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  1. Oh fiddlefuzz!!! I missed it again! Stupid nice hot sunny weather.. it made me go to the beach Edit 8-23-12: Can't seem to join the chat... would like to participate this round! anyone else having issues connecting or getting to the right site? irc://irc.esper.net/thasauce doesn't work for me
  2. I think a few people around here have been saying Yak's Bend. I'll be there
  3. Not sure if you're looking for feedback or not, but I enjoyed the tune. Definitely a noob when it comes to chiptune music so big ups for all the automation work and sampling that went into this
  4. Nice!!! I think this is such a cool project with musicians and artists collaborating and really getting creative. I definitely hope this continues to the point of Animusic 10!
  5. Hey SupX thanks for checking it out and I'm glad you liked it Update: Heres the link to the vid:
  6. Hey OCR!! I just finished writing some music for a collaborative project with a friend. It involves lots of images from around Canada in slideshow format, and I'll be making many more tunes to come for that as well. There's a video that goes with this one but it's still being worked on, so for now you can enjoy the music and I'll update when the video is done Hope you all enjoy and thanks for listening! Feedback and comments are most welcome too! Cheers, ~Syllix http://soundcloud.com/syllix/syllix-china-beach
  7. i tend to spend most of my free time procrastinating, not making music, and watching lots of Guild Wars 2 gameplay footage
  8. what is the most ideal software or whatever to use for voice chat? skype? what do most people have?
  9. yeah gario has a good point - I kept the tutorial simple because i was having trouble explaining so many extra things i wanted to talk about, and didnt want to go over 15 minutes. Some other tips here, like gario said, is to humanize the notes for each track, so that all 3 tracks are not striking at the exact same time - if your DAW has a humanize function, to move things ever so slightly off the beat, or you can do it manually (i do both). also, for the left and right panned tracks, trying putting some subtle effects on the higher frequencies, like bitcrushing on one side, and maybe a custom filter on the other or some distortion. that will end up giving you a more unique and fuller sound once i get better at talking into a mic without screwing up a thousand times and taking all day to record an 8 minute video, hopefully i can include all of these extra tidbits to go along with whatever im trying to teach
  10. Did you not see my last two posts? I'm trying to spread the word as well! haha... maybe we need a new official GW2 thread... one that doesn't say "LIMITED BETA SIGNUP" hmmm.. can I make a new thread you think? And, I'm also on Yak's Bend So towards your comments on the optimization and graphics, I was able to run the game at medium settings and I have a mid-2010 iMac running bootcamp... my graphics card is a radeon 5670... definitely considered a low end graphics card... and my framerate was nice and smooth the entire time. As far as the graphics go, I've read a bunch of different forums about people saying the love it, they hate it, compared to this, compared to that... honestly, it's just personal opinion. Guild Wars 2 is really going for that artistic painted style, where as Tera has more of that fantasy art style, so I think that's where the difference is, not so much actual graphics.
  11. ...just when I thought you couldn't possibly hurt my feelings any more... you go and pull a stunt like this... ...AND TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!!!!!!! :D:D
  12. Hot dang! ten grand to the winner for that ava contest!! definitely gonna have to check these out!
  13. Hey Garpocalypse, thanks for the tip! It would definitely help to hear the basic harp, or whatever instrument or synth im using, and then hear the extra layers after. I'll definitely keep than in mind for my next tutorial!
  14. OK I really can't believe no one has posted in here in over a week!!! Anyway, I finally was able to play the Asura and Sylvari classes. To my surprise, I actually didn't really care for the Sylvari, and they were my most anticipated race, and the Asura, who I had no desire to play at all since I heard about them, actually ended up being one of my favourites!! Ingenious little bastards.... Really had a blast this beta weekend although I only played a total of a few hours of the 3 days... Definitely cannot wait to get my head start on August 25th! (Server - Yaks Bend... anyone???) Come on OCR let's hear some more GW2 chatter! Only about a month to go! More thoughts please!! :)
  15. Hey OCR! Was bored today so I made a tutorial on how to make sounds wider and fuller in Logic Pro (although you can apply the same principles to other plugins in other DAWs!) It's a pretty basic idea but it's very effective. Experiment with not only instruments, but synths, and maybe percussion too. Have fun, enjoy! Cheers, ~Syllix
  16. Congrats Amphibious! What a fun competition guys! We have many new sonic remixes, we've shared stories, we've felt anger, we've loved, lost, and triumphed, but most of all, we've learned that, despite our differences, and despite all the commas in this run-on sentence, pancakes and lizards truly CAN live together in harmony (hehe, musical pun!). Big thanks to our Superior(X) (ohhh the puns!!!) for putting on such a fantastic competition.
  17. Rexy... this is a very nice remix! Super chill at the beginning, perfect for a late summer evening! Really love those bell sounds, but that one synth that comes in at 1:55 is contrasting a bit too much.. just seems like an oddball synth out of the bunch. No complaints on the melody or anything, just that one synth sound. Listening to that same synth with it's little solo part, it definitely works better here (2:55ish area) than it does back at the section around 1:55. Undecided if I like the next synth solo after 4:00... again, it's not the melody itself I think that's great, just the sound. At 4:45ish and forward I think you kind of overuse the 1/32 or whatever speed notes. Really these are all probably just personal taste issues. I think overall your arrangement is solid and production is absolutely top!! ~Syllix
  18. Dude, Lucavi... you've made some pretty snarky remarks your last few posts... can't tell if you're trolling or not...
  19. Yeah I understand what Ben is saying - most times I do just say the person's name, but this time wanted to say a little extra as it was the last round (as I enjoyed reading them myself during the rounds I was in), but in no way would I call it a review - still I made sure to bold and color the remixer's name I was voting for, but I still understand Ben's thoughts on how it's the principle of it - just put the remixers name you vote for, anything else to say there's a thread for it. Live and learn, will do so next time. And Brandon, the fact that Gario has some nice thoughtful words for his votes as opposed to just "Amphibious" are because, well, them fellers (or ladies) were just following the rules and putting the name. Actually, sometimes I really wanted to a say a little something when voting, but ended up just putting the persons name instead, but didn't have time to go back to the thread and write more of a review, or didn't feel like making a quick thread post just to say "tough choice... really close battle, but I'm going with," so I think that's another reason why some people like saying stuff when they vote. As long as people aren't silly and make sure to put the voters name on a separate line and bold it, I don't really see the harm. So "Tough choice, I'm voting for remixer 1" counts as a review?
  20. Well I seemed to do alright in the recent sonic remix comp, which was my first time remixing ever. I'm interested in this, as I feel I could learn a thing or two about arrangement, which I feel is my weakest area. I would love to get a remix posted one day
  21. If you're into found sounds at all, I'd recommend the Tascam DR-05 or DR-07. I use it for everything from field recording to guitars to vocals, partly because I still don't own a really good mic Great for getting SFX, fun for podcasts... i dunno, makes you think outside the box and be creative. Maybe this isn't what you're looking for but thought I'd post anyway
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