywater dude this track was so chilled! nicely arranged, and all instruments seem to work well together. definitely could just relax and have that on loop ----------------- DJ Mokram sick intro.... great sound and use of choinwa (chinese) instruments... nice sound design-y transition (big fan of interesting sound design). Good use of samples, and very nice, and wide soundscape. ohhhhh and a little piano breakdown... I feel the samples after that were a bit overused (considering the cheese factor of the voice actor). Overall, darn good track mate! wildfire first off... that's a nice kick sample there, meaty with a nice click - love me a good kick The beat in the first half is pretty simple and static though, would have liked to hear some variation, that being said, the production quality is definitely there. The beat changes in the second half but it's still very static from that point till the end. The synths are great and I like the melodies, and overall, I enjoyed it. ---------- Arceace smooth man... really well done. Not much to say here other than the tune was nicely mixed and I enjoyed it! halc straight from the get go - loving the beat and rhythm!! really punchy and interesting percussion - production quality is just top! More use of FX samples than I normally prefer, but you kept the levels low on them and used them effectively. Just a gorgeous soundscape overall, well done man! Nice little touch with the outro too ----- KingTiger interesting.. and this WAS pretty different, but i guess that's the point right? anyway, props to you sir for taking your musical direction away from the norm. Too bad mr panther didn't submit anything - it would have been interesting to see another take on the two themes. Job well done on your part though. ------ Gario this seems a bit too jittery to me.. nothing wrong with rhythmic synths, but it was a little too much for my taste, and with the percussion pinging back and and forth on each speaker, it's just a little awkward. Other than that, production quality wasn't bad and I liked the arrangement. Enigami lol... if I was using Windows, I would have thought something had gone wrong haha. anyway, definitely interesting... considering you only had a few hours to work on this... --------- Sir Jordanius bhahaha!!! You freakin' guy!! The intro is hilarious man!! Really interesting man and love the different style!! Was really hoping it was gonna turn out to be a cheesy club beat with some smooth rapper overtop haha (awww yeah, you feel this beat yo? shorteee), but this is definitely just as good, really love the arrangement man, really creative!! ----- Chernabogue I was wondering why I didn't recognize some parts tehn I realized it was Scrap brain for Master system... Anyway, I liked your take on this - this song used to give me goosebumps when I was little - I thought it would be scary music to play at halloween haha. Didn't expect the lyrics coming it at the end, but I really liked it. Sir_NutS *away from studio* (busy slaying demons) ------ You all have done a fantastic job. On this day, I am proud to call myself a pancake!! GOOD LUCK TO THE LIZARDS THIS WEEK ON ROUND 2!!!
  20. must be some sort of error when it got compressed, or just how he exported it... his track works fine for me though... and yes, it's 2:45 long. The only issue I get is that it does skip ahead, but ONLY if you try to click ahead in the song. So, I would suggest not skipping any intros or anything and you should be fine... then again if you're going to properly criticize you should give the track a full listen from start to finish (not pointing fingers, just sayin') I'll be posting my review of everyone's tracks shortly!! Thanks fellow pancakes for an awesome morning of great music!!
  21. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    do the majority of people not bother hitting max level and continue to farm for loot? I mean... I don't see the point in paying $60, beating diablo in normal then calling it a day...
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