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  1. No thread for this yet. I'm creating one. I'll be the first to say (maybe there are others?) that I've never played any trading card game other than Pokemon when I was a kid. My friends have played Magic the Gathering and I've watched them play a few games but other than that these games are pretty foreign to me, although I do understand the mechanics and how they work, at least the fundamentals. I gotta say, the first time I heard of Blizzard's new game and that it was a trading card game, I laughed out loud and just though they were creating more garbage games. BUT, I was wrong. The interface is very clean, and the game is very pretty to look at. I've only been watching streamers play right now and it looks like a lot of fun. It's going to be F2P with the option to spend money on decks, and possibly some other nick-nacks. I think this is something I might check out. I'm more of a casual gamer these days, playing a bit of Skyrim here, a bit of League of Legends there, and I can definitely see myself playing this at launch. It'd just be something nice to play when I'm relaxing at night after work, you know, play maybe 30min to an hour and not feel pressured to play any more than that. What are your thoughts and opinions? I'd love to hear them. I've been watching a well-known streamer by the name of Kripparrian who has been streaming the game 8+ hours a day and I must say it looks really fun. If you're a stranger to Kripparrian (on Twitch) or haven't heard of him before, check him out here. Very cool guy (he's getting 12k+ live viewers a day now... insane!) *FUN FACT - he was the guy who got world first for killing Diablo (III) in Inferno Hardcore BEFORE they nerfed anything. http://www.twitch.tv/nl_kripp (usually around 5pm PST - 3am PST)
  2. Ryan Jobson

    Diablo III

    You didn't think the story was god awful to begin with? The only thing I was excited about was the 4 minute trailer with probably a good million dollars put into it.
  3. I've used the Sennheiser HD 280 pro's for the past 2 years and I've never had a problem with them. They are comfortable even during extended periods of usage, cancel about 30 - 40% of the outside noise, and are very durable. Cost me about $130 2 years ago.
  4. Hard to say... I dabbled with Reason and Ableton back in 2008, but I didn't complete a full song until december 2010. I would just fiddle around and make a few loops a couple times a month for during those years... so I don't know if that should be included... I've really been more serious about music in just the last 2 years I guess.
  5. OK so looks like some people are breaking the NDA and posting video content of FFXIV on youtube.... sooooo all i have to say is WHAT A BEAUTIFUL GAME!!! Unfortunately my imac can only run it on low settings
  6. Why do you say that? Is the conjurer not good or something? They summon pets right? That's kind of what I was thinking of doing...
  7. BUMPITY BUMP. Less than 2 weeks away. Who's gonna be playing!?!? what class?
  8. Hello OCR, I'm back again with another tutorial, this time on how I use sound effects in my mix as percussive or rhythmic elements. If you found it helpful, help me out by sharing the video or giving it a 'like' Cheers!
  9. It's definitely not a bad idea to have more than a couple of reverbs in your arsenal. Being a Logic Pro user, I still used the silver verb and the Space Designer (Impulse responses, and you can make your own IR's too). I also own Lexicon Reverb which is my main reverb because it allows me a variety of spaces including rooms, halls, chambers, and plates. Not all music will benefit from the same reverb, so play around and try getting some demo versions if they're available and use your ears! They will tell you what works best for each situation
  10. Hmmm at first glance it seems a bit too arcade-y for my liking, but it still looks pretty cool. I was really into these classic side-scrolling action beat-em-up games as a kid, like ninja turtles or venom vs carnage. I don't own a PS Vita but have thought about it for a while now... I guess I just need to find someone who owns both so I can give it a try
  11. Ear fatigue. That is all. Give your ears a rest every once in a while and try taking breaks.
  12. Welp... there goes my productive evening...
  13. "How important is it to not have a boring mix" Think about it.
  14. Aren't those cinematic screenshots or something? They look too bloody good to be in-game...
  15. Ehhh I still think there's tons of room for improvement, but I really enjoyed this orchestral song I made a while back:
  16. Just use which ever DAW you feel most comfortable in. If you aren't having any issues in Cubase you should stick with it and master it. I've used Reason, Ableton, Pro Tools and Logic - I feel most comfortable in Logic and prefer it over any other DAW. But that's just me. Different hats for different cats!
  17. Automation. Automation. Automation. If we're talking about dubstep bass, it's all in the details and automation. A simple LFO with the same garbled bass sound is going to be lame. There's a big gap from amateur dubstep to really crazy sounding bass and it's all in the automation and audio manipulation. To me that's what keeps it interesting. Now you may not be going for big crazy wobbly wonky bass effects, and a simple LFO on your bassline might do the trick on your track. But still, automating those parameters whether it be part of the envelope, filter, or something else, is going to really breathe some life into your sounds.
  18. Just be careful about what you say on the internet. You never know who may be watc... ... ..... ....... Greetings Earthlings, I come from the planet...... *message deleted* - no further communication possible
  19. Hey guys, I wanted to try something a bit different than my usual stuff so I dusted off my guitars and made this. I hope you enjoy it! (I'm not the best guitarist in the world keep in mind, haha ) Cheers!
  20. I also make my own beats and rarely use loops. And if I do I'm usually chopping them up and rearranging them. I don't work that often with acoustic drums but I think having the session drummer only provides me with more options.
  21. I too am hoping to jump on the Logic X train pretty soon. I'm sad about the non 32-bit support thing because I've got some really cool freebee plugins that won't work anymore. I either need to learn how to cope without said plugins or use logic 9 when I need those plugins, bounce, then import into Logic X... but that's a pain in the butt really. Anyway I'll be buying it soon and I'm happy to see some nice little improvements (the arpeggiator for instance, it's about time!). And yes, it looks sexy doesn't it?
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