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  1. It certainly would be a good and fun way to work on our sound design chops.
  2. ....very little.... ummm... League of Legends? And that's it? Ughhhh...
  3. Yeah I've used multiple reverbs before. Sometimes a few on the same track, but most often just one. Sometimes I'll send a few different reverbs to multiple tracks. There are no rules just experiment and do what sounds best!
  4. OK hmmm must have accidentally unsubbed from my own thread... didnt think it would be popular Seems that smash 4 is on erry'bodys list. Hellllls yeah I'm excited for that, but still, I'll always be a melee fan at heart, more so on the competitive level. A few of my friends recently picked up the Project M mod for Brawl on their Wii. I have yet to try it but I have also been looking forward to that! From what I've seen / heard it's a pretty fun mod and comes very close to the melee feel, but still, melee is where it's at for me. Back on topic of new games, Hearthstone is something I've been watching a lot of. I don't think it's released yet though??
  5. It's been a while since I've actively played an MMO and I'd really like to meddle around in a new one as a casual player, just to kill an hour here or there at night and to take a break from music. There's this Wildstar game that seems alright... Kripparrian (a popular twitch streamer) mentioned he may play it when it comes out so perhaps watching him may help me with my decision. What games are you guys looking forward to?
  6. Hey guys, Here's the first of what will be a series of music production screencasts. The goal in this one was to create a rhythmic, glitchy melody overtop of drums. I hope you like it and if you have any suggestions on how I can improve (both workflow, or how the video can be improved), it would be much appreciated. Hopefully this helps some of you folks out or at least gives you some new ideas P.S. My one thought was that I should have edited the video and put the final result at the beginning of the video so everyone can hear what I would be working towards... that may help get people more interested. What do you think? The final result is at the end of the video right now. Cheers! EDIT: Oh, and this is Syllix. Just had my name changed on here though, in case any of you were wondering who the heck I was
  7. My friend and I had this as a business ideas a few years ago... we even had concepts manufactured but we just never followed through. Definitely recommend any hearing protection if you head out to the clubs. That "fuzzy" feeling that might "feel good!" at the time is permanent hearing damage. Do your older self a favour and save them ears!
  8. May I please have my username changed to "Ryan Jobson". I am starting to phase out my old Moniker "Syllix" and would prefer to use my real name from now on. Thanks in advance guys
  9. Call me crazy, but I have this craaaaaazy idea of what your second album title could be: "2nd album"
  10. Cool! I'm sorry to say it won't be a live stream (I don't have the hardware or software for something like that). But I will upload the screen capture tomorrow hopefully. Pretty sure my afternoon is open to work on something. Glad to see a couple of you are interested! I'll post a link when It's done
  11. hahahah I forgot about the Pancakes thing!!! What were the other guys? It was pancakes vs lizards or something? And I think that all stemmed from a drunk someone (maybe brandon strader?) calling us a bunch of liars! lia rds!! lizards!!!! hahahahahah!!! Edit: ahhh ok so yes it was lizards. Didn't see you other guys' posts.
  12. Hey guys, Just released a quick update video where I talk about my plans for an upcoming music production screencast series. In the video I give a quick overview of what I plan on producing which will be audio manipulation / glitched audio. Hope you enjoy
  13. I was jungle (Noc) and Nasus was top. Jax did have slightly better farm and had already killed Nasus once. And I do believe because of that he was a level or two ahead. I'm not sure what you mean when you say Jax doesn't have good burst in early levels. I haven't played him in a long time, but whatever that jump-attack move he has, it certainly deals a large chunk of players' hp.
  14. Jax has been pissing me off lately. I consider him to be pretty OP since most games people pick Jax and every game he seems to dominate. If Jax is on my team, we win. If Jax is on the other team, he's usually smacking a bitch or two top lane and dominating them both. Story time: I remember a couple nights ago trying to help Nasus gank top as Nocturne, and Jax was at almost half hp. We came in and blew both our ults and cooldowns. Jax went for me first and did his bs jump attack on me which of course took away 2/3 of my health. I was dead in in 3 seconds. Nasus nearly got him and they were both low on hp. Jax pretended to go into the bush and tp and I was spamming Nasus to go back and heal. He used a couple pots and started to push again. Jax jumped out of the bushes with his 150hp and dominated the now half-health Nasus in 2 seconds. GG. His dueling skills are far superior than any other champion IMO.
  15. Did you download the MIDI files from the internet and import them into Logic? Or did you create the MIDI notes yourself? If you did use MIDI files that you downloaded from the internet, they may contain volume changes built into the MIDI information itself. This might not be what you're experiencing but I thought I'd mention it anyway. I've use .mid files from the internet before and they usually contain set volume / velocity / other information that can't be erased. I also don't use MIDI channels the way you are so this is the only information I can give you. Hope you figure it out.
  16. I've never had a McRib before. Still...
  17. That's exactly what has prevented me in playing this game. I just don't have the time to dedicate to it right now! Ugh... and that goes for other games as well
  18. I can't speak for Logic 8, but I've opened tons of Logic 9 sessions in Logic X with no issues. I think you should be fine but a little bit of research goes a long way.
  19. Up until yesterday I would have wished to be in version 9 still because there were still some bugs in Logic X that bugged the hell out of me. Nonetheless, this update is a VAST improvement and has dealt with a lot of issues. Read the patch note list you can see what I mean (just search it on Google). Considering what you get for $200, it's probably the best freaking bang for your freaking buck that's freaking out there, software wise. If you were nice this year maybe Santa will help you out
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