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  1. No no, it's cool. I needed to get that off my chest.
  2. I guess... I have watched my friends play cata and watched streamers play pandaria and everyone leaves for the same reasons it seems. new patches, gear resets, farm, upgrade, gotta grind dailys and whatevers to get honor and blah blah blah... basically I lost interest because they just made the game less fun. In the days of Vanilla and BC it was fun when you could kind of "break" the game... kiting dinosaurs from that place to the left of tanaris, un'goro crater i think, and devilsaur, yeah thats it! kiting those bad boys into orgrimmar and watching the chaos ensue. People who had 3 epic items were considered godly, because they were so difficult to achieve. Now you can play for one week and be decked out in epics. They just streamlined everything and took the fun out of the game, nothing has meaning, nothing really has value anymore. That's basically how I feel about it these days. Maybe part of it is me getting older, or that it's just not fresh anymore (it was afterall my first mmo, so even the simple things like "holy shit, you're telling me there is a day and night system?" or "wtf.... are you really saying that other character is controlled by a real person!?") I will never be able to experience again. I'm 26 and I feel I've become an old man. Dang kids and their epics these days! /rant ON TOPIC: I'm still excited to see what blizzard has cooking up their sleeves. (is that even a saying?)
  3. I havent' played WoW since BC.... I actually find it hard to believe people still play that game. It's still the same old thing... I'm more interested in hearing news of the titan project, but I think recently I read somewhere that they scrapped the project and are going to give it a complete overhaul, so we probably wont see that game on shelves until about 2018 or so.... fml
  4. So I think this deserves a thread, as I'm sure there are some blizz fans out there. Just wondering if anyone is going, will be catching the live event, or just wants to talk about it in general.
  5. Hey OCR! I made a follow-up video to my "How to use the Vocoder" tutorial I made earlier this year. Here's hoping this helps some of you out, and happy vocoding! P.S. Although this was made in Logic, the fundamental ideas should apply to all DAWs.
  6. I just hit 30 and can play ranked now. Wooooo!! Mainly Nocturne Jungle, or Sona Supp.
  7. I was in the mood for some more ambient music, and since I've made it a goal to write one song every week, this is what I came up with. Hopefully you enjoy it!
  8. Helllooooooo OCR, I made a new tutorial about mastering and wanted to share it with everyone. Although I'm using Logic Pro, the fundamental idea still applies to other DAWs. I hope you enjoy it!
  9. Hey all, It's been a while since my last ambient track so here's a new one I just made. Reminds me a lot of outer space... Hope you enjoy!
  10. This has been one of my more recent dreams actually, to build myself a computer. It'd be a gaming / entertainment computer as I have my iMac for music production. I just wanted to chime in, even though the OP was asking to build a PC for other people. Now... if only I had some extra money... *EDIT* I forgot to ask... where would you guys recommend the best place to buy parts from? Is there any online site that ships worldwide, and are there any guidelines? Anything a newbie should know first before tackling a project like this? I don't mean to steal thread but I'm genuinely curious. Thanks!
  11. Hey guys, So I thought I posted this already but maybe I forgot to click submit... anyway I just made a new video about Logic Pro X and talk about some of the differences between X and 9. It seems there's already tons of videos where people are talking about the new big features, so I thought I would talk about some of the smaller things I noticed that some people might find interesting. Hope you enjoy.
  12. Hey guys, I did something crazy.... I just made a dance song! OK, well maybe it's only crazy if you know what kind of music I normally make, which is ambient. Anyway I had fun with this one and just wanted to try something different. I hope you enjoy it!
  13. When I travel I love taking my Sennheiser HD280 pro's because it blocks a good portion of the noise from the outside. When I'm on the bus, ferry, or skytrain and only have my little iPhone earbuds, I can't stand all of the noise bleed. People talking, the noise from vehicles, downtown, etc. The only downside to having my sennheisers with me is that i have to unpack and pack them into my backpack so often, which over many months will be lots of wear and tear. I usually opt for sound quality and use my sennheisers anyway. If i'm just going for a walk around the park or something I'll usually just take the iphone earbuds though (and sometimes it's just nice to listen to the birds)
  14. no no no.. dont be sad. i mean "so what" as in "so.. he always uploads remixes.. what's the big deal?" nicholas cage understood what i was saying... why couldnt you?
  15. Hahaha I was thinking the exact same thing, as I thought it was you when I first read the thread title. I was thinking to myself "so what?"
  16. You guys need to get in touch with the OP and have them update the main thread with a list of players and what servers they are on. @Theory of N - I know exactly what you mean. I was all excited for Guild Wars 2 last year and played for a month or so but I had ZERO IRL friends who wanted to play that game, and everyone from OCR always changed servers so there was only a few of us on. For me, I feel it's absolutely necessary to play with friends especially in MMOs, otherwise I just simply lose interest.
  17. Yes it is, but you can also edit your video with screenflow, detach audio, add text and other visual enhancements. Not only does it record your screen, but it records the computer's sound too. Great for tutorials.
  18. Screenflow. Although I'd love to pick up Adobe After Effects to make my music videos look a little nicer. <3 particle effects
  19. Hi guys, I made a tutorial today and I talk about track colors and basic organization. I hope some of you find it helpful
  20. Cool! I've been subbed to Sambonz on YouTube for a while now He's not on the forums here is he? And I thought ARR wasn't released until the 27th? Is there an early start for some people?
  21. is that stinking monkey boy really that good? my buddy keeps telling me to buy him but... i dunno,.. he's a freaking monkey!
  22. check out Kripp's stream on the link I posted. There's been beta keys floating around the chat sometimes, ones that actually work! But you gotta be fast to nab it first outta 12k people
  23. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    Yeah I hear ya on that. It's a game based on loot, not the story. It's how it's always been. If you want story go for the elder scrolls or something. I still havent' even completed all of the little side quests.. over 150 unique dungeons all with their own tales to tell...
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