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  1. It might help if you post an original song of yours as an example (a link to soundcloud, youtube, tindeck, etc.) and identify parts of the song you think need spicing up, and people here may offer you suggestions. It is rather difficult with such an open ended question really, as there are literally endless ways to add flavour, movement, excitement etc. to ones song. If you want something absurdly general and basic, try adding just a filtered noise sweep leading to or from particular changes or parts of your song and see how that sounds. One thing I experimented with in the past is layering something over top of this sweep as well. For example, I bounced (created an audio file) a short section of my song that came after the leading sweep part, and then I reversed that section, and stretched the audio out increasingly more as it played, and then layered it over top of the sweep and had them both fade in gradually. You could even then have the sounds fade out in a big reverb or something when the next section comes. If you can make sense of this description, then props to you. The key really is experimentation and just have fun trying new things. You never know what you'll discover. I guess I'll toss a link to my old song and show you what part I'm talking about (made it last year). The sweep and reversed fade in part is exactly from 6:06 - 6:09. Edit: Also 3:17 - 3:22 I did the same thing. http://soundcloud.com/syllix/ryan-jobson-into-the-starry-night Hope that helps. ~Syllix
  2. Nice teamwork guys! Glad this was all sorted out! Huzzah for the OCReMix Community!
  3. oh.. I guess you are not this guy? https://www.youtube.com/user/garoad Woops!
  4. kekekek Garoad is funny Skyrim is definitely cutting in on my "being productive" part of life, but hell, every now and again you gotta treat yourself, whether it be a steak dinner, a chocolate bar from the grocery store, or a 7-hour Skyrim excursion starting the moment you get home from work. I do get inspired by playing Skyrim and looking at the scenery and listening to the music though. I have a sample pack I created with some great sounds I got from a field recording expedition at an industrial train yard. Pitched down, some samples sound creepy and very similar to old creeky gate doors or chains or anything else you might expect to find in a dungeon. Hmmm... may have to make some Skyrim-inspired dungeon or cavern music. <random thought> We should have a little contest, well not a content really, just a thread where people submit their Skyrim-inspired music. Just for the awesomeness of it. </random thought> I type too much. ~Syllix
  5. lol... I've also had the game since 12am Friday, but I have only played 4 hours. I call it discipline - was working on finishing a sample pack from my latest field recording expedition As for my rig, Skyrim was auto-set to run on High graphics settings on my iMac (Windows 7 bootcamp), but I set the graphics down to Medium for brilliant smoother play (although it was quite capable to handle high). Below are my compy's stats: iMac 3.2ghz intel core i3, 12GB RAM, Radeon HD 5670 512MB graphics And fyi, from all of those comments saying the game is too grey or dull or graphics suck or game play sucks or whatever, I really have no idea what you're talking about. I can't say anything bad about this game other than the fact that it does not slow down time allowing me to play it more without the repercussions of stopping all music productivity and other productive things. -----------> Plus, there's dragons and shit. <------------
  6. First ReMix? thumbs up bro! I mean heck, I posted a remastered version of ice cap just a few weeks ago. I didn't even have the creativity to try to rearrange anything, so you're way up on me. Ice cap is a popular song. Gotta start somewhere right? Ya also gotta remember to take the bad with the good, and also remember to take things with a grain a salt, unless you're weird and like adding a lot of pepper to things, I mean really, you couldn't even try the bloody meal first before you asked for the salt and pepper? It was fine how it was! How dare you insult my cooking! I'll have your head on a... wh.. what? Oh, uh, right.
  7. You're going places, Calum. Great, magical places. Keep it up!
  8. Can you guys imagine how awesome it's going to be starting out playing with tons and tons of fresh lv 1 people, there's just going to be tons of excitement and crazy things happening! As for the name, which really hasn't been talked about much in this thread, may I suggest a simple, subtle, yet totally appropriate and awesome official guild name? "OVERCLOCKED" Some big mod dude (or dudette) should start a poll or something with the top favourite names introduced by the community of OCR. Then an official name can be voted on. I'd totally start a poll (not sure if we can do that on these forums), but I'm at work right now and dont have time to look into it haha Anyway, Syllix signing out for now!
