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  1. Nothing crazy really - I have a few oddball ethnic instruments: Didgeridoo, Pan flute, Rababa, and Egyptian Tabla.
  2. With the last beta weekend fast approaching, I thought I'd spark some more GW2 conversation by bumping this thread, and also, providing a sweet timelapse video someone did of GW2 scenery with nearly 10,000 screen shots (yes, almost TEN THOUSAND!). Just in case anyone is wondering, the desired effect would not be the same had the person chose to just record video and speed it up. Cheers all, and I can't wait to see some of you in 1.5 months ~Syllix
  3. "This competition ain't big enough for the two of us" (amph and gar that is...)
  4. Hi guys, been a while since I posted any original stuff. I've been busy with work, school, the Sonic Zone Remix Comp and new projects popping up. This is my latest track which I scored to a slideshow of landscape images from Scotland for a travel and education website. I'd post the video but I don't have permission to do that yet, so any comments on the music are welcome. Thanks, ~Syllix http://soundcloud.com/syllix/syllix-voyage
  5. Definitely gonna pick this up man, love your tunes - those melodies and that crystal clear production of yours!
  6. This is just a question I've been meaning to ask because I'm curious: why aren't people's votes private? Seeing comments like "remixer "X" needs some love" has me thinking that this person voted for remixer "X" based on the large amount of votes they saw that remixer "Y" had.
  7. So I was away for a couple days and missed all of this drama... As SuperiorX stated, it's all about the music. I don't know how things got out of control... But even if rivalry's develop throughout the competition it should all be in good fun - my favourite from Pixel Panic "Looks like you'll be turning into Phonetic ZERO!" haha. This competition for me was honestly one of the best things that's happened to me musically - I've tried new techniques, learned a few things in the process, made more finished songs than I even have before in such a short amount of time, and above all, had FUN!!! And about the voting, i agree that ballot stuffing or whatever you called it is wrong. I had friends and family asking about this comp saying "oh yeah where do I go so I can vote for you" and I was like "uhhh, I appreciate it, but that wouldn't be fair to my competitor. If you want to vote listen to both tracks and and see which one you actually like more, also you need to vote for everyone elses song in the bracket considering production quality, how well it's arrang....." and then they were like "oh ok too much work then nevermind." Moving back to all those Radio Sega votes for Rexy, people shouldn't jump to conclusions - I'm sure Rexy would have let them know that if they are voting they have to follow the rules and consider both mixes, etc. etc.... It also sucks that it came to her resigning and I don't think she should have, but hey, live and learn I guess? Or something? (Rexy plz don't quit comps I like your music) Uhhh yeah this is definitely in the TL:DR category - anyway just sharing some thoughts I guess. So to end on a high note (or chord... C5, E5, G5), I want to say that this competition has been a freaking blast - my first experience in this compo listening to the first round of mixes I had a huge smile on my face it was all so awesome, and a big thanks goes to SuperiorX for hosting this ..... now, can we all just get back to enjoying teh musiks please? <3 from Syllix
  8. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY LIFE WILL BE COMPLETE AUGUST 28TH!!!! Btw, we never came up with an official guild name... we should have an official vote or something, along with a server too
  9. Yeah we should have just stopped at lizards and pancakes
  10. Thanks! Oh and I'm not going anywhere haha, I'll still be voting - your mixes are DL'd and ready to be listened to later tonight!
  11. Gario - you son of a gun! Gratz on the win dude! Seriously nail biting for sure. I try so hard not to check the voting until the last day, but it never works Great battle between you and I I'd say To everyone else here, not just those in the competition but those who have been following the competition, listening, voting, and posting, thank you so much for making the past 6 weeks or so of my life a blast! As SuperiorX mentioned I was a n00b to remixing and I have to say I was surprised I made it as far as I did, going up against people like Chernabogue and Sir Jordanius. I really enjoyed this comp - it's opened my mind up a little more, I've experimented with new techniques I never used before, and I've made more bloody music in such a short time frame than I have in the past 3 or so months! Seriously a great and fun experience, and for sure I'll be sticking around and hopefully participating in more competitions in the future. *tears* Thanks everyone! And best of luck to the 4 remaining competitors Now uh... which way do I leave the stage?
  12. It's quiet in here.... a little.. TOO quiet... what are you two lizards up to?
  13. Best of luck man. Set your damn alarm. Wake up early and get it done. You'll be really happy you did
  14. Aaaaaannnnddd...... SUBMITTED Hahahah, SupX "what's wrong with the Yo's"? Well nothing really, but it was really starting to bug me so I had to take them out They were just whispy delayed "GO go .. go...... go's" so it doesn't really affect the song. There's still some of my "breath" in the track tho
  15. well I had to scrap the "GO" idea I had because no matter what I did, they ended up sounding like "YO" in the mix hahaha. Some friends listened and asked "yo man.. why the gangsta stuff in there?" So i had to immediately scrap it oh well
  16. Hey! I resent that! Anyway, I've changed the genre a bit in each of my tracks... the first one was electro / chiptuney, the second was... glitch-hoppy.... uhhh, yeah, and this next one...
  17. Sir Jordanius.... I absolutely think you should sign in more often because every time I read your posts I crack up!! hahaha. And Rexy, FYI those little golden comments I get "considering the quality of your material" honestly makes my day, and is what pushes me to become a better producer. I appreciate it man. I hope I don't let anyone down! It's 1:30am and I'm still workin away at this thing! One day to go and hopefully I can give my brain a rest. And shower too. No matter the outcome of this competition, once I'm out, I think it's about time I go VST shopping GARIO. I can't wait to hear your mix dude!! (and all you other griddle cakes!!!!11!!1!one!!!1!7!1!!!cucumber!!!1!!)
  18. For anyone who cares, I finally worked the "GO" from my theme into the remix
  19. this makes me very sad that I only own 1 VST I WANT MOAR!!!!! edit: Oh yeah, something about less is more, learn to use the tools you already have, work with your limitations, blah blah...
  20. im kind of sick of my source tune, but i've basically just been putting more of an emphasis on my competitors track each time (save for the first round) because it's more interesting to me. Been struggling to make something decent though this round... I hope I can pull through and make something good tho! How's your mix going, Gario?
  21. ^ Pics or it didn't happen. Agghh this week I have so much school crap to complete! Hopefully I can start by wednesday so I hope the composition and arrangement gods are good to me when I can finally start my track!
  22. Oooooo!!!! More lizard mixes!! I will have to wait until Monday though to listen to them as I'll be away for a mountain biking festival! I'll also be testing out my shitty DJ skills once again hahaha.
  23. Translation: I pressed 2 keys and slapped on an arpeggiator.
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