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  1. COME AT ME BRO! Because I've been waiting for this update for a loooong time!! Let me be the first to praise Apple on a job well done and actually LISTENING to their users! Overall they've made so many changes and fixes to so many tiny things that were still bugged, and have improved the stability and performance overall! Hopefully I can say goodbye to my CPU issues! Anyway, there's also a real nice treat that came with the update which was an overhaul to the Channel EQ with some new added features (including mid-side processing!). Here's a little video where I explain some of the new features and how they work. Cheers guys!
  2. Agreed. I guess what I'd really like to change are my habits, and that's the most difficult part for anyone whether it's trying to make music, lose weight, etc. The most difficult thing us humans can do is change. Once we're used to working a certain way, it's very difficult to break that habit. One thing I've been trying to do is to write in a journal every morning. Not a journal that contains my deep dark secrets, but just something to write in once I wake up. I make an effort to do it before I even eat breakfast so there's no hesitation, and it's serving as a training program to train my brain not to hesitate, so when it comes to song writing I won't spend all night worrying about one part I'll just get it done. I think the important thing is for me to be writing more songs, so yeah maybe the 3-4 albums was a bit ambitious, but it was based on knowing what I'm capable of. I know I could produce 3-4 quality albums within a year, it's just.... I'd have to sacrifice sleep, hanging out with friends, etc. Something I think is somewhat necessary to become a "master" at your craft (See Malcolm Gladwell's 10,000 hour rule). I may have to make a separate thread on the community forum where I can talk about what my thoughts are on this in more detail.
  3. Merry Christmas from Native Instruments! SUPERCHARGE FREE TUBE COMPRESSOR: http://www.native-instruments.com/en/specials/high-octane-holidays/
  4. Ugh... late to the party again. I gotta check this competition page more often. I'm due for making another remix. EDIT: YAY I just became a Red mage! (+400)
  5. 1. Become OCD about producing music. No more of this one song per month or two BS. That's like playing tennis once a month and expecting to improve. 2. Release 3 - 4 albums 3. Learn more about Logic Pro 4. Move up a rank at my job 5. Become more social (this sort of conflicts with number 1) 6. Become more of a "yes" man 7. Stop working for free, or for peanuts when asked to write music for people (might conflict with number 6) 8. Get a girlfriend (number 5 may help with this one)
  6. Whaaaat! New ambient musics!?!?! Hope you guys enjoy it
  7. Do a bunch of research on EQ, compression, use of space (reverbs / delays). And play around with them in your DAW as well to get familiar with them and what they do / how they work. It's not something you can pick up after a couple of months either. Mixing is a labour of love... it's an art... and the more mixing you do the better you'll get.
  8. LMAO at your skrillex / bee signature hahahaha!

  9. Any love for the Nocturne? I jungle that bad boy pretty hard... Silver V now yay! Also trying out the FABULOUS Taric top lane. SO much fun..... 600+ armor WHAT?
  10. Yeah basically just search "(insert your DAW here) Tutorials" on youtube. If you're interested, I also put out production tutorials about every week - two weeks. Good luck man and only hard work can really pay off!
  11. Anyone play PSO2 on their Vita?
  12. Soooo I don't own a Wii but im curious how this works, as my friend has one. Do you just download some software and uhhhh like connect it to the Wii? I'm seriously clueless as to how this works but wanna know so I can tell my friend!
  13. Welp, you know the drill. I make tutorials and I like sharing them with you guys! If you found this one helpful you can share it too Cheers!
  14. I'd really love to be able to afford EWQL Gold. Two things are stopping me: 1. the price 2. having to use a stupid iLok. I f-ing hate iLoks, and I don't want to have to choose between my midi keyboard or the iLok.
  15. Skyrim was my first POV RPG. I didn't feel like I wanted to barf - I felt like opening up my window and yelling "OMFGGGMGMFGG1!!!11 EVERYONE BUY THEES GGAME NOWW!!!!"
  16. i just sent this to my friend. him and i have played smash bros melee for over 10 years and were going to join a competition recently, but sadly missed it! we used to live together for 2.5 years but i recently moved, and now i no longer have a gamecube so i havent played in about 6 months but we considered ourselves to be.... semi-pro players I guess, since we played about 30 - 60 minutes every single day for those 2.5 years, and then the 7.5 years before that. Anytime we heard of new competitors in our city, we got so excited because we thought we'd finally found some other people who were at our level, but as it always turned out, we just mopped the floor with them This is such a brilliant game and I wish more people played it!
  17. Hey guys, So over the past month I've been working on a cover / re-creation of Daft Punk - Doin' It Right, and I wanted to share it with you guys! What do you think? I was trying to get close to the original. Anyway I hope you enjoy it and thanks for listening
  18. Hey guys, Just finished making a new tutorial about adding variation to your drum loops (or loops in general). Hope you find it helpful and if you do please share
  19. What games have my current attention that are currently available for PS4, or what games am I currently playing? Cuz I play some LoL atm...
  20. I haven't owned a console since the Gamecube. The only console game I've really been playing has been smash bros melee for the past 10 years (im uh... really freakin good at it now...). But honestly, seeing these new generation consoles have really captured my interest. I'm really torn between building my own gaming computer, or buying a PS4. The only problem is I would also need to buy a flat screen TV and I have nowhere to put it. My main source of entertainment right now is my computer (iMac). Hmmm... and that really is a big hmmmmmmmmm. I don't know what I should do!
  21. Thanks for the comment. I always welcome the thoughts and opinions of others. Sometimes my ambient tunes tend to "go somewhere" but most times I guess they tend to float around until I decide to fade them out. I'll aim to keep improving though thanks again man.
  22. Hey guys, Another new track is ready and this time it's more drone-like. Hope you enjoy, comments and feedback welcome.
  23. I've recently been bogged down with work, school, midterms, and also working on a few music projects with other artists as well as scoring a film! But I have managed to find the time these past few days to complete a new ambient track. I hope you folks enjoy it
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