  9. Can't believe I'm just hearing these songs for the first time, and now finding out it's being cancelled. Def. sad indeed The music will come back to you I'm sure. I understand everybody needs a break from things now and then. When the time is right, you'll know... ~Syllix
  10. I use Logic Pro 9. I wanted to go beyond just learning the basics of synthesis before I put any money into some better VSTs like Omnisphere or Massive or Kontakt or any of that stuff. If you don't know how to use the tools, what's the point right? But I do think that having them helps a lot - I have to spend a lot of time working on just one synth track to get the sound I want, and I usually end up wasting space with multiple tracks and layering to get a "decent" sound, when probably one single synth track from a very good VST would be better. <Sidenote> Hmmm, randomly I have an idea to start a thread, a VERY detailed thread about how I personally use a compressor and EQ on any given kick / snare / what have you, and then hear back from the community if I'm using them correctly or not, or if I could do something to make them sound better, also it would be great for others to learn from as well. </Sidenote> I really lack in the sample department though. I don't have ANY kicks, hats, snares, or any percussive sounds for that matter. I also am missing a lot of stuff from Logic for some reason and I don't have as many drum samples in the EXS or Ultrabeat as others do. The one thing I have is a few folders of my own "found sounds" that I've sculpted to sound like percussive samples, or just the raw sound itself. My last field recording session was at an old industrial train yard - got some great stuff there I have watched a few tuts on Zebra2 - I think it is worth getting from the looks of it. Anyway, you don't really have to answer everything. This thread is about your song, not me haha. I appreciate it though. Apologies for being all over the board, that's kind of how my mind works. ~Syllix
  11. OK, first things first, I consider myself to be rather amateurish when it comes to production, so you should take my comments and suggestions with a grain of salt. I liked this one a lot. I also think you should finish this. Sexy time is good. My only critiques or suggestions would be to add another tighter / higher hihat sound later on to keep things interesting. I liked your stutter work on the kick and the percussion, but you should consider adding some effects to the snare as well. I like the snare a lot and it would sound great if you could incorporate some reversed snare (like copy your snare, put it in another channel, reverse it, and stick it just before one of your snare hits), or stereo delay and stutter as well. Seems like you could glitch it up a bit more. Other than that, fantastic job - love the melody. I also have a few questions for you myself which are a) what DAW do you use are you using only your DAWs samples / instruments, or are you using any nice VSTs c) you be layering your kick / snare / hihat? Or do you just have really great samples? I ask because I like the sounds, and when I listen to my music I get the impression it's thinner than yours. I like to learn all the time Anyway I better get back to work, just realized I've taken a suuuuper long lunchbreak! Curse you OCR!!! (not really <3) ~Syllix
  12. Thanks Cash and Change (hey, what are you doing in my pocket?) Glad you liked it. You're correct - I am just working on my production skills and was not planning on submitting this. I do plan on trying a ReMix at some point, but having only ever completed 4 songs (2 original and 2 remastered sonic songs), I don't feel I have the technical skills and I am still weak at arrangement (hence only the 2 completed original songs, and over 200 unfinished songs and loops). ~Syllix
  13. Hey guys! Just working on my production skills and remastered another sonic song! Hope you enjoy it! Please let me know what you think! Source: My remastered version: ~Syllix
  14. Hi magicalpiece, I also am a fan of this song, and I actually do plan on ReMixing this some day. I will say that I have never attempted a ReMix before, but I am working on some remastered songs at the moment to help me improve my production skills. I think the reason why not many people have tried to ReMix PSO music is because it's more difficult than say, remixing a simpler song like from the NES or Sega Genesis. This song in particular, Abysmal Ball - Banquet, has a lot of quick changes and in my mind already sounds like a ReMixed version of something simpler, although this isn't the case It's just very well composed You may be interested to know that my next remastered song of choice is going to be "Healing" from PSO, so keep a close eye on the Workshop ReMixes forum. I would like to ReMix this song too at one point but for now am focusing on remastering songs with a bit of my own flavour. Here's the source: Cheers, Syllix
