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  1. Brilliant movie... a couple parts that nearly had this grown man shed some tears... all in all I loved it. At the end of the movie, I clapped. I was the only one, so I yellow out "Oh, come on!! You know you loved it too!" and then had everyone clapping at the end! haaha
  2. Well because of busy schedules, Garpocalypse and I won't be submitting something on time. That being said, this is a learning experience and I've been PMing Gar back and forth, so hopefully we can end up submitting something later on purely for listening pleasure. I think I can speak for both of us saying that it's better to submit something late and still learn from the experience rather than to give up.
  3. Hey OCR, I made a new tutorial video today showing a fun way to create your own glitchy sound effects from any type of audio file. I hope many of you find it useful, and if you don't have Logic, perhaps you can take the idea and do something similar in your DAW. It should carry over pretty easily... Cheers, ~Syllix
  4. Hello my good sirs and madams, Here's my latest original track which was influenced by Boards of Canada. There are a lot of subtle changes to the drum line over the song, and it's overall pretty basic but chill to listen to. I did a lot of critical listening on some BOC songs to understand how they can make seemingly simple songs, yet still have them be interesting from start to finish, and it really was in the drums and subtle changes. Anyway, let me know your thoughts, feedback, criticism, etc. Thanks so much for listening! Cheers, ~Syllix http://soundcloud.com/syllix/syllix-external-thought
  5. Well, I also technically qualify as a star. Although I think I could still learn from some of the true stars out there, I'd be happy to help some people who are newer to this. Things to consider: -I've created only a handful of remastered video game tunes, and only 5 remixes (all Sonic the Hedgehog, although 2 of the 5 are pretty straight forward remixes) -I'm not a posted remixer, although I did beat two posted remixers in the Sonic Zone Remix Competition. -I've been producing seriously for about 3 years -I use Logic Pro and my strengths are electronic music production Links to 3 VG remixes (and u can see other work on main soundcloud page) http://soundcloud.com/syllix/sonic-chaos-mecha-green-hill http://soundcloud.com/syllix/sonic-chaos-turquoise-hill http://soundcloud.com/syllix/syllix-mysterial-field-launch Cheers
  6. hey man, i didnt actually have plans to make it an actual competition, but rather, just create a thread and see how many people were interested and then post all the tunes near halloween. But I don't think anyone was interested so I'm kind of gonna leave it. I might just post a halloween-ish tune to the originals later in the month

  7. Hey guys, I was wondering if there'd be any interest in doing a Halloween music contest. I searched the forums and didn't see anything come up for Halloween so figured it'd be ok to post this here I think it's too late to turn this into any real kind of competition, but I thought it'd just be cool to make some creepy music for fun and have people post their songs like a week before Halloween. Thoughts?
  8. That post was from 2009... but hopefully the rumors are in fact false.
  9. OK I can hear the kick alright but I agree the bass might be a little too high, maybe I should take it down like 1.5dB or something... Sounds alright on my monitors, headphones and earbuds, but when I check my iMac built-in speakers there is actually too much it seems... What were you listening on? Also, thx for the feedback. edit: Taking a break from listening to this for the day, I actually think the bass level is fine, and as I mentioned earlier, I think the kick can be heard just fine. Oddly enough, other people (from another music site I posted the track) are saying that there is not enough bass.... which begs the question for both people - what speakers are you using to listen to this?
  10. Hey everyone, this is my second Sonic Chaos remix/remastered tune for the Sonic Chaos HD fan project. It's not a true remix because I have to stay true to the original because this will actually be part of a playable game sometime in 2014 Any comments or feedback are much appreciated. Sonic Chaos HD forums: http://schd.forumotion.com/ Source Track: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ldFKCPzXI1s My Remastered/Remixed version: http://soundcloud.com/syllix/sonic-chaos-mecha-green-hill Cheers! Syllix
  11. I've started a Ranger now because I'm kind of tired of Mesmer for now.... although at level 50 it is tempting to keep going and hit 80... Also I'm back on the music production train so... it means if I decide to level the ranger, it will be a loooong road ahead until I hit 80 on him..
  12. well this might seem a bit random but the lowest note i'll use for a sub is F0 because at that frequency most systems will be able to produce the note without any issues. I mix on 6" KRK Rokits. Also, no, bass traps will not make your neighbours happier. It will make you happier and your mixes better in your room. Acoustic treatment is different from soundproofing. edit: it will NOT make your mixes better, but rather, it will allow you to hear your mix more accurately, which could potentially lead to better mixes if you know what you're doing
  13. ahhh... i see you got the message :P

  14. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    They say doing D3 runs with Syllix will add over 5000MF. It is known.
  15. DusK! Message binjovi, myself, or kenogu for a guild invite Also... where is the rest of the OCR community? Thought we'd have more ppl playing GW2... but maybe you're all on different servers!
  16. Uhhhh yeah.... I really find it hard to believe that there are only 20 pages in this thread.... this game has huge hype and already millions of pre-purchases... As mentioned a couple of times in this thread, I'll be on Yak's Bend, and if no one is gonna start the Guild (and of course there needs to be one....) I would happily start the "OverClocked" [OCR] guild.... So if you're planning on playing early release tomorrow night (they said they may have the servers up as early as 3 hours early!! So around 9pm PST friday. Send me a message (most likely will be named Syllix) and let's get our guild started!!! TL;DR Official OCR guild name: OverClocked [OCR] Server: Yak's Bend
  17. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    So patch 1.0.4 is out? I quit this game a while ago because there was just no item hunt, only boring gold farming. If the drop rates are decent where I don't have to spend days worth of my time to find a single nice item I can use, and if them legendaries are actually good now, I might pick this up again! Then again... GW2 comes out tomorrow night so, first off, I must make my way over to the other thread right now But still, legendaries actually being legendary and not having lame random stats where 99% of them are worthless, I am very happy about some of these new changes in D3.... hope more good news will keep coming... also pvp, where i can enter a game and hostile a player would also be nice
  18. GET YO SIGS ON: http://guildwars2.pl/signatures_-_generator,a657,p2
  19. i suggest bringing the volume up on her actual voice, and lowing the volume on the vocoded synth. I'd like to see you make this part more ethereal and dreamy as it's kind of a chorus-y sounding part... so plop in a nice reverb or delay and see what you can do. /thoughts edit: oh and if you're gonna make them more present in the mix, then work that EQ and make her not sound so radio-ish edit 2: the little drum roll fill at 2:56ish sounds a wee bit off, maybe a timing issue or something. it's just what my ears picked out
  20. Hey OCR! I was recently asked to make music for a fan project that is aiming to remaster Sonic Chaos in full HD, with new music, new art, improved physics, etc. and of course will be a playable game! Here's the level theme I made for Turquoise Hill which is somewhere in between a remastered version and a remix since I changed things up a bit with my own flavour. Hope you all enjoy!!! Comments and feedback welcome! http://soundcloud.com/syllix/sonic-chaos-turquoise-hill EDIT: Oh and here's the link to the website for Sonic Chaos HD: http://schd.forumotion.com/forum
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