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  1. A lot of things popped up but don't worry, I'll have a rough finished by Thursday.

  2. All right. Thanks for letting me know. I shall wait for Tuesday.

  3. Alright. Say did you see that Kickstarter for that Final Fantasy 6 album? It was a good example of what I hope to achieve with my project.

  4. Also, I've been playing around with the idea of doing a Majora's Mask Opera/Musical album. I would love to have you be a part of that, but for now it's just an idea. Would you be interested?

  5. Are you, by chance, interested in helping with Tears of the Moon?

  6. Awe, but that song is begging for vocals!

  7. Being fan of the 3D sonic games, as well as a singer and fan of Crush 40, I want to shake your hand man, on what a great job you did on that Open Your Heart Remix. Crush 40 would be proud. Was wondering if you were thinking of remixing Live and Learn?

  8. By the way, did you know that your "About Me" put you as a female vocalist?

  9. Could you help me with composing the Happy Mask Salesman song? I'm looking to turn it into a verse-chorus structure and I wanted something new for the verse part, something a little faster than the main melody.

  10. Do you have a Youtube page or something that I can hear an example of your work?

  11. Ducking, huh? I'll look into, thanks! And if your ever in need of some vocals, I'm your man!

  12. Great and GREAT! Yes I have vocals covered however I'm not against having some back up :D You have a truly beautiful voice and your recording set up makes me jealous. Also if I remember you can play a wood wind instrument I believe? That would also be very helpful. As for when I would need this all by is still up in the air. I have to finish writing the lyrics first. Do you have a skype account? Maybe we could talk it over:)

  13. Haven't heard from you in a while. I want to talk about the staff credit song.

  14. Hello Abadoss, my name is MangaMan and I'm the head director for the Majora's Mask Musical Album Project "Tears of the Moon". I'm looking to recruit people and I'm looking for a composer to help with the arrangement. I was wondering if you would be interested?


  15. Hello C7, my name is MangaMan and I'm the director of the Majora's Mask Musical album project: Tears of the Moon. I loved your composition work on Healing Majora and I've been trying to find a good composer for a while now. Would you be interested in join Tears of the Moon?


  16. Hello Chris, I loved your rendition of the Song of Healing on youtube and was wondering if you'd be interested in joining Tears of the Moon: A Majora's Mask musical?

  17. Hello Chris, I'm a vocalist on the Wind Waker tribute project and was wondering if you could assist me with The Legendary Hero song. I know someone else already has claim to that track but the head of the project said it was okay for me to go with this idea. Contact me when your able.

  18. Hello Chthonic, my name is MangaMan and I'm the director of the Majora's Mask Musical album project "Tears of the Moon." I was wondering if you would be interest in helping out as a composer, since we are in dire need of some.


  19. Hello friend, I was wondering if you were still working on that remix to "The Legendary Hero" for the Wind Waker project? If so, I was wondering if I could assist you in the song as a tenor vocalist/lyrics.

  20. Hello it's been a long time. I was wondering how that Memories song I had you work on was coming along? Contact me when you get this, I have something I'd like your help on.

  21. Hello MeMark2, my name is MangaMan and I'm the director of the Majora's Mask Musical album project: Tears of the Moon. I heard your cover of the Song of Healing and was wondering if you were interested in join the project?


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