  15. Gar23, thanks a lot for your comments. Regarding your comments about the Sonic tune, first, I'm not exactly sure what you mean about midi rip, or internalizing my music. What I did was I opened up a brand new file in Logic Pro, went to youtube and found the original here: I listened to it (many times) and picked out each instrument one by one, etc. and then started sequencing in Logic trying to get things to sound as close as possible. As for the other two original songs on my youtube channel, those are my only completed songs, so I have really only ever mixed two songs before attempting to recreate the Sonic tune. I suffer from not finishing what I start, but I'm trying to correct that because I know how much you can learn in terms of sound design, production, arrangement, mixing, etc. when you complete a song start to finish. I went back and listened to Into the Starry Night the Winter Odyssey song and I can hear those clashing frequencies you are talking about. I will keep trying. I think I have a pretty good understanding of mixing, rolling off the lows on instruments that dont need it, panning, etc. - it'll just take practice and time. Thanks again for your comments. Hopefully you'll eye up my second recreation which I think is already sounding a lot better (Sonic 1 - Green Hill). Hope to post it within the week. Cheers, ~Syllix
  16. Thanks DusK! I still am not happy with my production and mixing when compared to other ReMixers here. I am, however, using only the instruments in Logic Pro 9. I don't have or use any VSTs, free or bought, but I'm not using that as an excuse that my music still sounds "weak." I know I can achieve great sounding music just in Logic if I keep practicing. I'm glad you liked this one though. I'll be posting another Sonic recreation hopefully within the next week, and then I may try my first ReMix Cheers, Syllix
  17. I really like your music. I checked out a few more on your YouTube channel too - seems you have established your "sound," something that I lack actually and that I admire in others. What I mean is that when listening to your different tracks, you can tell how they all have a similar sound, the way you choose and use your instruments. That's not to say that they are boring but rather you have your set of tools and sounds and know how to use them. I hope you understand what I'm trying to say here. I don't know if you're looking for any feedback on your songs, and I can't say much because I still feel I am in my music "infancy" - but I like your music. Well done, keep it coming. ~Syllix
  18. Hot damn! Makes me want to drive 2 hours to my parents house to see if I can find my old gameboy colour stashed in a box somewhere in the basement so I can play this again! This was great man! ~Syllix
  19. Hey guys, this is my recreation of Ice Cap Zone 1 made in Logic Pro. I wasn't sure whether to post this on Original or in ReMix's, because technically it's neither. My goals right now are to get better at production, and I have been struggling to put out any new original content quick enough. I thought if I worked on recreations first, then ReMix's, I could work on getting better at my production skills and then when the idea of something original strikes me, I'll have improved my skills a bit. Hope this makes sense... Anyways, enough of my blabbering. The link is below and I would love to hear some feedback, comments or thoughts on it! Thanks in advance, ~Syllix (720p is available but not sure if the quality is any better...)
  20. Hi guys, I'm Ryan. I've been into music production for the past couple of years but am really wanting to get serious about it rather than just a hobby. I work the standard 9-5 and in my spare time work on music. I have finished only two original tracks in the style of ambient / downtempo / chillout over the past year, but have a couple hundred unfinished ideas and loops just begging to be finished (don't we all?). I am really passionate about music and love how it affects us and what emotions it can bring forward, and I also love video game music (Jeremy Soule being one of my fav composers). I would love one day if I could produce or score music for video games, so I continue to work on this dream of mine in my spare time. Anyway, that's a little bit about me. I stumbled upon this site I think from watching a tutorial video on youtube for pad creation, and I am glad I made it here! The ReMixes are amazing and definitely I am inspired and want to make some of my own. I feel if you suffer from writers block with your own original creations, why not work on a remix of something to help perfect your craft as you create, experiment, mix and master your own remix? Funny enough I actually recreated one of my favourite Sonic tunes not more than a week before stumbling upon this site - I think I'll have to post it on the appropriate forum page. Anyway this is probably one of the longest intros ever - I look forward to getting to know the community and to learn from and share experiences and knowledge with all of you great musicians! Greetings from Canada! ~Syllix (Ryan)
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