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  1. A while back I had wondered how people who were very new to producing (like only a few months) were making music that sounded very high quality in terms of production, and then I realized they were using vengeance loops and other "high quality" (depending on how you look at it) samples, where as I was striving to create everything from scratch, such as synthesizing my own kicks, creating my own drum loops, and starting new synth patches from a default sine wave. This saying gets tossed around sometimes which I think is very accurate in many ways: "It is a necessary evil."
  2. Congrats! And thanks again to SupX for hosting this. I have a ton of new great music to listen to
  3. Hi guys, This topic is something I don't know a lot about, and was hoping someone could shed some light on it for me. Basically I'd just like to know what the rules are when it comes to selling covers of video game music. Since the melody's are copied I understand it would qualify as copyright infringement, because one would be profiting off of another composer's intellectual property. Why I am bringing this up is because I've been following someone's work on YouTube for a while and recently found out he is selling compilations of his video game music covers on bandcamp. I don't want to name name's because I'm still very much so a fan of his work, but I will say that he only does acapella covers and has a large following (near 1m subscribers). These covers are very well done and mixed and produced well, but they are indeed 100% a copy of the original without any arrangement changes. How is he able to do this and sell CDs of his compilations? Is this done legally? I can post a link if it helps clarify.
  4. I agree, I think compos could be moved to an area where they may receive more traffic from people just browsing. I am going to listen to the finals after work today and vote!
  5. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    Give me the legendaries. Give me all the legendaries! Seriously though... I need more dps!!
  6. OMG I've been away from this thread for toooo long. I just binge downloaded the last month's worth of songs and I'm gonna have a good listen to them all!! So excited! Also, just thought I'd mention there's a spring party I'm co-hosting next month and the majority of the music being played is of course gonna be OCR, with a large portion of it being from this competition. YEEEEAAAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
  7. I've been experimenting with Velkoz in normal games simply for the fact that he's really fun to play. It makes me WANT to get good with him, but if I'm being serious (I also am hoping to hit gold soon; currently in S2), then I have to revert to Nocturne jungle.
  8. just played him... his ult is totally useless if ANYONE gets close to you because you'll always be interrupted. If you can just stay the heck back he's pretty ballin'
  9. You could also think outside the box and move away from white noise or percussive elements and try something melodic. Maybe sample the first bar of the new part and then place it before, but only reversed, filtered, and with a nice reverb tail or something. Get creative.
  10. Yeahhh!! I'm heading towards Silver III right now. She's a battle that's for sure!! Catching up to some of you lads... would you take an S4 in your group some time? I play Nocturne Jungle and Garen top, and Taric supp usually.
  11. I just came here to add something extremely important and relevant: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH THE CATS AHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAH!!!1!!!!
  12. I really love reading everyone's reviews! If I find more time I'll do another full listen and write one of my own. Looking forward to Sunday though for some spicy new mixes!
  13. More Summer please. And hurry up.
  14. Someone earlier was asking about how to mix vocals or how to get them to cut through the mix better? I think it may have been lady wildfire... anyway here's a new ITL for ya by none other than Dave Pensado:
  15. Cool, I may submit my mix then. I may go back to it and do some fine-tuning though, since I made mine in like 3 days... I'd really put some more TLC into it if I can! Thanks guys, and I'm looking forward to hearing all of your mixes tomorrow!! I won't be able to until the evening but I'll be having my own personal listening party
  16. @wildfire Can you submit a remix if there is more than one source? Or will you have to go back to the mix and make it only with one source? I've never submitted a remix before and I'd like to be an OC ReMixer :3
  17. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ucdr0iccpfb3yb3/Yg9YJeB2Ds

    I hope this works, I've never sent a DP link before haha, but I just made a folder and linked to it

  18. What's ur email? I'm gonna send you a WeTransfer of my remix.

  19. Is anyone close to completion just out of curiosity? I'm just wrapping things up with my mix right now, should be all done in about an hour. I'm really pleased with how mine turned out, and it's even better I finished early because I will basically have no time to work on the mix from Thurs - Sunday. I'm very excited to hear everyone's mixes! And come on Brandon! We need you! What would Nicolas Cage do?
  20. Also, I think this method only pertains to remixes, since you already have the melodies to work with. At least that's how it is for me. I need to go to bed now.. and wake up early and get mixing. Too much stuff to do this week so I need to finish early. Good luck everyone!
  21. Alright you panzards Imma take a short break from writing and shed some light on something I've recently discovered as far as composition goes. I've been using only a cheesy sounding drumkit and saw waves to create my remix thus far and I think it sounds pretty damn good as it is. That's probably a good sign, being that it sounds ok in its worst form. I do this to not get attached to any one sound while I'm writing, which usually influences how I play certain parts depending on the sound I use. So perhaps if some of you are thinking "gee, this really isn't sounding that great, but maybe it will once I change the instruments," maybe it's time to re-arrange some of the elements or re-write a certain part so that it sounds awesome when using crummy placeholder synths. Composition is key, and good sounds alone won't make your track sound good. This post is basically just a little brain dump and it's sort of how I've been looking at my track so far, so I figured I'd share it with you guys. Who knows, maybe I'm way out to left field and when I start choosing real sounds it will end up sounding crappy. Gah! Anyway how's everyone's mixes coming along?
  22. Although half-joking, I still was having some trouble getting started, but finally got something going late last night. And you know what? I feel using the MIDI files makes it harder. I feel it just locked me into a BPM and blocked any creative ideas I would have. I was trying to think of a style as I was listening to the MIDI files and it just wasn't working. So I tossed em out the window (quite literally actually... the Logic Pro window hehehe) and closed my eyes and hoped I would hear my song. I think it worked.
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