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  1. Hey guys, here's a quick little tutorial on how to set up and use the vocoder in Logic. Any questions just let me know. Cheers!
  2. ummmm I'd also like to get in on this action... The reason I don't play the game is because, well, everyone stopped playing it. All my IRL friends who play games are either too busy with work or school. I'd totally pop on to do casual runs and stuff and skype / ventrilo with people. That's what makes it fun. I'm totally fine with staying in Yaks Bend... that's where the "main" guild is right now... Anyone else on other servers that don't really play anymore? I know some of you are on other servers because of IRL friends... but if those certain IRL friends or other reasons why you are on another server doesn't exist anymore, why not jump over to OCR on Yak's Bend? Also, thanks Binjovi for bringing this to everyone's attention. Maybe since most people are pretty casual now, we could discuss possible times when most people would likely be playing, like evenings during the week or something. I think I'd be more likely to hop on and play knowing that others would also be on during that time.
  3. Hey guys, I recently did a cover / recreation of Kavinsky's Nightcall (Drive Soundtrack). Here's hoping you guys like it Cheers, ~Syllix
  4. Case and point right there dude. If I knew when people were on, I'd definitely want to get back into playing. None of my IRL friends play, and no one from OCR is on
  5. Sadly I don't really play this game anymore either... I checked out the lost shores for a couple days, and made an appearance for the xmas stuff... but other than that, there's nothing in this game that keeps me playing sadly I definitely thought at the end of summer that this was going to be my new game of choice, playing casually, but it isn't so
  6. SOCKS!!!! I F***** LOVE SOCKS NOW THAT IM OLD(er)!!!!
  7. Hey guys what's up? I made a new tutorial today showing how I create ambient soundscapes. Hope you enjoy! Cheers, Syllix
  8. I use Logic Pro, and there is no "blur" command. I'm not even sure what the equivalent would be... There is a lot of blending of sounds and pads going on... but I think the waterfall kind of sound you can achieve by taking a stream / rain sample, tossing a long reverb on it (not through a send bus, but on the actual track itself) and then cranking the mix / wetness up high. You will hear that it washes the rain or stream / water sound out. Alternatively you can just find yourself some waterfall samples online. But basically it's the method I just explained to you, combined with layering of a few different pads Cheers, and thank you!
  9. As someone who sadly missed out on practically ALL SNES RPG games (I never played Chrono Trigger, Final Fantasy, etc), I am definitely going to pick this game up when it releases! Love the art style, love the music by Alex Roe, and I'm glad it's going to be released on multiple platforms including Mac OS X
  10. Hey Dissidia. Very glad you enjoyed the music! (Also props to killing the boss at the end. Dark Souls is a tough game!) There is no problem at all with streaming my music, I am flattered! The only thing I would ask for things like this is simple credit in a description or something. I know there's a couple people on youtube who do Let's Play's that use my music from time to time, and they just put down the artist and track title This is my first EP and has definitely been received well so far, so I'm super motivated and inspired to get a full album out the door in the near future How often do you stream? I think there's one other guy I tune into sometimes called Kripparrian, but I think it's his job lol.
  11. Hey guys, I just finished an ambient EP album and wanted to share the tracks with everyone, without posting each individual song. Hope you enjoy it, and comments and feedback are most welcome. http://syllix.bandcamp.com/
  12. Well, sorry, just trying to help by offering another opinion. As far as oldschool video game lead kinda stuff goes, it works for me
  13. Well the only problem is that it's very robotic, that being the quantized state of the song and the all too similar velocities throughout most of the song, save for a few parts. If this was played live, or was more humanized, and overall the bpm reduced a bit, I think it would be more enjoyable. I feel you have captured the "pushing the limits on sanity" part though, but feel the song would be more enjoyable with a few tweaks.
  14. I think the instrumental music is very well matched with the visuals. I dig it a lot. I really enjoy the bassy drone throughout the song - very warm sounding. Not much to say production wise - you seem to know what you're doing. I am curious though, how well is your business going leasing beats like this? If you don't want to answer publicly you can send me a PM. Cheers
  15. I love those who take initiative to go one step further with their music and put art or video to it in some creative way. It really augments the whole experience one can have while listening. The music is upbeat and fun, and I think the video is suiting and well done. Probably took quite some time editing!! The song itself is really good, but I feel where it lacks is in the production quality. There are some guitar lines in there being drowned out by other notes or simply they are just too quiet in the mix. That's really all i have to say. Nice job.
  16. do you have good ears? are you working with audio or midi for your lead? (older) video game music utilizes a ton of harmony... an easy way i create harmony, say for a synth lead is to copy certain midi notes (or an entire lead section) and arrange them in 3rds, 4ths, and 5ths higher than what the original notes are. You should be able to tell immediately which ones sound good or bad, then just rearrange to your liking. Does this make sense?
  17. Yeah you gotta use your ears and use hard or soft knee when they sound best... sometimes you really want the compressor to activate as soon as the transients for drums goes past the threshold... other times you may want it to ease into compression with a softer knee. There are not any rules really... But for what it's worth, I mostly use harder knees for drums and stuff, and softer compression for pads or sounds where i want the compression to gradually come in or where it needs it
  18. You can flex audio in certain programs Air3s... for example Logic can look for the transients and do it's best to quantize audio... or you can use flex tools and quantize your shreddage by hand.
  19. Listen to a lot of music in the genres that you want to start making. Write a couple of pages in a journal every morning - whatever is in your head, just get it out. Write one song a day. This is for practice. You're not going to spend hours tweaking "dat bass patch" or anything. If you end up with a song that you really want to finish, go ahead, get to the mixing stage and work on the bass (and everything else) and finish it. Writing a song a day you are training yourself to not hesitate. That's also what the journal writing is for. Have you read the book The Outliers, by Malcolm Gladwell? Spend 10,000 hours making said genre of music and you'll excel in it. Then there is the internet and shitloads of tutorials and articles. Squeeze those in as well. Basically man, you need to have a goal or plan in mind. Stick to it. Work hard, practice, and you'll get better at making the kind of music you want to make. I'm not sure if you're doing it to make money or for pleasure... but whatever you do, it'll take time. If you've been making music for the past few years you should already know you can't expect to be spoon fed anything. Hopefully you take all of the comments you get, combined with your own research, and you should soon have a goal in mind to know what it will take to "get good" at making EDM. It will take time. Cheers
  20. Still.. it's hard to deny those succulent steam sales... this particular HB didn't really appeal to me.
  21. Ohhhh!! Now I understand what Sir Jordanius said to me back during the 2012 SZRC when he said I snack on killer studio chops all day hahahahah!!!!
  22. wonder if u can ask them to make one for you for a special price. Just think... in only 2 short years you can have one too!
  23. Well if it's still in your collection, maybe you'll just have to play the whole collection while you browse the internet or read or something... then, over the course of a few weeks or months, you may finally find the track you are looking for. But hopefully someone from here can give you the answer
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