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  1. Well... my launch base / sunset park mix doesn't have any dubstep in it, but it does have a lot of pancake batter!! *Also gets back to work on track * EDIT: 1 hour later = SUBMITTED
  2. hahah Mokram! OMG I love everyone so much!!! And this comp rocks! Hope to be submitting soon!
  3. O carp! So I took salsa lessons for nothing?? And yeah, whether you like it or not, you're a pancake bro... Rexy... you're a total boss. Thanks! And I will try and make you proud by shoving an earful of awesomeness, um.. into your ears... come Saturday hee! Anyway, I finally had a breakthrough and finished my arrangement, clocking in at just under 3 minutes!! (because, as we know, the longer the song, the better it is - honestly, I should have just put an audio clip of James Brown's "huuh!!" and stretched it over half an hour). Anyway, someone once told me "if it sounds good without any fancy synths or anything, you know it's gonna be good in the end" I have 32 tracks that are either saw waves or cheap-sounding electronic drums Anyway, 2am here... time for some sleep, wake up early and start the mixing process! Good luck, fellow thin flat cakes of batter fried on both sides on a griddle or in a frying pan!!!
  4. your last point.... "have fun" I think that's the most important thing, and I think im forgetting to actually have fun! I hate stressing myself out haha. Anyway, tonights plans = make big cup 'O tea w/ cookies to help the brain juices flow and then finish arrangement I want to be all set tomorrow and only mix / master. Hope everyone else is having fun and busy working putting the AWESOME in their mixes!!
  5. Thanks Sir Jordanius, really appreciate it (especially since you're technically competing against me!). I don't know theory very well, I mean I can pick out the notes on a piano but I'd really have to think about it when it comes to chords and stuff. I basically just go by ear for everything and if it sounds good. I have to say I find it surprising you think our songs (mixes?) will work well together because I didn't think that at all! I had to take Sunset Park down maybe.. uh.. 4 or 5 semitones, and then I finally got a melody from it to work with Launch base, but there was a lot of shifting of individual notes for it to sound good. On the bright side, I'm actually starting to LIKE my mix now, when at first I really didn't at all. I have about 2 minutes so far and I think the arrangement is alright... might think about extending certain sections or bring some previous ones back in again... I do find it a bit more difficult to work with the latin rhythm.. I'm more of a chillout / ambient producer so this stuff is all weird to me I'm really stoked to hear your interpretation though!! Hopefully you can get a start on it soon! P.S. Why does your signature say you're with the lizards?? You're a pancake you know... traitor!!!
  6. ahhh ok thought I would ask just so I know... I actually changed my mind... but it would have been really funny! It would morph into the water theme from original super mario bros, and then it would cut out with Sonic saying "what the heck is this?" and then Mario going "ohh.. itsa mee... Ma..." and then Sonic cuts in saying "Get Out of here!!!" And then cut back to the music again... anyway, maybe you'll get a chuckle reading this... but yes, I have so far incorporated both themes :) tough, i might add!

  7. hey I was wondering... I have a funny idea for the mid section of my song (uhh for sonic remix compo), and I can easily put a super mario reference in there for comedic value... and then snap back to the sonic tune... is that allowed? :P

  8. any of you guys find a key where both melodies from each source song played at the same time works in a section of your song, but then realize once combined (and with key changes for certain notes), it doesn't sound like either of the sources anymore? Does that matter?
  9. ooookkkkkk FINALLY started my arrangement tonight! That's really all I can say... I don't like how my song sounds... and that sux I think it's these odd chord progressions in each song.. I mean, the bass line for launch base zone doesn't go up a nice octave, but rather hits the octave 2nd, and trying to make harmonies that sound good overtop that one note is difficult... Anyway... I don't mean to be a poopy complainy pants. I'm still gonna do my best to bring you guys a rockin' tune! I have 2 full days ahead to work on this so hopefully I hit that "aha!" moment!
  10. Mokram... isn't that a dragon priest mask from Skyrim? Anyway, yeah SuperiorX I understand how it can be fun trying to figure it out, but at the same time it's kind of frustrating! Arrangement has always been my weakest area, but I know I'll keep getting better the more I try (and the more songs I finish). I just want to make some bloody fantastic music that you guys will enjoy.
  11. well I made sure to get my assignments out of the way... I was up till nearly 2am last night tracking both sonic zones... I don't like to toss midi files in, so I picked everything out by ear, takes forever but I guess it's good ear training. I'm having a bit of difficulty figuring out how the hell I turn two songs into one... never done a remix, so this is quite the challenge! I still have 2.5 days though... Edit: Also Sir Jordanius' zone, Sunset Park, I have never heard before (never owned a gamegear). Very weird melody progression... and kind of salsa-ish, and out of tune it sounds in some sections... Has anyone else never heard their competitors zone music before?
  12. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    Thank you all for the responses. I will give it some time, watch a few youtube vids of it and make my decision. Cheers
  13. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    OK.... OCReMix people.... I put my faith in you... should I buy D3 or not? What is the verdict? I have been following this game on and off since June 2008... there were things I loved about it, and many things I hated about it as the announcements were made throughout the years... DRM, auction house, gameplay, art direction, how skills and customization work, and now so many people bashing it for so many reasons, mainly the company and their decisions and not wanting to support it. But when it comes down to it, I still, as a gamer and a musician and appreciator of art, recognize the work that went into this game - all of the scripting, design, field recording, casting, long nights to make deadlines, etc. etc. the list goes on, and to be honest, I just wanna tear up some demons with my friends. I won't participate in the AH, I won't be playing solo, and well, my internet is up and down but I think if I can easily browse these forums without any issues, then well, I think I have a fair chance and having some fun with this game. I just need a little boost that's all... I really want to like this game... I don't know what to do. Anyway, hopefully in the morning there will be some responses to help me with my decision. My neck is killing me from a long day at work (I sit at a desk and stare at a computer for 8 hours a day), then I was tracking my sonic remix song so basically sitting at computer for 18 hours a day... neck and shoulders are killing me, and my brain is fried. Sorry for the vent / spillage of thoughts, but hopefully someone can maybe shed some light on me so I can see and think clearly this weekend. Time for bed now.
  14. pffft whatever I don't need a secret weapon. I do wish I had dance / electro music making skillz cuz that high-energy shit seems to do well in things like this
  15. Done? I haven't even begun tracking yet... ARGH!! A sonic remix compo awaits, yet here I am calling my friends trying to get them to read from the AEON Flux script for my assignment this week... No worries.. I am confident I can finish a weeks work today and have the rest of the time to work on the compo P.S. Nice sax playin', Mr. Strader
  16. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    Sigh.... after the Sonic remix comp... I'm going to be watching a LOT of youtube vids of D3 gameplay - want to see the later acts...
  17. I'm still trying to get my school work done this week - hopefully will start mixing in a day or two
  18. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    Nuts, why don't you create a thread titled something like "OCR D3 Name thread" and just have everyone PM you or something, and then you can go in and edit the first post and make a list of all the name - would be darn convenient for everyone who will be playing. Just a thought
  19. oh cock... he's a posted remixer? Well, there go my dreams hahaa
  20. Might I just say, FANTASTIC WORK by all the ReMixers! I've basically spent the past 2 waking hours listening to all of your tracks and deciding on which ones to vote. Really, in terms of composition, a lot of it was very well done, and some I had a realllly tough time picking a winner... Anyway, in pancake news, I'm looking forward to starting my remix. I won't be able to start it right away but I'll have enough time over the next week. I don't know who this Sir Jordanius fellow is... but best of luck to you!
  21. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    still not sure if I'm going to buy this or not... beta wasn't anything too exciting... but I will probably end up watching youtube videos of people playing the later acts, and it will probably be interesting, and then I will probably buy it. That's my prediction :/ Also, I don't know what's so difficult about the witch doctor? I mean, beta could have been toned down - I was playing witch doctor in beta and what I noticed right away is that your mana never runs out really, and it regenerates so fast... in Diablo 2 you had to rely on potions and you had to be careful about spamming your spells too much, at least in the early stages of the game. It just seemed so easy a 5 year old could point and click and kill anything - didn't even matter about what gear you had or anything. So, I understand it was just beta - I will wait and see the responses from players after the game has been out for a couple weeks. I love the Diablo franchise and I'm really trying hard to like D3 but it just hasn't been going so well...
  22. yeah... its gonna be bonkers... i'll probably wait till another beta weekend event and test the 4 classes I didn't play - then wait patiently for release
  23. Dude... I think you draw a little towel symbol for when the brass section is filtered by the stage crew momentarily but mathematically dropping and raising the curtain on top of the performers
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